Troll Encounter – Elder Wilds Troll Shaman

Culture: Primitive

Cults: Kygor Litor, Ancestor Worship, Local Darkness Spirits

Found: Troll lands, Troll hunting lands


If there are no obvious trolls enemies present. A dark troll shaman will step out of the darkness and start making declarations to the party.  The spirits have given her insights into what the players are doing and why.

If the party are on business which darkness spirits would be troubled by she will warn of doom and threaten curses on them if they don’t turn back. If she feels the party is experienced enough not to be influenced by such direct tactics she will seek to distract the party from its business with random portents, false prophecies, misleading quests, tales of tempting treasures and other urgent distractions.

She is prepared and has summoned spirits which can come to her aid immediately if combat ensues, however they will usually be out of sight in the darkness unless she feels he needs the visual effects of spirits moving round her, in whatever circumstances he will never show more than half of the spirits he has summoned.

If the party are on business which the spirit’s of darkness will approve of such as Hunting chaos, she will speak blessings, positive omens, pass information and may gift the  party with tokens that will help get them through troll lands with minimal of trouble.

a stream runs through troll hills
a stream runs through troll hills

If the party are not doing anything darkness spirits would be concerned with one way or the other. The shaman is will be trying to involve the party in her business which could be any of the following favours or quests which trolls may find hard to do,

  • Deliver a message to Blueface the shaman
  • Deliver a challenge to Blueface the shaman
  • Deliver a message to Gon Orta
  • Deal with a chaos threat immediately, or go fetch a Zorak Zoran war party to do so
  • Deliver an item (cursed ) to the elves
  • Deliver an item (cursed ) to the dwarves
  • Give the shaman safe passage to a spiritual site in Human Populated Balazar
  • Deliver a message(insult) to the Yelmalio temple in Dykene

She is not used to having to pay people to tasks and will declare that the spirits demand it, and there will be undefined dire consequences for all if it is not done immediately. This may or may not be true. If needs be she has magic trinkets, spells and future favours to offer in payment if she decides her needs require using them, but only if threats have not worked.

If the party contain obvious or known troll foes, they will be attacked in the night by a coordinated raid of ghosts, shades and other darkness spirits, but the shaman will never show herself.

This encounter should be most fun played through as a contest of wits and cunning as opposed to a combat, players need to be smart and astute or the shaman could waste an awful lot of their time and resources.

*note unsure about the stats on the Generator but its a good place to start

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