Troll Hunting Party – Encounter

A Troll hunting party out hunting for food, usually with specific prey in mind. They will not usually be looking for combat with a well-armed and organised group. However if the hunting expedition has not gone well a weak or vulnerable pc group may be seen as viable prey.

These groups are usually from more primitive troll clans, and will have basic stone and wooden equipment.

Most troll hunters worship Zong the Hunter which is to all intents and purposes works as a troll incarnation of Foundchild.

These groups will usually comprise of between 3 and 6 dark trolls, with anywhere between 4 and 12 hunter Trollkin. Great trolls tend to be used only in hunting parties where Thunder Lizards and larger animals are the prey. When there added strength and bulk is useful, and there belligerent directness can be mitigated. Hunting parties may be accompanied by pack beetles to carry the prey home.

A good proportion of long range parties will be led by an experienced hunter who is often a master hunter and of rune level.

Small parties will be short range parties hunting close to the central clan base after a variety of small game.

Medium parties will be longer range parties hunting outside the immediate  area of the clan.

Large parties are after specific large game such as woolly rhinos or thunder lizards, or are planning to hunt in known dangerous grounds.

If encountered at night they will be hunting, alert and will probably be aware of the characters first. If encountered in the daytime they will be sleeping and resting with a guard or two as lookout.

When engaging with intelligent foes, hunters will also try to flank and hit the weakest members of the group first, striking with missiles from multiple angles.  They will then strike from unexpected directions at pace, keeping the party off guard and disorientated. If needs be they will skirmish and follow a party for a long distance only fighting when they have the advantage,  only when they feel the party is weak and they have an overwhelming advantage will they close in for the kill.

If obviously outclassed or losing a fight these hunters have no compunction in cutting their losses and running, or negotiating an end to the fight. They will not want to leave injured dark troll members of the party to die, and will be willing to sacrifice trollkin to save themselves if at all possible.

Culture: Wild or Hunter

Cults: Zong, Kygor Litor, Ancestor Worship

Found: Troll lands, Troll Hunting Lands, Open Hunting Lands

Stats At:

  Small Medium Large
Dark Troll hunter Leader 0 – 1 1 1
Dark Troll Hunter 1 – 4 2 – 5 4 – 8
Hunter Trollkin 3 – 6 4 -8 4 – 12
Worthless Trollkin 1 – 3 2 – 4 2 – 8
Pack Beetle 1 2-3 2-6

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