Troll Trader – Encounter

Culture: Barbarian

Cults: Argan Argar

Found: Troll lands, Troll Hunting lands, Open Hunting Lands, Giant Land

Local traders can sometime be found travelling out from the central areas of the troll hills or trade with wild and hunters clans, or set up trade between Gork Hills and Troll hills.

This is not a large trade caravan which will pass through between Dragori Inkarth and troll hills or but  a lone trader and a handful of trollkin guards trying to turn a profit by taking goods from the central troll lands to the outer reaches of the Elder Wilds.

Wares will usually be metal items, pottery items, textiles and more exotic troll foodstuffs, these would be usually traded for furs, ivories, charms and interesting items clans may have picked up.

The trader will seek to avoid all contact with none trolls unless he can be sure they are friendly, as risks will far outweigh any potential profit opportunities.

If encountered at night players will usually encounter a lone scout first who will spot the players, and report back and lead the caravan away from the party. Unless one of the extreme scenarios below is in play.

If the players encounter the trader in the day he will be sleeping in cover with one of the trollkin on watch. If the players are spotted depends very much on the trollkins diligence and skill.

If the players get close to the trader he will never initiate combat, but try to negotiate and talk his way out of any situation. If attacked the trollkin guards will engage and he will attempt to escape to the best of his abilities.

If you want to force a more meaningful encounter between the trader and the players these extreme scenarios will make the Trader interact with the players;

  • Trader is fleeing from foe and needs help (trolls, baboons, elves, humans, chaos )
  • Trader is badly injured and trollkin approach party to heal him however they don’t speak any human tongues
  • Trader is lost and needs directions, will send trollkin to approach the players before he does.
  • Trader is currently being attacked and trapped in a defensive position by Wild animals, chaos, trolls, elves, or baboons, the players may help or ignore.
  • The Trader has an item worthless for trolls which he thinks is highly valuable to the players and needs to approach them to sell.
  • The Traders pack beetles have died and he needs help moving his goods.


Troll Merchant 1
Raider Trollkin 1d3
Hunter Trollkin 1d8 -2
Worker labourer 1d4 +2
Pack Beetles 1d3 + 1
Guard Beetles 1d6 -2

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