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Advanced Professions for Runequest Glorantha

Advanced professions are professions are those taken up later in life, they can be a senior or advanced versions of more basic professions or something much more unique and esoteric.

These are written to work with the extended character profession and experience system I posted a couple of weeks ago.

image ©Chaosium 2018


Actors can be found only in major cities of most cultures performing either classic or religions plays for the nobility or the faithful, or sometimes more rumbustious comedies and morality plays for the general public in the market squares and taverns.

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Extended Character Profession’s and Previous Experience for Runequest Glorantha

Detailed Character Career and Skills for Runequest Glorantha

OK inspired by ways I used to play with RQ3 Character Gen system, and a little bit by the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay System I have created an advanced option for character professions and skills in RQ.

Let me first say is I don’t think the character creation system in RQG is particularly flawed, difficult troublesome or lacking when it comes to skills. It is a very good system for those who want to create characters quickly, effectively with a good balance of skills, and a sense of culture.

Picture ©Copyrightt Chasoium 2018

However, some of us may want to spend longer to craft our characters and NPC’s previous experience, in ways where we sacrifice time to get some advantages in terms of outcome.

The advantages which I hope the extra time required  delivers is the following;

  • Previous experience system that allows characters multiple previous roles
  • A greater sense of your character’s story to date
  • A system that reflects character progression and movement between roles
  • Greater levels of player choice in both professions and the consequences of those professions
  • Characters with more diverse and graduated skills sets
  • A better system for dealing with more experienced characters
  • The avoidance of spending points of skills which would not be right but are demanded by broad categories used in standard RQG character creation.
  • Avoidance of skills gaps which are not believable and leave characters vulnerable
  • Having fewer characters generated which are skills masters by the age of 21

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Extended Profession Lists for Runequest Glorantha

A list of basic professions for Runequest Glorantha to be used with my extended professions and previous experience , These have no entry requirements and the skills in bold are considered Key Skills for the profession.

Assistant Priest
Any cult skill, Lore (Cult), Dance , Read/Write (Own) , Charm, Orate, Insight (Human), Manage Household , Sing, Play Instrument, Worship (Deity) , Meditate , Prepare Dead

Assistant Shamans
Speak Spiritspeech , Sing , Animal Lore , First Aid , Manage Household,  Plant Lore, Prepare Corpse,  Spirit Dance, Spirit Lore , Spirit Combat , Spirit Travel, Meditate, Play Instrument

Picture © Copyright Chaosium 2018

Animal Lore, Conceal, First Aid, Intimidate, Hide, Plant Lore , Scan, Survival , Shield , Track, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Shield, Fist, Kick, Grapple, Dodge

Dodge, Ride, Intimidate, Intrigue, Battle, First Aid, Insight(human), Listen, Scan, Primary  Weapon, Secondary Weapon,  Shield , Fist, Kick, Grapple

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Runequest Glorantha – Cultural Skills;

The following is a slightly modified list of cultural skills for the major and minor human cultures in the Dragon Pass area of Glorantha;

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Customs (Heortling), Dance, Farm ,Herd, Ride, Sing, Speak Own Language (Heortling), Speak Other Language (Tradetalk), Spirit Combat, Battle Axe, Broadsword, Composite Bow, Dagger, Javelin, Sling, 1H Spear, Medium Shield, Large Shield, Fist, Kick, Grapple, Dodge 

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Runequest Glorantha – Cult Skills

Cult Skills

A slightly extended list of cult skills for Runequest Glorantha, they have been amended slightly to allow for more similar numbers and usefulness of skills for each cult

Picture ©copyright Chaosium 2018

Argan Argar
1H Spear, Bargain, Cult Lore (Argan Argar),Customs (other), Evaluate, Insight (Human or Troll), Meditate, Read/Write (Darktongue), Speak (Darktongue), Worship (Argan Argar),

Babeester Gor
1H Axe, 2H Axe, Battle, Cult Lore (Babeester Gor), Intimidate, Listen, Meditate, Search, Medium Shield Parry, Large Shield Parry, Track, Worship (Babeester Gor).

Chalana Arroy
Alchemy, Charm, Cult Lore (Chalana Arroy), First Aid, Insight (human), Meditation, Plant Lore, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Worship (Chalana Arroy).

Daka Fal
Customs (Home),Cult Lore (Daka Fal), Speak (Spiritspeech), Meditate, Orate, Sing, Prepare Corpse, Play Instrument, Spirit Combat, Spirit Lore, Spirit Dance, Spirit Travel, Worship (Ancestors).

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List of Magic Items for Sale at Gon Orta’s Castle

I created this list for when my PC’s visited Gonn Orta’s Castle a couple of weeks ago. Thought it’s not the full rewrite up on Gonn Orta I was after ( it may come later and its concepts underpin some parts of the list.), but in the spirit of sharing I thought id share this list of items and agendas as it may help, inspire or just save people bit of time.

I have also in a spirit of generosity described things in a away that works best for RQG, but they should translate into most Gloranthan Systems very easily.

A real Place called Giants castle… But I could use it for the approach from the Pavis side.

Prices are not included as money works differently in everyone else campaigns, and I think for the big exciting stuff Gonn Ortas Agneda is more than cash, and barter will be the name of the game.  Smaller items with be traded for cash without question.


  • Power Storage Cystals: POW 4,4,4,6,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,18
  • Healing Focus Crystal: POW 1,2,3,3,5,7
  • Sensitivity Crystal: POW 2,3,4,5
  • Power Yielding: POW 2,3,4
  • Power Enhancing: POW 3,4,5
  • Spell reinforcing:  POW 3,4
  • Spell strengthen: POW 1,1,4
  • Spell resisting: POW 2,2,3
  • Spirit Supporting POW 3, 4
  • Spell Storing POW 3, 4

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Trollkin Names for Runequest & Glorantha

Trollkin names can vary greatly dependent on

  • Who named the trollkin
  • The trollkins status
  • A troll mothers view on her offspring

The most loved and highest status trollkin may even have full troll names, many will have shortened or abbreviated troll names, whilst others nick names, insults names, jokes, sounds and some may still not have there own a name.

Most trollkin just have a forename, but small numbers maybe given a title which is usually something to distinguish the trollkin as a trollkin and not a full troll, so tends not to be complementary.

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Trollkin Miniatures by Mad Knight Castings, A Review

It’s a pleasure to review this figures which I can only describe as delightfully Gloranthan. The team who conceptualised, designed and created these miniatures have the same love and knowledge of Gloranthan than everyone else in the forum and it is clear to see.

I have never really done the kick-starter thing, so now regret only dipping my toe into the water with this wonderful kick-starter from Mad Knight miniatures, and only ordering the trollkin.

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Using 28mm miniatures for Runequest Plastic or Metal?

Having been back into figures or miniatures for RQ for the last few months, I have come to a few conclusions about what actually works in terms of putting a decent range of miniatures together for my game.

I started off jumping into historic miniatures and was attracted to plastic because of the price. However always held an opinion that a nice metal figure was a better option, and a more desired choice. I can still remember loving the weight of my first citadel miniature in 1983 and convincing myself this was more than toy soldier.

However head has started to overrule heart and I have come to conclusion where possible  plastic figures are far superior in terms of what they offer than metal ones, and it is would be advisable to use them whenever possible.

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List of items found on a Troll Trade Beetle

OK earlier tonight I asked for inspiration for items on a troll trade beetle, here is the list of items that we the group came up with,  I got round to using most of it . Its all not magical and just colourful items to spice up the game.

I’ve split into general item’s that could be refused, religious stuff I particularly wanted and silly stuff that just some fun. So thanks everyone for the input and i’m still willing to add more to the list.

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