List of Magic Items for Sale at Gon Orta’s Castle

I created this list for when my PC’s visited Gonn Orta’s Castle a couple of weeks ago. Thought it’s not the full rewrite up on Gonn Orta I was after ( it may come later and its concepts underpin some parts of the list.), but in the spirit of sharing I thought id share this list of items and agendas as it may help, inspire or just save people bit of time.

I have also in a spirit of generosity described things in a away that works best for RQG, but they should translate into most Gloranthan Systems very easily.

A real Place called Giants castle… But I could use it for the approach from the Pavis side.

Prices are not included as money works differently in everyone else campaigns, and I think for the big exciting stuff Gonn Ortas Agneda is more than cash, and barter will be the name of the game.  Smaller items with be traded for cash without question.


  • Power Storage Cystals: POW 4,4,4,6,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,18
  • Healing Focus Crystal: POW 1,2,3,3,5,7
  • Sensitivity Crystal: POW 2,3,4,5
  • Power Yielding: POW 2,3,4
  • Power Enhancing: POW 3,4,5
  • Spell reinforcing:  POW 3,4
  • Spell strengthen: POW 1,1,4
  • Spell resisting: POW 2,2,3
  • Spirit Supporting POW 3, 4
  • Spell Storing POW 3, 4

Noted and Named Crystals

  • Arrions Tear; Small translucent white crystal Healing Focus 3 and Power storage: 12 Also works as a heal 4 matrix.
  • Zongs Heart: A fist sized irregular crimson red crystal that functions like a sensitivity 2 and power storage 10 crystal.
  • Yelmalio’s Price: A Jet black oval crystal which adds 20% from your runic association for death and darkness, sacred the cult of Zorak Zoran.
  • Giants Prize: Bright Blue crystal that sheds a soft blue light, and floats in the air perfectly, works as a 4 point power enhancing crystal and a 14 point power storage cystsal,  is said to be the blood or Orlanth spilt by a giant early in the lesser darkness.

Troll Items

  • Lead mace of Bludgeon 3 matrix
  • Large Shield made from Beetle Carapace -Matrix Protection 3
  • Gnawed Bone with Darkwall matrix
  • Troll Sunglasses – Detect (Gold) Matrix
  • Gold Dark Troll War Mask – Demoralise Matrix
  • Human Skull Necklace – Matrix for Vigor 2 and Strength 2
  • Carved Wooden staff, with inbound spine and skull – Staff Matrix Spirit Screen 4
  • Gnawed stick containing directions to Blackspire Gorge
  • Head of Garrag Karno, head of Troll Shaman with his spirit bound within
This pic always felt like the trip to Gon Ortas Castle i’m not sure why? … oh yes © Chasoium 2018

Praxian Items

  • White Bison Hide Cloak – Protection 4 & Vigor Matrix
  • Fur decorated Lance from the bison tribe with repair matrix and power 3 storage crystal which will repair itself 3 times, before its crystal needs recharging.
  • Lance with carved sable horn blade, and intricate carvings of sables, containing a Bladesharpe 4 matrix.
  • Sable Bone, Composite Bow with Speedart Matrix
  • High llama Thigh Bone covered in Earthspeech incantations and prayers, sacred to the Paps – Heal Matrix 6
  • Battered Wooden Round shield with a Dullblade 4 matrix engraved on its metal boss.
  • Dreamcatcher with Detect Magic matrix
  • Polished Ebony Wood 2 inch sphere with Detect Gold Matrix carved upon it
  • A ancient battered Rough Bronze Cup, with a healing 4 matrix within it, which is activated when the cup is filled with water from the Zola Fel and water drunk or poured over the wound. Sacred to cult of Zola Fel
  • An bloodstrained & uncharged truestone chipped from the block that can hold the spells Berserker, Dismiss, Extension, Face Chaos, Impede Chaos, Shield V, Earthpower, Cure Chaos Wound and Summon Air Elemental.
  • Dew Maidens Wand – See Plunder Supplement

Balazaring Items

  • Golden Plated Full Helm with a light Matrix, sacred to Yelmalio Cult
  • Ancient Stone Great Axe with Bladesharp 3 matrix
  • Working Saddle for a Gaint Hawk
  • An ancient plat of Bluefaces Beard – ( unknown but belonged to a previous Blueface )
  • Stone whistle which can be heard by owners dogs at a range of up to 5 miles
  • A Windberry Potion of Shimmer 4

Pavic Items

  • Stonehammer with Glue 2 Matrix
  • Ancient Intact Priestley Regalia from the EWF
  • Seeds of Melbara Fruit, a fruit from Generts Garden that has been regrown in the Garden of the Big Rubble in recent years, these will grown fruit bearing new plants if tended well in a warm climate, they a unique, delicious, nutritious and tasty but have no magical properties.
  • An Ivory tooth stone javelin, that when hits pierces all none magical armour making it ineffective
  • Flintnails Wife, An ancient large workmans glove with a strength 4 matrix embroidered into the leather, Incorrectly attributed to the person of Flintnail, but will be still of interest to the cult.

Other Items

  • Blanket of the Plains, which when placed between the horse and the rider stops both from tiring. allows double movement in any one day, bur requires double rest periods when the blanket is removed. Sacred to Kargzant
  • The Stumble Stick, when this polished wooden pole is used to draw a line in the earth , any Praxian animal passing over the line will stumble, rider of said beast must make a ride role or be thrown, any charge will be broken, and the beasts stopped for 1 round. Once a line is crossed its effects dissipate over the next round.
  • Soreel’s Best Coat, – The coat of Soreel the short which was Stolen in Pavis before he left the city. It has a Countermagic 4 matrix engraved in the clasps. Also there is a list of previous informers to the Lunars in a inner pocket which is some years out of date , but may be of interest to at least the people on the list.
  • Ernaldas Basket, An ancient and fragile Wicca basket which when held gives the users +20% to earth rune affinity when held or used. Almost certainly no enraldas actual basket.
  • Delecti’s Finger, and old finger bone which when snapped and thrown to the ground , will create two skeletons which will move to attack any living beings in the area.

What Gonn Orta Wants

Gon Ortas is looking for these specific things either for himself or to trade onto clients he has already lined up. These can make great plot hooks or just plain scare your players silly.

But any players brave enough, will be able to gain Significant Magic items for delivering any of these to Gon Orta

  • Live Vrock Hawk Eggs
  • 2 weeks of a master alchemists time, must be good with heights
  • 4 jars of blue copper dust from the Copper Sands in the wastes
  • Un-corrupted Crystal from Star Crystal Mountain
  • A decent map of or documents regarding the tunnel hills
  • Uncorrupted seeds from near Generts Garden
  • Drawings of the faces of the statues on the Plateau of Statues


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  1. Just want to say how handy your site is for me as I return to RQ. I will be running a game for my group using cutdown rules and striving for a saga flavored game, your blog has given me tons of inspiration, thanks for that!

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