Blue Moon Caravan

Every other year just after sacred time out of the Blue Moon Plateau a long slow troll caravan winds its way south, with imperial escort through the Arcos Valley. The escort leaves as the caravan wheels east through the lands of  Andarkon, and into the Troll Hills. Pausing at to trade for a weekor two. Before  moving on to trade at Gon Ortas castle, and then on south of the mountains to the Castle of Lead and  eventually to the Shadow Plateau at the beginning of Dark Season.

Then the next year starting after the sacred time the caravan returns on the opposite route, returning to the Blue Moon plateau at a similar time of year.  This ritual travel and trade has been going on for over 200 years without break. The a caravan is sacred to Argan Argar and acts a major temple to the God.  It is less well known that the caravan is also sacred to Anilla and acts as a minor temple to the blue moon.

The caravan is huge often upwards of 50 pack beetles ,  60 trolls and 200 Trollkin in addition to any slaves which are being traded. However few humans are that aware of its presence of that even exists. Night travel, well worn paths and well protected stops mean that the caravan does not usually  encounter significant numbers of non trolls.

Outside of the Lunar Empire the caravan does everything it can do to avoid human contact. However through Satar and the Holy Country, the caravan supplements itself with human Guards whose job it is to guard in the daytime and persuade interested parties to stay away.

It is without doubt the well as being a very import trade route for Troll Goods.  With goods and magic flowing freely between the different trolls civilisations. Also it allows for good cultural communications between the different troll strongholds, with Emissary Nakor Tol representing the trolls of the Blue Moon, but happy to pass messages and communications between troll communities.

However one of the major effects of the caravan has been to allows the  Lunars Empire to set up a Blue Moon spy networks in lands south of the mountains. Even as we speak they have a Blue Moon temple hidden within the Shadow Plateau.

Usual Caravan Composition

  • 5 dark troll dignitaries
  • 10 superior trollkin attendants
  • 15 dark troll merchants
  • 20 superior trollkin attendants
  • 4 dark troll scouts
  • 10 trollkin scouts
  • 20 troll guards
  • 60 trollkin guards
  • 12 dark troll drovers
  • 40 trollkin drovers assistants
  • 6 dark troll task masters
  • 6 great troll labourers
  • 80 trollkin labourers
  • 30 riding beetles
  • 60 pack beetles
  • 20 guard beetles

Effects in the Elder Wilds

As the caravan moves through into the north plains troll wild hunters will wait for them with offerings of food, pelts, bones, charms, slaves and exotic animals parts. Hoping to trade for tools, foreign foods and troll rotgut.  Trading will happen as the caravan stops at the end of a nights travel. The wild clan will stay with the caravan over night and guard the caravan till dusk falls.

The size of the caravan disturbs native creatures and makes hunting harder as they move through the north plain.

The caravan will set up more permanent markets for a week each at the Creeping Place and Black Spire Gorge.  There is generally an increase in internal trade within Troll Hills prior to and after these markets, as people try to trade up to better trade goods, or new goods filter down through the clans.

Insects and slaves are the major products the caravan wants to pick up in the Elder Wilds. They always take more trollkin than they need to Gon Ortas Castle as he is always willing to buy then to  free them in return for magic items.

Hunters congregate more so than usual at these places. A local holy day is called as the caravans passes by the 7 Sons of Zorg and at arrives Black Spire Chasm due to the rare congregation of trolls.

Inter tribal tension may flare due to the Trang and Gara Tol tribes guarding there rights to hold the markets jealousy. Especially from the Gork tribe who rightly feel they are intentionally cut out of the markets .


The caravan has a number of well interesting personalities not all of them are well known; however it is a collection of a number of very powerful trolls.

 Mol Deka, Has been leading this caravan for over 20 years now and this is her 18th trip. She rides a large Krang Beetle, tends to be haughty with everyone below her status, and that is most people as she is the High Priest of Argan Argar.

She loves to trade for magic, and insists on doing most of that trading herself, however she refuses to trade with Cragspider any more as she feels she has been  cheated in the past

She is considered a highly fertile troll as she has four dark troll sons within the convoy. She swears by the effects of the Black Plinth and often uses it on her way through the Elder Wilds.

Gar Maddas, a lifelong friend of  Mol, and an acolyte of Argan Argar. Gar works as Mols more subtle and approachable assistant, she is busy and efficient and makes the caravan tick along nicely.  She is a chatty troll, who will talk for hours about nothing whilst she is busy with other jobs. Gar Maddas is an excellent trader in her own right and is the caravan specialist in slaves.

Nakor Tol – Priest of Anilla and entitled the Voice of Blue Moon. Though a wise and powerful priestess in her own right. Nakor Tol can be possessed by her Mistress Tetha Garo, High priestess of Anilla and a Mistress Race Troll, where ever she is in Glorantha. Very few know of this ability on only rulers and high priestesses of various domains have ever seen this happen.

Nakor is very capable of speaking for the Blue Moon Plateau herself and is a powerful advocate of persuading troll leaders not opposing the Lunar Empire just yet, and seeing where fate takes us.

Rerra Shabba A highly beautiful female troll Priestess of Anilla, she is also fully illuminated and a full Priestess of the Seven Mothers. She is considered a mystic and uses the caravan to spread her ideas to select individuals and show the magical powers of the moon.

She is charming, educated, well spoken, she is carried in a curtained sedan carried by two great trolls at any time, it is considered a crime punishable by death to approach her without being summoned.

Taska, Tik Tok, Fark Ark are3 highly trained dark troll bodyguards, illuminated initiates of Annilla, and Yanafal Tarnis, and weapon masters. They are charged with the protection of Nakor Tol and Rerra Shabba with their lives.

Tak Gotta,  Experienced Runelord of Argan Argar, Tak commands the Guards on the Caravan, he is new to the position  and this is only his second trip south. He is a famous heroquester from the Blue Moon Plateau and  as such as remarkable perception skills, and owns a mace that creates darkness every time it strikes an opponent.   Tak is highly efficient and very organised for a troll, the caravan guard works in a similar level of discipline to a human military unit.

Kaba Yak, a young Priest of Argan Argar and the Son of Mol Deka. Kaba travels with the caravan as far as the hidden greens and then takes  a small party to trade with the trolls of Pavis. Most of the troll in his caravan are hired at Black Spire Gorge as not to reduce the original Caravan. Kaba then meets the main caravan at Gon Ortas castle as it travels north again. Kaba is obsessed with rubble relics and has started to explore the rubble to find his own

Tebba Moran, He appears to be an old troll drover of little significance, but Tebba is one of the Lunar Empires most important spymasters. He is a Priest of Annilla and a highly experienced operator. He uses the movement of the caravan to coordinate a number of spy networks which were once outside the empire.  The leaders of the caravan know there is a ranking lunar agent in the caravan, but are not certain who.  He has a team of 5 Anilla agents and assassins hidden within the Caravan

Jonsta Cameron, A Esrolian and Runelord Argan Argar, whose job it is to have the human guards waiting at the border of Dragorri Inkarth . He likes to employee Argan Argar worshipper when he can, but he prefers trustable people to troll friends. So over the years has employed a good number of Humakti to Guard the caravan.

The Blind Guide, Every time the caravan passes from north to south a dark troll hunter from the Elder Wilds will blind himself and guide the Caravan through the Elder Wilds to their destination of Gon Ortas castle. This is to show the powerlessness of light and triumph of darkness. The troll is then rewarded and heavily gifted at Gon Ortas castle, but his eyes are never restored

The Mute Teller, Every time the caravan passes from  south to north, a dark trolls slave has his tongue removed. He is then sent to communicate to the tribes that the caravan is coming and where it will be at any one time. This is done  do show how powerful communication and language is. When the caravan reaches the north plain a hunt is called and the troll is hunted and killed by the troll hunters of the Elder Wilds.

Journey South

  • Blue Moon Plateau – Harmony Week Sea Season
  • Creeping Place – Illusion Week Sea Season
  • Black Spire Gorge – Truth Week Sea Season
  • Gon Ortas Castle – Disorder Week Fire Season
  • Castle of Lead – Movement Week Fire Season
  • Troll Woods – Fertility Week Earth Season
  • Shadow Plateau -Illusion Week Earth Season

Journey North

  • Shadow Plateau – Harmony Week Sea Season
  • Troll Woods -Fertility Week Sea Season
  • Castle of Lead – Disorder Week Fire Season
  • Gon Ortas Castle – Movement Week Fire Season
  • Black Spire Gorge – Illusion Week Fire Season
  • Creeping Place – Truth Week Fire Season

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