Guttuz War Parties

Culture:  Mixed

Cults:  Zorac Zoran, Kyger Litor, Zong

Found: Bear Woods, Bear Hills

The Guttuz tribe is on permanent war footing at the moment, they are fighting the  Aldyami of Bear Woods, and pushing deeper into the woodlands. This fight is also bringing them into conflict with Balazaring hunters of the area, and some of the chaos emanating from festering isle. Also there is also some internal conflict with some clans unhappy with the new tribal leadership.

As a result of this most encounters with  the Guttuz will be predominantly violent.  Encounters can take a number of different forms.

Undead Raiders

The Guttuz are sending parties of animated undead into enemy territory with orders to destroy all non troll sentiment life they can find. They tend to comprise of a  small number of troll zombies and a larger number of skeletons which could be trollkin or human.

They will not negotiate, talk, use tactics, or ambush in anyway. They will just walk towards the party or other targets and try to kill them .

It is very possible that any corpses found in the troll side of the bear woods will be  reanimated at some point.

  Small Party Large Party
Dark Troll Zombie 1d4 – 1 2d2
Great troll Zombie 1d4 -3 1d3 – 1
Human skeleton 1d6 -2 1d6 -2
Trollkin Skeleton 2d4 2d4 + 4

Trollkin Raiders

Trollkin raiding parties are also being sent out, primarily to skirmish and kill, but also to set fires in the woods and engage in other acts of guerrilla warfare.

The skirmishing groups main targets are lone elves, runners, Balazaring women and children. They are trying to avoid conflict with groups warriors and inflict damage on more vulnerable targets.

The raiding parties will always be encountered at night, they will send scouts out before them and will usually know of the players first. Groups that seem weak or unprepared will be viable targets, stronger well guarded groups will be avoided, thought is possible night guards will spot the trollkin scouts as they leave the area.

If there were to attack the trollkin would skirmish concentrating most of their fire on one target till it goes down. Then they move onto the next target.

  Trollkin Raiders
Superior Trollkin Leader 1
Trollkin Raiders 1d3 + 1
Trollkin Hunters 2d4 + 2
Watch Beetle 1d4 -1

Full War party

A full war party is a full gang of trollkin skirmishes with a group of trolls attached to it. They have been drilled in certain styles of fighting, and will use the same tactic in most situations. This group is mainly local hunters organised into a raiding party with one or two more civilised Zorak Zoran followers leader the party.

The Tribe will send a full war party out against a known target usually identified by trollkin raiders. Their targets will almost always groups of warriors of full communities of either humans or elves.

However they will be very happy to fight any random players they happen to stumble upon. The only exception this may be a troll party, but that may still turn into a fight.

The party travels with 3 trollkin scouts out front, and one to the rear. When combat is initiated the trollkin skirmish line will engage for 2 or 3 rounds with the trolls and zombies hidden out of site. They will then break and run back towards the group of trolls hoping the enemy will give chase.

At that point the trolls and zombies will charge( or stumble) into a hopefully disorganised enemy. If the opposition does not give chase the trolls will charge anyway. Finally the remaining trollkin return in flanking positions from which they attack with missiles or close for the kill.

This will be a very dangerous combat encounter for most parties and should be used scarcely because of such. Allowing the players to retreat early is always an option, or it the players are going down a counter attack by elves or hunters who have been tracking the war party may make for a longer game.

  War Party
Dark Troll Zorak Zoran Warriors 1
Dark Troll Raiders 1d3
Dark Troll Hunters 1d4
Great Troll Raiders 1d3-2
Great Troll Hunters 1d4-2
Great Troll Zombie 1d4 -2
Dark Troll Zombie 1d6 -2
Superior Trollkin Leader 1d3
Trollkin Raiders 1d3 + 1
Trollkin Hunters 2d4 + 2
Watch Beetle 1d4 -1

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