Lunar Hunting Expedition

A group of 3 young lunar men from the heartland come to Balazar for two seasons exotic hunting, wanting to ‘bag a thunder lizard’. They believe they are out of the danger of the dart completions in Balazar and are somewhat carefree in their attitude.  They also have not realised that their rank will hold little sway and offer little protection outside the court of Elkio.

Thy are currently guests of Glyptus the Good, who they view as a country bumpkin, but who offers better hospitality than the local inn.

Currently there is an ongoing plot against the nobles, one bodyguard was subtlety murdered in Mrins Cross has been murdered and one bodyguard has been turned. the stay in Balazar will be eventful.

Plot Uses

These fellows can be used as employers, adversaries, victims or agent provocateurs. They have little reason to pick a fight with PC’s but may create conflict due to high handiness, thoughtlessness or general stupidity. This could be aimed at the PC’s or friends and associates.

If the PC’s assault kill or kidnap these individuals the Lunar authorities will be forced to throw serious manpower into recovery or revenge missions.

Aetius could be the central piece of a nice of fake ‘my death plot’  with pc’s hired to fake his death, and then put all of the investigating/retributing authorities of his path.

The PC’s could also be hired by Petronius to track down any potential assassins as he becomes more concerned about the life of his charges. Or the pc’s could just be present when an attack is made on the Nobles, and maybe even thought to be involved in it.

Aetius Agga Rufelza,

Lunar Noble, Initiate of Seven Mothers
Runes: Moon, Mastery, Movement
Threat Level ***
Traits: Extrovert, Physical, Charismatic, Energetic, Selfish

A good looking and athletic young man in his early 20’s. Cousin to Queen Jocetis, the eldest son and due to inherit considerable power and influence, he is destined to be part of the Lunar Administration but is at best an average student of the arts pertaining to government.

Has enjoyed being outdoors and is enjoying a ‘life of adventure’.Likes the company of warriors and hunters, Feels more at home here and does not want to return to the heartlands.He is an excellent horseman, and good with both scimitar and bow.

Woefully unaware of the needs of others, he is not intentionally cruel but can be very selfish. Marusa has identified him as a possible future husband as he would be a positive move up the ladder for her, however he has no more than a casual interest in her which could prove fatal.

Marcus Agga Rufelza,

Lunar Noble, Initiate of Seven Mothers
Runes: Fire, Law, Harmony
Threat Level **
Traits: Cautious, Thoughtful, Follower, Nervous

Younger brother of Aetius and looks up to him. Marcus is the diligent hardworking and academic of the bothers.  He is at home in the Lunar heartlands and finds Balazar very uncomfortable, though he would not want his brother to know this fact.

He is also in love with a girl back home, and resisting the temptations of local women (with all that hair!) despite the ridicule of his compatriots.

It is very possible that Marcus may over compensate for his perceived failings, and do something rash, brave or stupid that will put him and the others in danger.

Though young he has a head for money and finance and probably has the best knowledge of monetary policy of anyone in Balazar at this moment.

Nerva Ven Varse,

Lunar Noble,  Initiate of Seven Mothers
Rune: Moon, Disorder , Mastery
Threat Level ***
Traits: Aggressive, Physical, Suspicious, Greedy

A close friend of Aetius from a more modest house, Nerva is your archetypal bully. Of good physique and with some martial training, Nerva has been used to being able intimidate his fellow students and compatriots.

He continues to use his connection with Aetius, his status as the Kings guest and his Lunar citizenship to bully and intimidate some of the locals.

Nerva is a habitual and talented gambler but also a skilled cheat, he has weighted dice and marked cards that he will use whenever he sees a likely dupe. Nerva has no need for the money, but sees cheating as a way of proving to himself that he is smarter than his opponent.

Disliked by all the group apart from Aetius


Lunar Bodyguard, YanafalTarnis – Initiate
Runes:  Moon, Death, Truth
Threat Level ****
Traits: Proud, Cautious, Honourable, Brave

A highly skilled, dependable warrior who has served the family for 15 years after 7 years in the heartland Corps , however Is unsure of his surroundings beyond civilization, and finds Balazar unfamiliar and troubling.

He is concerned the young lords will create too much trouble in the area, is constantly alert for potential trouble. He unsure what happened to the other Guard who disappeared  in Mrins cross so is being more vigilant than usual.

Though respectful to the Lords he is not employed by them, and is loyal to Aetius’s father, and if he feels it is needed for their safety and security can order the young nobles about.

Scaevola is a long term friend who he trusts and does not suspect. He often drinks too much, but only when off duty. He is very proud of his Iron Scimitar


Lunar Bodyguard  YanafalTarnis – Initiate

Threat Level ***
Traits: Brave, Reliable, Physical, Calm

An older man in his mid 30’s, he is a loyal guard who has served the family for 12 years, However he has been blackmailed to make an attempt of Aetius life, as a rival lunar family have his young daughter held captive.

He disposed of one of the other guards on the journey down and he was supposed to hire an associate in Mrins cross, but Petronius chose Calia as a replacement as she has no close contact with anyone from the heartlands.

Currently Scaevola is pensive and snappy, Petronius has put this down to the surroundings and doesn’t understand what he his friend is going through.


Lunar Bodyguard, – Seven Mother Initiate
Runes: Moon, Movement, Beast
Threat Level ***
Traits: Clever, Dependable, Cautious, Innovative, Nervous

Originally from a hill tribe in western Holay and has served for 5 years in a mercenary regiment, she usually works as a caravan guard, but has developed a good reputation as a reliable solid employee.

She was picked up by Petronius after one the original bodyguards disappeared on the journey down. Since joining the group she has quickly developed a particular dislike of Nerva, and tries ties keep ‘the creep’ at arm’s length.  Petronius doesn’t think she is as respectful as she should be to her employers, but is impressed with her quiet efficiency.

She is Skilled with 2-handed spear , and competent in the wilds. She has picked up a fondness for the dogs which are ubiquitous in Balazar

Wuylar Distantheart,

Elkoi Hunter,  Found Child Initiate
Runes:  Fire, Death, Harmony
Threat Level ***
Traits: Cautious, Introvert, Patient, Stoic

A hired local guide and older Hunter From the Red Sable Clan of Elkoi, he has hunted the lands round Elkoi for the past 20 years. As a traditional hunter he has taken offence at his employers for disrespecting the peaceful cut and local hunting traditions

He is amazed at how bad the nobles are at hunting and will happily sell them out to anyone who may want to attack them, as long as Nasir and himself are long gone and not implicated in any way.

Nasir Longknife ,

Eloi Hunter – Foundchild Initiate
Runes:  Water, Death, Harmony
Threat Level **
Traits: Energetic, Brave, Dishonest, Clever

The nephew of Wuylar and a young brave From the Red Sable Clan, like his mentor he has also taken great offence at the nobles for disrespecting the peaceful cut and hunting traditions

However he has developed a crush on Calia and would be sad to leave, however he has been gently pilfering from his employers and this has not been noticed yet.

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