Lunar Names  Part 5 – Imperial Lunar Names

As well as the regional and cultural names of the Empire, those who are devoted  to the Lunar Way either take up or are given fully lunarised names. These show an individuals commitment to the Lunar Way and their decision to  forsake cultural ties and norms for the Lunar path.

My starting point list for these names is the HQ supplement Under the Red Moon – The Imperial Handbook part 2, the Guide to Glorantha and a few published Lunar names to date. Apart from the Guide to Glorantha, a lot of these publish and suggested names had a faux roman feel to them, and though that is no longer the preferred approach, these published names stand.

To bridge this delicate balance of wanting to acknowledge what had gone before I have curated a list of published and suggested names, and supplemented them with latin versions of middle eastern names, removing ones which have become part of popular western culture. This should keep one foot on what has come before, but hopefully satisfy the new direction.

Mens Lunar Names

Abisai, Achaicus, Alanthorne, Ananias, Arimtasus, Aronius, Belial, Bellese, Brutus, Brygesus, Carpus, Cephas, Cleopas, Cormanius, Cyriel, Cyrush, Daerius, Dalamides, Darscion, Daryli, Dismas, Doskalos, Elias, Erglyptus, Eryptus, Eutychus, Festus, Foranum, Habacuc, Halycon, Hapzar, Helius, Herodes, Horsensus, Ithamar, Ivex, Jacobus, Jairus, Johel, Krendathus, Krentius, Michas, Mnason, Neemias, Obed, Odendas, Peridas, Pharatees, Phares, Poleus, Quintas, Reskil, Samael, Sidus, Silas, Silvius, Talius, Taticus, Thadus, Undrendum, Vakthan, Yoritasus

Womens Lunar Names

Adina, Aelia, Agar, Alba, Antonia, Astarte, Asvedava, Aurelia, Balbina, Bethania, Bindesa, Bruta, Cardea, Daere, Damaris, DenesKerva, Dido, Dina, Diovena, Elissa, Ephrath, Estara, Ester, Eva, Felkenna, Gordasta, Greya, Hortensa, Iovita, Iula, Jezra, Jorgeva, Junia, Kevenna, Lia, Liva, Neemia, Nesseve, Pomena, Quinta, Rahel, Rhoda, Ruvallena, Saffira, Sarra, Sila, Silvia, Tharkal, Thersa, Valere, Varna, Vella, Yoritase, Zelpha


Lunar names are often suffixed by the following phrases;

  • Agga (glory of)….
  • Dava (victory to)…..
  • Suren (light of)…..
  • Ven (dedicated to)….

Followed by the name of Lunar deity or Hero. For example “Elias Suren Rufelza” would be an example of this extended name.

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