Lunar Names Part 1- Lodrilli, Pelandan & Pelorian Names

This is the first of number of posts on different names from the Lunar Empire, these will be by the main subcultures of the Empire.  The aim of these is to make quick is easy names lists for refs and to choose character names from.

The first list is for rural common Pendalaran and Pelorian folk, The names will have been created by searching what has been published to date, creating stems and suffixes cross referencing them to create a long varied list.

Then some manual edit  to take out the stuff that clearly doesn’t work and adding some bespoke names to either add variation or fill in some of the obvious holes left by the stemming process.

The first is looking at the Pelendalan culture, this is a rural, plain spoken and and simple culture that sits alongside more urban and complex Dara Happan culture. Names tend to be short and plainer than those of the surrounding cultures.

Single names are the commonly used form, clan names and nicknames can sometimes be added to distinguish people with more common names, in larger villages and small towns. The nature of these second names varies wildly by region and can often be influenced by the practices of the dominant parallel culture.

Mens Names

Alfostios, Bemin, Bemon, Benbiso, Bendarsh, Benf, Benfor, Benius, Benos, Benrata, Benros, Bentus, Benurvo, Benus, Benvis, Bisbiso, Bisdarsh, Bisius, Bismin, Bismon, Bisos, Bisosh, Bisrata, Bisros, Bistus, Bisurvo, Bisus, Bisvis, Bisvus, Damon, Danbiso, Dandarsh, Danfor, Danius, Danmin, Danos, Danrata, Danros, Dantus, Danurvo, Danus, Danvis, Darbiso, Dardarsh, Darfor, Darius, Darmin, Darmon, Daros, Darros, Dartus, Darurvo, Darus, Darvis, Deseeti, Durbaddath, Enbiso, Enverinus, Ergesh, Gatren, Gatrenbiso, Gatrendarsh, Gatrenius, Gatrenos, Gatrenrata, Gatrenros, Gatrenus, Gerendetho, Habiso, Haran, Haranfor, Haranrata, Harant, Harant-biso, Harant-darsh, Harantius, Harantmin, Harantmon, Harantos, Harantros, Haranturvo, Harantus, Harantvis, Hardash, Hurbiso, Hurbisos, Hurdarsh, Hurfor, Hurius, Hurmin, Hurmon, Huros, Hurrata, Hurros, Hururvo, Hurus, Hurv, Hurvis, Hyraos, Idobiso, Idobisos, Idodarsh, Idofor, Idomin, Idomon, Idor, Idorata, Idoros, Idos, Idotus, Idourvo, Idous, Idovis, Inibisos, Insibiso, Insidarsh, Insifor, Insimin, Insimon, Insios, Insirata, Insiros, Insitus, Insiurvo, Insius, Isibo, Jeo, Jeobiso, Jeobisos, Jeon, Jeonbiso, Jeondarsh, Jeonfer, Jeonius, Jeonmin, Jeonmon, Jeonos, Jeonrata, Jeonros, Jeontus, Jeonurvo, Jeonus, Jeonvis, Kenbiso, Kendarsh, Kenfer, Kenfor, Kenius, Kenmin, Kenmon, Kenos, Kenrata, Kenros, Kentus, Kenurvo, Kenus, Kenvis, Ketan, Ketbiso, Ketdarsh, Ketfor, Ketius, Ketmin, Ketmon, Ketos, Ketrata, Ketros, Kettus, Keturvo, Ketus, Ketvis, Lenbiso, Lendarsh, Lenfor, Lenius, Lenmin, Lenmon, Leno, Lenos, Lenrata, Lenros, Lentus, Lenurvo, Lenus, Lenvis, Lokarnos, Morkartos, Navestos, Oroypsus, Ostevius, Parendos, Pererlotil, Turo, Turobiso, Turodarsh, Turofor, Turoius, Turomin, Turomon, Turoos, Turorata, Turoros, Turotus, Turourvo, Turous, Turovis, Ulkamoon, Urder, Urengerum, Urvo, Vantestos

Womens Names

Bua, Buda, Buna, Bunda, Bura, Busara, Busarda, Busenari, Busenya, Buseria, Busi, Busida, Busina, Businda, Busira, Busissa, Busiya, Bussa, Bustara, Bustarda, Bustenya, Busteria, Bustina, Bustinda, Buya, Denara, Denarda, Denegeria, Denenya, Deneria, Denina, Deninda, Derara, Derarda, Derenya, Dereria, Derina, Derinda, Elo, Eloda, Elohara, Eloharda, Elohenya, Eloheria, Elohina, Elohinda, Elona, Elonda, Elora, Elossa, Eloya, Erenbaya, Eri, Erida, Erina, Erinda, Erira, Erisara, Erisarda, Erisenya, Eriseria, Erisina, Erisinda, Erissa, Eriya, Everina, Hyrosa, Injerina, Jeirina, Memenari, Orara, Orarda, Orenya, Oreria, Ori, Oria, Orida, Orina, Orinara, Orinarda, Orinda, Orinenya, Orineria, Orinina, Orininda, Orira, Orissa, Oriya, Orogara, Orogarda, Orogenya, Orogeria, Orogina, Oroginda, Pela, Sada, Salara, Salarda, Salenya, Saleria, Salina, Salinda, Sana, Sanda, Sara, Sassa, Saya, Sayara, Sayarda, Sayenya, Sayeria, Sayina, Sayinda, Selshena, Tayara, Tayarda, Tayenya, Tayeria, Tayina, Tayinda, Teda, Tena, Tenda, Tera, Tessa, Teya, Thilla, Uryarda

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