Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

The next 10 miscellaneous encounters for Balazar;

21. A Localised Frost – Repeating, Anywhere
A heavy and unseasonal frost falls in the night. Characters wake numerous times in the night with teeth chattering, and the sounds of distressed animals calling out in the night. Even in the night the whiteness of the frost can be seen spreading. Those who watch carefully maybe able to see white figures floating through the night, the frost emanating from there silhouettes.

The players will gain no power or recover from any wounds that night, they will have to make a constitution (or stamina) role to not be significantly fatigued for the next day.

The next morning the frost covers a area with a radius of a couple of miles. The players will also discover a wild animal standing still which has been frozen completely solid, with a terrified look upon its face.

22. High Falls – Once, Anywhere
The players find a beautiful waterfall where a stream plunges 60 foot into a deep pool, behind the waterfall is a cave which is secluded and dry apart from it the rainiest of seasons.

There are signs that this is sometimes used as a camp, but it is deserted at the moment. Animals to not cluster here would be expected, again  suggesting it is often occupied.

This area makes a great bolthole and safe place for when travelling the wilds, and fishing is very good within the pool.  Joh Mith often uses this place as a stop on his travels.

23. Angry Water Elemental(s) – Repeating, Any River
A river is overflowing with violent currents whihc are battering against the banks unnaturally, the water is moving powerfully against natural currents. Parts of the bank fall into the river as the players watch. Also the water surges out of the river to floods areas of land before draining away back into the river.

If players are stupid enough to enter the water or linger too close to the banks they will be attacked by angry undines.  The display will last for a few hours before subsiding, dispersing or moving up or down stream.

24. A Cache of Flint weapons – Repeating,  Likely Balazar
If a spot roll is made The players find a small cache of flint weapons ( 2 axes,3 spears and about 12 arrows) , they look recently made and are placed in a hide bundle just out of obvious sight.

25. A Void Tree – Once, Anywhere
In an eerie area of marsh land there is a hole in marshland the same shape as a fallen tree. The marsh or water does not appear move to fill the space left by the fallen tree. The players are repulsed by the void space and they will need to make a power/willpower roll to be able to approach it.

Anything that touches the void space simply ceases to be. People trying to touch it will  take damage, people falling or pushed into the space will vanish completely to take catastrophic injuries.

The tree was curse by the devil when he marched through the Elder Wilds on his way to Generts Garden. Its most definitely tainted with chaos, and players will feel compelled to push the thought of it from their minds. It has been lost to history and would become a  shrine to chaos if it was to become known.

26. Tar Pit – Repeating, Balazar
A distressed balazaring woman is stuck ankle deep in a tar pit, she will be shouting for help and trying to  attract any attention she can. She has been stuck for some 2 hours and is somewhat distressed.

There is chance that broos, troll or other nasties have already found her and are using her as bait for a trap, hoping to target the clans entire rescue party when it turns up.

27. Half Totem – Once, Balazar
A lone balazaring a shaman stands dead, skewered with a spear shaft against a dead tree stump that he was carving into a stylized representation of  his clan totem (owl, bear, bison, hawk).

The tools at his feet and wood shavings suggest he was surprised by his attacker , the spear is of balazaring make and its markings are similar to that of the totem he was carving. However the wonld and how deeply the spear has been imbedded into the tree , suggest it wasn’t an normal human who attacked him.

28. An Ancient Hut – Once, The Wilds
The players may notice that the area they are moving through changes slight the fauna is larger and more lush , the air warmer, the sound of game changes and is more vibrant.  The word seems a healthier happier place. This then fades to normal. but it then fades back to the more verdant environment, and the back again over 30 minute period. If the players remain static this phasing continues.

This area phases in and out of the green age. If the players explore this areas in depth they will find a small stone hut that phases in and out with the surroundings. Is it marked by powerful spirit wards at the door but the power in the wardings have long passed.

Inside it is obviously the hut of shaman. Its looks recently inhabited, and a number of active spirit charms are available to take. A high skills role on balazaring culture or spirit lore will tie this hut to Blueface. It is fact a dwelling made in the phasing land by the Original Blueface many hundreds of years ago. It has not been inhabited or even know about by the later incarnations of Blueface and hasn’t been lived in for centuries.

Once inside the hut the players remain consistently within the green age, upon leaving they quickly  phase into the current world. Once back they will struggle to encounter this phasing again, as it is rare and has no discernable pattern.

29. Caught in a Trap – Repeating, Anywhere
The players will encounter an interesting character dangling upside down from a tree, caught in a style rope trap often seen in movies unable to free themselves. There weapons are lying beneath them on the floor and they have upside down for several hours.

  1. A lunar patrol member
  2. A citadel warrior
  3. A trollkin
  4. A baboon
  5. A broo
  6. A dragonewt
  7. An careless and embarrassed elf
  8. A notable NPC from the game

If this is repeated at any point use a different type of trap to ensnare the unfortunate victim

30. An Empty Coracle – Repeat, Any River
An empty Coracle floats down the river, its of Balazaring human design and contains nets, a waterskin and a day rations.

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