Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

The next set of miscellaneous encounters which may be found in Balazar numbers 11 -20.

11. Lost Pack Beetle – Repeatable, Anywhere
A tired , drained but fully laden pack beetle of a troll merchant is mooching and hiding in a shaded corner. It’s owner or guards are nowhere to be seen. If approached it will attempt to ram players, knock them over and run  away. However if chased it will soon tire as its in an exhausted state.

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting,  but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

12. Wind Child Down – Repeatable, Anywhere
An injured wind child can be found  crawling on the ground, injured and panicking. It has been mauled by a Griffin in  mid air, crashed through the tree canopy and survived the fall.  It currently and is at the players mercy as it  can’t fly.

It is naked and has nothing of value except its light sword and scabbard.  it will be scared of any ground based, but when he/she stops panicking knows it will be in need of their help.

It will requires regrow limb spell ( or similar) on its wing before it can fly again.

13. Devastation – Repeatable, Elder Wilds
A large 200 irregular area about 50 meters in diameter has been stripped of plant and vegetable life., even the earth has been eroded and gnawed away.

A close inspection will show small gnaw marks in the earth and small bone fragments maybe found as well. There is less sever but similar damage to all fauna in the surrounding areas

A successful tracking roll will show many trollkin entering and leaving this area, and probably more entering than leaving. To the informed this would suggest a trollkin mob in a feeding frenzy.

14. A Giants Skull – Unique, Elder Wilds
A large skull of about 2 meters in diameter is placed upon a rough stone plinth at the top of a small hillock. The skull is stripped clean of flesh and even the uneducated would guess it belonged to a very large giant.

The hillock has been stripped of all vegetation, and the stone plinth is of crude troll workmanship. The site is a holy site to Kigor Lytor and functions as a shrine.

The skull has been painted with runes and markings and the darkness rune is most common amongst them.  If the skull is approached by a non troll a small shade will flow out of the sockets of the skull and attack the surrounding individuals

15. A Hidden Shield – Unique Anywhere
A successful spot role with draw the players eye to a regular shape protruding from a stream bank, with tree roots wrapped around it. A closer examination shows something that looks like a metal shield, the leather straps are rotted and corroded no-longer being functional.

If dug out he players will then realise the substance is not metal but and shaped & worked scale, some 28 inches in diameter.

If  the straps are remade and the shield used it is found to be considerably more effective than even iron and has the ability to block and defended very effectively from heat based attacks.

Magic and successful lore roles will show this to be a dragon scale, highly desired by many and the start of a whole string of problems.

16. Wounded Trollkin- Repeatable, Elder Wilds
A scared trollkin lone  dragging itself across the planes with an Aldyrami  arrow in its leg. The trollkin cannot a speak any common tongue.

They trollkin will try and escape all  interactions , but if caught and questioned in Darktounge he will claim that he and his trollkin companions were all shot by elf arrows and  he will offer any price for the party to save him, however he is unlikely to have anything of interest of the PC’s .

17. A Long Drop – Unique, Balazar
Vultures and other Ariel scavengers circle and can be seen watching  an area. Where at the bottom of a small cliff at the end of a ravine there is are a number of rocks covered with dried blood.

Animals bones coming from 7 or 8 different types of heard beast including sable, bison and wild horses can be found in the area, some are broken, others show signs of having butchery performed on them. Some less useful parts of animals have been left to rot at the margins and have been picked over by scavengers
Successful tracking or hunting roles will show this a site of cliff hunting where herd animals are panicked & driven over a ledge and fall to their death below.  There is  small chance a weak or injured party may be attacked by scavengers.

18. A Ghostly Visitor – Unique Anywhere
The party find a disused but regular campsite  which is the decayed ruins of  a very old building. There are signs this place is used by humans on a semi regular basis.

At night if the party camps there . An ghostly apparition of dead person know to the characters appears to a single player in the campsite at night. It will then have has a casual and inane conversation with them, leaves and is never seen again.

Even if other players are present they will not be able to see and interact with the apparition. This is a magical effect and is an illusion which only goes on the pc’s mind, there is no spirit present and the dead are not restless.

This will repeat with a different character each night that party stay in the area, when all have has the experience it returns to the first person again.

19. An Egg – Unique, Anywhere
A successful spot roll will lead the PC’s to find a small nest of eggs, covered in vegetation. Over half of the eggs have hatched and are broken, only three remain.

This 12 inch eggs are thunder lizard eggs. Of the three remaining eggs two have no signs of life within them,  but only will hatch in the next two or three days if watched and even if moved, releasing a very small and young triceratops.

The triceratops is of great value and interest to many people, but if the players try to rear it there is a good chance they will kill it, it will take 10 years to grow into maturity. The failed eggs will have some worth if sold to various sages or a trader of magical and exotic items

20. Looted Burial Mound – Unqiue, Balazar
A 20 foot long and 8 foot wide  burial mound covered in mossy grass with a large rock close to an open tunnel entrance at one end of the  mound.  Runic marking mark the stone pillars at each side of the doorway.   The runic markings once held magical power but it has long since gone.

Inside is a long chamber with 6 alcoves for bodies, the bodies have been crudely disturbed as it looks like the mound has been ransacked a long time ago.

More encounters to come…

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