Trollkin Encounters of the Elder Wilds

When I played through Griffin Mountain all those years ago, I got fed up of continually being kicked about by the same Zorak Zoran war party.

We must of encountered them at least 5 or 6 times and things never went well. However we did not  encounter another single living troll in over 50 sessions. I hated them with a passion.

So to give some variation here are another bunch of Troll encounters specially created for the Elder wilds, There will be a few post but I will start off with the Trollkin, I will also try to link to RQ6 Encounter Generator for stats for these groups also.

Trollkin Gatherers

This is a large group of 12 -20 trollkin gathers these will be unarmed and petrified of the characters, at least one will run to the nearest large groups of dark trolls or warrior trollkin for aid. It is possible that the clan is over the next rise or up to 2 hours walk away.

Trollkin gathers usually belong to Wild or Hunter clans if any and are armed with stone, bone and wooden weapons if any.

There are usually 2 or 3 warrior trollkin with the group, who are there to keep the other trollkin from running off, and would not be expected to challenge a group of warriors.

It is possible that some trollkin may use the players appearance as an excuse to jump the warrior trollkin and run off, or worse still ask the players for aid or to seek to join the players party

Culture:  Primitive

Cults:  Zong, None

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting Lands

RQ Encounter Generator:

  Small Medium Large
Dark Troll Hunters 0 0 -1 1 -2
Raider Trollkin 1 2 4
Hunter Trollkin 1 2 -4 4 – 8
Worthless Trollkin 4 – 12 8 -20 16 – 30


Wild Trollkin Mob

A mob of between 8 and 50 Feral Trollkin who have escaped there troll overlords and a swarming over whatever part of the Elder Wilds they are in.  These mobs are common on the edges of troll home lands, and can range far before meeting a predictable end.

They have little understanding of where they are and where they are going, they just know they don’t want to back to where they came from. They are nomadic not staying in any place very long, always on the move fearing being recaptured by their troll overlords. They may or may not be led by an escaped superior trollkin.

When encountering a party they will usually scatter and then regroup and if hungry track the party for some time, eventually gaining the courage to raid the campsite, running through and stealing anything they can whilst most players are sleeping.

They will not go back for the wounded, or the captured and it is every trollkin for them self.

If the opportunity arises they will try to isolate and mob attack a weaker member of the party. Only extreme hunger or fear will force them to try a direct swarm attack on a group of trained warriors.

They will be equipped with little more than sticks and rocks, and most will have no magic.

Culture:  Primitive

Cults:  None, Xiola Umbar

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting lands, anywhere else.

RQ Encounter Generator:

  Small Medium Large
Raider Trollkin 0 0 -2 0 -4
Hunter Trollkin 0 -2 0 – 4  0 -8
Worthless Trollkin 4 – 12 8 -20 16 – 38

Superior Trollkin Runners

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting lands, anywhere else

A lone or small group of escaped trollkin on the run from the former troll masters.  These are superior trollkin and therefore have made a more intelligent and well planned out escape.  They will be armed with spears and slings and maybe even light leather armour and carrying light provisions.

They will obviously be scared of the party and quite convinced that the party will want to eat them. One of the trollkin is able to speak the players language or tradetalk, and will very quickly start to try to talk their way out of the imagined pot they think they are destined for.

The trollkin will defend themselves if attacked, but really want no part in any violence if it can be helped.

This encounter can be made more chaotic by a troll recapture party of trolls and loyal trollkin appearing half way through the conversation and all hell breaking loose, and the pcs get to choose sides, or step back out of the carnage and just be confused about who is killing who and why.

If the players help the trollkin in any way or show kindness, the trollkin could very well latch themselves onto the party for good or ill.

Another twist could that the trollkin have stolen several items that they think would be valuable, and try to persuade the players to deal with their pursuers for the item(s). Possible items and services offered could be;

  • A purse of Bolgs, clacks and a couple if silvers
  • A magic lead necklace – Darkwall matrix
  • “We won’t mind if you eat Burt.”
  • A bundle of flint headed short spears
  • A large smelly blue cloak
  • Six pickled elf ears in a jar
  • Blade venom
  • A seasons work
  • A dwarven beard, with a glue spirit bound in it.
  • An ornate ring of some value
  • Information on the trade route of a troll merchant
  • A ‘treasure map’ – really a scroll either useless, priceless or containing sensitive  information
  • ¾ of a ham beetle

This encounter has the ability to either be a either a light hearted encounter, or vicious fight with consequences, depends on the mood your game needs at that point.

Culture:  Wild

Cults:  Xiola Umbar, None

RQ Encounter Generator:

Raider Trollkin 1 – 3
Hunter Trollkin 3 – 6

One thought on “Trollkin Encounters of the Elder Wilds

  1. Love the trollkin
    I have a long running player based around being an escaped enlo and I think it really brings home how some things in RuneQuest are just too big to fight 😀
    If you like I can give you my troll clan write up (for the big Rubble, it will need a rewrite to fit it into Balazar – no Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends ruins here!) and some enlo

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