Troll Leaders of the Elder Wilds

Here are notable political troll figures and leaders of tribes, it is unlikely that pc’s will interact directly with these  figures, but they should in the background adding colour and moving events that may  affect the characters.

Great Old Mother

Leader of the Trang Clan and Mistress Race troll high priestess of Kygor Litor, who never leaves the temple of Kyger Litor at Black Spire Gorge

Her agenda  is to control the religious life of the trolls of the Elder Wilds  but she uses political and religious power very directly, not in a subtle manner. She has been known to deny’s clans and tribes who are out of favour access to major temples. She also has an elite war gang called the Sons of Trang.

She has had an ongoing feud with Cragspider for centuries and the two ancient trolls despise each other with a passion. She claims to have met Arkat and has detailed knowledge of some of the events surrounding the Gbaji wars.

‘The Spider’

The Head of the Gar Tola Tribe and High Priestess of Gorakki, Priestess of Areana. She does everything she can to make her form a mystery, but she is actually a very old uzko who has morphed into part troll part spider form via hero questing

A subtle politician and great gather of information she sits at the centre of a great web of relationships and intrigue she is by far the best informed troll leader in the Elder Wilds.

She always ensures the great Old Mother believes her to be an ally, but she also communicates on a semi regular basis with Cragspider.


The Uzuz leader of the Bone Gnashers and the Guardian of the Wailing Place. He presents himself as a simple Zorac Zoran beserker warlord, but has a much deeper aspect and is a knowledgeable magician and sorcerer, is a devotee of Arkat.

He is an elf killer and the troll leader the Aldryami want slain more than any other. He was present at the burning of the great tree of what is now the  Dangergound. He sees it as his responsibility to stop the elves expanding their forests ever again.

Gorks Daughter

Gorks daughter is a powerful uzko shaman and mystic, also priestess of Kygor Litor. She is often used a channel for Gork himself a powerful darkness spirit.

Is over 300 years old so many believe her to be a uzuz, but is actually an uzko. Her prime motivation is to protect Gork from the Great Old Mother, who Gork believes wants to bind the spirit, and control the worship of Gork.

She rules the tribe of Gork well, but is an isolationist who only really has contact with a number of independent clans the tribe of Danar Tol. She has studied the ruins in Gorks hills extensively and has some knowledge of the magic so the EWF.

Mama Di

The Leader of the Bara Du is an Uzko priestess of Kyger Litor and one of the most fertile troll in living memory. Mama Di is beautiful in troll standards as well as being mother to over 20 healthy uzko

She swears by the effects of the Black Plinth and ensures her tribe controls the lands round it. She also  keeps a harem of male lovers and is jealous of her breeding rights

She is scared of the Grand Old Mother and would never do anything to offend her. A very good practical politician, and the tribe is doing well under her.

Kieger Ba

Zorac Zoran warlord from Dragori Inkarth who  usurped of the  previous leaders Guttuz Tribe, after being hired to lead their raids.

Currently is perusing a damaging conflict with the elves and humans of the bear woods and gets his tribe to raise large numbers of un-dead, especially from the corpses of their own fallen.

He terrorises his tribe and often inflicts atrocities upon his own people. Worshippers of Zong and Kygor Litor are waiting for a leader who could challenge him and the tribe will explode into civil war.

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