Troll Sites in the Elder Wilds

The Guide to Glorantha states we have 430,000 trolls in the Elder Wilds, The old Griffin Mountain gave us nowhere near that Kind of depth for the UZ in the Elder wilds, here are a few of my ideas for interesting troll sites and communities.

These are virtually unknown by humans and travellers will have to penetrate deep into the troll heartlands to find them.

Black Spire Gorge– Great Temple & Cave Complex deep within a river George the troll hills, A basalt spike rising from the centre of the gorge provides a mystical feature at the centre of what is the Elder wilds largest troll community. This site is in the domain of the Trang Tribe, but independent clans and  clans of many tribes visit the community to worship at the region’s largest temples.

The population is very transient but there could be up to 2500 trolls and trollkin within a miles radius of the major temples at any one point in time

The Creeping Place – The Gara Tol tribe controls these large insect breeding pits in a chasm in the Troll hills. It is also the site of great markets whenever troll caravans come from  the Blue Moon Plateau or Shadows Dance.

7 Sons of Zong – These 7 stone monoliths of troll faces are spread a couple miles apart across the  North plain leading away to the west from Troll Hills, they are sacred site to the cult of Zong and often prey is left on them as a sacrifice for further hunting success.

The Tar Pits – A Stretch of plains frequented by deep rich tar pits. It is a Zong Hunting site where trolls have traditionally hunted by chasing dinosaurs into the pits of tar.

Black Plinth – A troll fertility site holy to Kyger Lytor, it is said any mating made at the plinth in Dark Season will not be affected by the Trollkin curse.

Dragon Ruins of Gork -Ruins for EWF era magical settlement of some size built in Gorks Hills, there are signs it was destroyed by trolls or the Aldryami or maybe both. These are the supposed resting place of the mythical Vampire of Gorks hills.

The Wailing Place – A desolate place and former battlefield about 4 miles in diameter at the northern end of the troll hills. The ground here is blasted and nothing has grown here in close to a millennium.  This place is holy to Zorak Zoran and some obscure cults of Arkat. Ghosts and undead frequent, but never leave the area.

This place is still feared by the elves, who if given choice will not come within 15 miles of it.

The Shifting Pit – A deep hunting pit created by Zong that moves through troll hunting grounds changing its position by a few miles each night. it is  followed by  a troll Hunter Clan who worship both Zong and the spirit of the pit, who are able to predict  its movements.

The Dragons Spike -A small hill shaped like a single horn of bone growing out of the earth, it is magical place feared by the trolls but they don’t know why. However dragonnewt plinths are situated close to the site.

Shadow Creek – Stream of black water from springs at the bottom of the Black Spire Gorge where shamans often bind shades and undines. The stream flows to the Basalt spike outside the temple complex, where its seems to feed the pillars slow steady growth to the sky.

Offas Pile – Pile of refuse, rocks, junk, bodies and  bones which is home to some 200 – 600 trollkin at any one point. Most proper trolls avoid this place as it is ‘beneath them’. The Trollkin worship a  local spirit known simply as the  ‘The Eater’.

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