Troll Personalities of the Elder Wilds

Here are a  few of the troll personalities of the Elder Wilds which may be met by characters in a non violent encounter and who hopefully could provide some fun plot twists and turns along the way.

I will do another post for politically and culturally important troll figures later on but thought it best to split them.

Breath of Zong, The Huntsman, The Day Shadow

A mythic figure even amongst the trolls of the Elder Wilds, a solitary Uzuz hunter who has hunted the region alone since before the dawn. He lives for the hunt always looking for harder and more exotic prey to catch, and ways to further test his skills as a Hunter.

Few have seen him, none can remember talking with him, but when we wants to be seen the steam of his breath will be noticed for a second maybe two, before he silently fades away.

He is the guardian of the hunters and watches over all the hunters of the Elder Wilds, troll, man even baboon. He is never seen to intervene but he has saved many hunters from meeting a sticky end without revealing himself.

He is also the self appointed guardian of the hunt and those who kill without following the sacred ways of the peaceful cut, can find themselves in deep trouble in his presence.

The hunt can take him away from the Elder Wilds for seasons as he hears of a beast he must catch or challenge he must face. As the hero wars start he may feel the need to start to communicate with hunters of all kinds.

Worshipper of both Zong and Foundchild will find themselves in spiritual awe him without fully understanding why.

 Ta Cassa , The shadow mother

A noted and powerful ukzo shaman of the western troll wild hunters clans, and a friend of the Blue Dog Eaters. She travels between the clans and is well respected.

Many spirits have talked to her of Blueface the Shaman , and it is her desire to meet and emulate him.  However even she is unsure whether she wants to treat him as a friend, rival or enemy.

She is very aware of the presence of Chaos in the Elder Wilds and knows the locations of both festering isle and the chaos holy ground

Toola Barg

A uzko Argan Argar Worshipper and trader from the Trang tribe, who has run a number of caravans south of the mountains but who believes that trade with the citadels would be quicker than travelling  south.

In the past he has traded with Joh Mith once on his trips into the Elder Wilds, and has gained a map of Balazar and has some basic understanding of the human situation.

He is trying to identify troll goods from the Elder Wilds humans would be interested in. He is interested in clothes, spices, and pungent and tactile luxuries. He is  currently interested in developing a rapport with humans who can introduce him to one of the citadels.

Kol Serap – ‘The Mapmaker’

An uzko Argan Argar priest  Mapping the Elder Wilds with a map of scents, he has moved to the Elder wilds after he complete mapping Dragori Inkarth, where his map of scents gained him some wealth and fame.

He finds life in the Elder Wilds tough and wants to get the region mapped as quickly as possible and move onto the Shadow Plateau or Blue Moon Plataeu, he is not aggressive in nature and is often willing  to parley and negotiate with humans. he is keen do what he can to collects distinct smells and will often pay for ones which would be dangerous for him to collect, such Aldryami sap. He travels with small group of guards

Bassa Rak

A uzko warrior of  the blue moon plateau, holding the rank of Boztakang’s a Son( subcult of Kygor Litor) has travelled to the Elder Wilds to find potential allies and prepare the way for his mistress to come and recruit support for Boztakang’s Empire.

However Bassa  is paying only lip service to his mistresses wishes and is making the most of his time without supervision. He controls a small war party of powerful , well trained well armoured trolls and is currently happy to roam the Elder Wilds doing what he wishes. He knows he needs to get on with the task at hand soon, but keeps putting it off till next season.

Xara Kiri, Watching Mother

An uzko priestess, who runs a small temple to Xiola Umbar a few miles away from Offas Pile. She used to run the temple within the community but felt that trollkin were getting too wild in their behaviour  and was gaining deep concerns about the spirit known as the Eater.

She has moved the temple a few miles away and still cares for the needs of the trollkin of the community as best she can. She is attended by a  group of 30 permanent trollkin attendants and guards who are fanatically loyal to her.

She is currently pondering how to investigate and combat ‘the eater’  without involving troll war parties which will slaughter and eat most of the trollkin.

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