Animals of the Elder Wilds

Animals are very important in a Shamanistic Hunter society and though they probably are not central for game mechanics, they are great for background.  So for that reason I have provided a list of common animals by type and what the Balazarings call them.

Many are real world creatures, others are by different names or but some could be something completely unique to this area of Glorantha.


I’m not going to spend my timing defining all of these it is just a little something add flavour, to wet appetite, save time and maybe get some creative juices flowing

It is also a good guide to clan and totem names.

I have gone for  a range of animals I think would be at home in either the Pacific Northwest or a primal Northern Europe. So if my colonial cousins don’t recognise some animals types there probably British/European.

  • Armadillos – Golden Armadillo
  • Baboon – Long Haired Baboon
  • Badgers – Great Stripped Badger, Dirt Badger, Black Headed Badger, Bodgers Badger
  • Bats – Giant Bat, Ghost Bat, Mouse Bat, Long Eared Bat, Pug Nosed Bat, Blood Bat
  • Bears – Brown Bear, Black Bear, Great Bear, Climbing Bear, Red Fanged Bear, Spirit Bear, Sun Bear
  • Beavers – Common Beaver, Sea Beaver, Great Beaver, Mountain Beaver
  • Bison – Great Plains Bison, Lesser Black Bison, Wood Bison, White Bison
  • Birds – Woodpeckers, Thrush, Swift, Green Jay, Swift, Magpie
  • Boar – Bristleback Boar, Black Boar, Grey Boar, Wild Pig, Tusk Boar, Red River Hog, Many Horned Boar
  • Cats – Bob Cat, Feral Cat, Cougar, Mountain Leopard
  • Cattle – Auroachs, Shaggy Backed Cattle, Long Horn Cattle, Forest Buffalo, Small Horned Hill Cattle, Yak
  • Chipmunks – Stripped Chipmunk, Red Chipmunk, Brown Chipmunk, Badger Chipmunk
  • Coyotes – Grey Coyote, Red Coyote/Moon Coyote
  • Crow – Ragged Crow, Hooded Crow, Long Beaked Crow
  • Crocodile – River Crocodile, Sea Crocodile, Ridged Crocodile
  • Deer – Giant Sable, Impala, Eubuck, Barking Deer, Red Sable, Black Sable, Shell Deer, White Tailed Deer, Roe Deer, Great Horned Elk, Swamp Mouse, Vampire Deer
  • Dogs – Fighting dogs, Hunting Dogs, Uvathasa – False Alynx *
  • Doves – Turtle Doves, White Doves, Lunar Doves
  • Ducks – Moorhen, Peeking Duck, Sea Duck, Rainbow Duck, Mud Duck
  • Eagle – Sun Eagle, Bald Eagle, Mountain Eagle, Snow Eagle
  • Fox – Red Fox, Wood Fox, Mountain Fox, Singing Fox, Silver Fox, Blue Fox, Snow Diving Fox
  • Frogs – Forest Toad, Pool Frog, River Frog, River Toad, Black Ridged Toad, Dream Toad, Arrow Toad, Stream Toad
  • Goats- Mountain Goat, Grey Haired Goat, Long Horned Goat, Black Necked Goa, Markhor
  • Gopher – River Gopher, Sand Gopher
  • Geese – White Geese, Black Headed Geese, Red Necked Geese, Blackfoot Geese
  • Hares – Long Legged Hare, Brown Hare, Jumping Hare, Kicking Hare, Snowshoe Hare
  • Hawks – Vrock Hawks, Giant Hawks, Red Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels, Falcon, Star Hawks, Red Tailed Hawk, Bat Hawk, Sea Osprey
  • Horses – Hill Ponies, Wild Donkey, Unicorns
  • Lion- High Mountain Lion
  • Lizards – Green Lizard, Sun Lizard, Red Crested Lizard, Rock Lizard
  • Moles – Hairy Tailed Mole, Star Nosed Mole, Short Faced Mole
  • Mice – Brown Mouse, Wood Mouse, Sand Mouse, River mouse(shrew)
  • Newts – Pond Newt, River Newt, Crested Newt, Greater Newt
  • Otters – River Otter, Sea Otter, Black Headed Otter, Diving Otter, Smooth Coated Otter

bison on water pic

  • Owls – Hooded Owl, Ghost Owl, Little Owl, Rock Owl
  • Polecats – Stoat, Ermine, Mad Ferret, Mink, Pine Martin, Weasel
  • Porcupines – Long Quilled Porcupine, Short Quilled Porcupine
  • Rabbits – Long Eared Rabbit, Brush Rabbit, Grey Rabbit, Brown Rabbit, Thunder Rabbit
  • Racoons – Racoon, Ghost Racoon, Bear Racoon, Magpie racoon
  • Raven – Royal Raven, Night Raven, Wood Raven
  • Rats – Grey Rat, River Rat, Brown Rat
  • Rhino – Long haired Rhino, Short haired rhino, Great Tusked Shaggy rhino
  • Sheep – Tahr, Hill Sheep, Black Headed Sheep, White Horned Sheep
  • Skunks – Striped Skunk, Spotted Skunk, Hooded Skunk and Hog Nosed Skunk
  • Snakes – Grass Snake, Rattle Snake, Tree Viper, River Snake, Great River Snake, Black Rat Snake
  • Squirrels – Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Jumping Squirrel, Knocking Squirrel, Giant Squirrel, Long Eared Squirrel
  • Tigers – Mountain Sabre Tooth, Forest Sabre Tooth, Sakkars
  • Wolves- Timber Wolf, Fell Wolf, Black Headed Wolf, Snow Wolf, Mained Wolf
  • Wolverine – Greater Wolverine, Black wolverine, Barking Wolverine

*will be revisited with its own article

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