Troll Tribes of the Elder Wilds

There are 11 troll tribes currently dwelling within the Elder Wilds, they comprise about 18 percent of all trolls in Elder wilds but provide what limited structure there is to troll society.

Elder Wild Tribes Wild Clans Hunter Clans Barbarian Clans Total Trolls Hunting Grounds
Trag 14 10 5221 Troll Hills
Gar Tola 16 8 5026 Troll Hills
Bone Gnashers 27 5 6150 North Troll Hills
Gork 41 3 8081 Gork Hills
Danar Tol 38 38 2 10998 North Gork Hills
Thunder Pit 40 32 9584 East North Plain
Blue Dog Eaters 30 33 8781 West North Plain
Unta Mor 46 46 12650 East Troll Hills
Bara Du 56 54 15046 Troll Hills
Naxar 32 24 7384 Rockwood Mountains
Guttuz 32 43 10,747 Bear Woods/Hills
Indepedent Clans 1200 650 255540 All
Trollkin Mobs 2000 74000 All
Cave Troll Mobs 150 1800 Mountains/Hills
Total 430000(ish)


An Influential  Troll Tribe of the Black Spire Gorge Temple complex in Tork Hills, the tribe maintains wealth from tributes paid by other clans to access to great temples. It is not a large tribe but holds most influence and power of all the tribes.

The tribe is led by the “Great Old Mother” High Priestess of Kygor Lytor, a mistress race troll who claims to have met Arkat in her younger days. She despises and is despised by Cragspider for reasons no one but they can remember.

Gar Tola

A Tork Hills tribe that controls all the Creeping Place insect farms and all trade from Dragori Inkarth and to a lesser extent  the blue moon plateau. Once a year in sea season a great market is held outside the pits with Merchants from outside the elder wilds in attendance as well as many friendly clans from across the Elder Wilds.

The tribe has good relations with the Giants, and has be known to send  trollball team to Gon Ortas castle on occasion.

Leadership of the tribe comes from an unseen leader called ‘the spider’, who may be a spirit, a demon or an old mistress race troll. Her orders are communicated through her own priesthood, the priesthood of Gorakiki or the priesthood of Argan Argar who are powerful in the tribe.

Bone Gnashers

The most warlike of the tribes with a high proportion of Zorak Zoran and Arkat worshippers, they hold lands at the north end of Tork Hills, and consider themselves the guardians of the Wailing Place. They are also the tribe most likely to attempt to raid the elves of the El’oring wilds in force.

Though a compact tribe They run both a major Zorak Zoran temple and one the few troll forges operating within the Elder Wilds.  A Zorak Zoran Deathlord ‘Gnasher’ leads the clan from the front and is the only male mistress race troll some outside the priesthoods ever sees in the Elder wilds.


A large tribe based round am series of caves and old ruins at the south end of Gorks hills. They have a strong magical spirit in their protector ‘Gork’.   They trade with  both the Bone Gnashers and Gar Tola Tribes, despite the danger posed by the elves of the er’oring wilds.

They have poor relations with the Trang Tribe due to Gork tribe having their own temples. The Gork tribe is led by Gorks Daughter, a mystic figure presumably a mistress race troll who lives in the Temple of Gork.

Danar Tol

The Danar Tol tribe is large loose affiliation of hunting clans which hunts to north of Gork hills and  the Er’oing wilds. They are large in numbers, but often end up skirmishing with riders from the north, over hunting grounds.

Zong is the major Diety worshipped by the tribe, and worship is distributed between the clans. Leadership of the tribe is fluid, a clan leader will pull the tribe together for a common goal and then when the goal is complete fade to the background.

Thunder Pit

These hunters roam the North Plain just to the west of Tork Hills, and claim to be the best thunder lizard hunters known anywhere in Glorantha. They often use pit hunting  for all kinds of larger prey.  They usually hunt in large groups and are not usually that stealthy.

Tribe leadership always rest with mother of the winner of the Greathunt each year, so the tribe rarely has stable leadership.

Blue Dog Eaters

A hunting tribe to the west of the North Plain and the troll tribe most often encountered by votanki hunters who take to hunting in the Elder Wilds.  They are stealthy vicious hunters, who are equally cautious of human hunters and will not pick a fight for no reason.

The tribe is a loose confederation of Clans with no strong leader, they skirmish with the Thunder Pit over hunting rights. Worship of Zong, Kygor Lytor and Ancestors is common.

Unta Mor

This large tribe of hunting clans has its range on the east of the troll hills and the foothills of the rockwood mountains. A good third of its clans live and hunt in cave systems under the rockwood mountains and never see the open sky.

They are on good terms with the Trang Tribe, and many of its clans worship at Black Spire Gorge.

A surprising conflict the tribe has is with some of the wind children of the rockwood mountains and the Unta Mor tribe believe the flesh of wind children to a particular delicacy.  This has led to some of the tribe becoming expert climbers.

Bara Du

The largest tribe of trolls can be found all over the troll hill. They are hunters with large expansive hunting ranges and they protect their hunting rights strongley.  This often brings them into conflict with the Thunder Pit Tribe.

The tribe is wise not to engage in conflict with the more structured tribes whoes services it benefits from, but is happy to ensure it keeps its advantages by intimidating the other hunting tribes and independent clans.

For the last 5 years the tribe has been led well by a Darktroll know simply as  ‘Mama Di


The Naxar tribe hunt high in the rockwoods, and well into giant land. Which leads them into conflict with some of the younger giants. They are a smaller hunting tribe but one that those travelling through Gon Ortas pass are wise to pay.


A large tribe from the bear hill and woods who are in constant conflict with the Green elves and humans who also dwell in the woods, making it currently the most volatile spot in Elder Wilds.

They are a traditional hunting tribe who is trying to expand due to weight of numbers.

Their former Tribal Mother recently recruited  a Zorak Zoran warlord called Kieger Ba from Dragori Inkarth to fight for them. However things did not go as planned when his trolls slaughtered his employer and her whole clan before claiming leadership of the tribe for himself.

Currently Kieger Ba is waging war on the elves of Bear woods with little success, but is raising and sending notable number of undead trolls into the bear woods to cause havoc.