Demographics of the Elder Wilds

A slightly more detailed breakdown of population than we get in the Guide to Glorantha(GtG), I have done this for a number of reasons.

Firstly it shows a number of the races which do appear in Balazar and the Elder Wilds, but not in significant enough numbers to merits space in the GtG. So Newtlings, Broos, Giants and dinosaurs were always in Griffin Mountain but not in significant enough numbers to get a mention in the guide.

The next reason is to add extra distinction within the major races, so troll numbers have been split down into subtypes. Humans have been split into social groupings, and other types of Aldyrami have been added to supplement the Elves.

Also one of the deviations from the standard background is the introduction of a significant number of  Tusk Riders mercenaries by the Lunar administration.

The final reason is to add some groups who would be present in the Rockwood mountains but never made it onto the GtG list, specifically the gargoyles and the wind children. These do not represent all of these species within the Eastern Rockwood Mountains, but those that are adjacent to and likely to interact with the Elder Wilds.

Humans  130,000
  Dykene Citadel 1,300
  Elkoi Citadel 2,000
  Trilus Citadel 1,700
  Dykene Clans 26,000
  Elkoi Clans 18,000
  Trilus Clans 36,000
  Independent Balazarings 28,000
  Votanki* 16,000
  Lunar Villages 850
Elves 70,000
  Elves Green 50,000
  Elves Brown 20,000
  Dryads 800
  Runners 20,000
  Beastmen 1,200
Trolls 430,000
  Trollkin 260,000
  Trollkin Superior 90,000
  Dark Trolls 65,000
  Great Trolls 12,000
  Misstress Race Trolls 8
  Cave Trolls 1,200
Dwarves 100,000
Baboons 4,000
Broos 2,500
Chaos Other 2,000
Dinosaurs – Assorted 360
Gargoyles 400
Giants 28
Griffins 50
Newtlings 1,200
Tusker Riders 900
Wind Children 8,000
Assorted Monsters & Weird Stuff 500

*Votanki are distinguish from Balazarings because they usually not found in Balazar. They have never sworn allegiance to Balazar or any other Citadels, they refuse to worship foreign Gods such as Yelmalio, and cling to a way of life as passed down from Votanki at the Dawn.  They are usually found in high mountain, deep forest throughout the Dangerground and the northwest of the Elder Wilds.

2 thoughts on “Demographics of the Elder Wilds

  1. I’m just starting reading the blog with interest. Looks good. I noticed that you mention 430,000 Trolls in this post, but 480,000 in the next one.

  2. Good spot, an inconsistency on my part. I will have to go back to my notes and sums and check. Whatever agrees with the Guide to Glorantha is right.

    I think its the 430,000 number. If it is that one I will cull some of the independent clans in the troll tribes post.

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