Uz Story – How We Came Here

The Uz  first came to the Elder Wilds when we followed Gash and Gore, travelling through the hurtpalce, when they created the castle of lead our lands spread out far beyond the great mountains and into our hills.

These were our places the Aldryami, Humans and Mostali could not stand with us. We called them Gorks place and Torks place and they were ours. We made became friends to the giants in the mountains and hunted the thunder lizards that lived in the land. Zong came to us and taught us his ways, we understood the wild and the hunt.

When chaos came its armies poured through our home in the darkness causing great devastation, many UZ were killed and we retreated against the great evil. Surviving in our caves, burrowing deep or fighting so hard that the chaos passed us by.

We fought alone and together, we pushed the chaos back and we survived. Our wise mother  thought hard and long, and after she had learned deep secrets no other knew. She agreed to the compromise and the dawn came.

In the dawn our Elder Wilds were good hunting lands for trolls, the elves did not bother us, the humans were few and hunting was good. Some came here, some lived here, and we were as much as part of this land as any other.

We then fought for the first council pushing the sun men out of their lands, we travelled through the Elder Wilds, did whilst the man and the elves did little to help in their fight. Then as well as being  cowards they became insane and decided they should make a new old God.

It was only the Uz and the Dragons who could see this folly. So then first council attacked us and drove us out of homes of Tork and Gork with the help of the deceiver. They stuck the Uz with the most evil of curses, that grieves the great mother Kygor Litor.

It was not until the Lord Arkat came from the south and burned all the plant men  at travelling stone, that we started to reclaim out lands. We fought the rest of the plant men as he destroyed the deceiver.

After that he came and lead us against the plant men and gifted all of the lands now known as Balazar and the Elder Wilds. However the plant men continued to fight us and the humans helped them, lying to us and  saying they were out friends but helping the Elf when our back was turned.

Then came the Dragon Empire which aided the plant men and the humans to push out off our rightful lands given to us at the Dawn and again by the Lord Arkat. We were pushed back even from our sacred places, to the other side of the mountains.

We gained our revenge in the Greart Uz Raid. We broke the Stone Mens Mountain fortress and poured over the mountain and burned the forests, destroying one of the great trees of the Aldyrami. We had returned to take our rightful lands back.

Many clans an tribes came over the mountains. The tribe of Trang lead the way. We pushed the plant men from the lands of Tork and regained our sacred places. We ate tree, bush and plant. They could not stand before us as we claimed back what was rightfully ours.

The dragon empire had built upon our Land of Tork, and when the treacherous plant men fell upon them, hurting them. Then we came out of the ground, from our caves and caverns, through tunnels and the out of the night and we fell upon them. We slew man, Dragonewt and plant man, we pulled down towers and we burned trees. We took back our ancient home of Gork.

Tribes have come and tribes have gone. Clans that used to belong are no more, clans that never were are now. However the Trang have remained strong. We protect and guard the sacred places. We ensure our Gods get the worship they deserve and our people remain strong in spirit and magic.

Trolls from the Blue Moon Plataeu have come and spoke with us, asking to us to serve the red moon that cast its foul light in the night sky. We say no they would rob us of our lands as did the second council and the dragon men who came after them. We need them not.

The Plant men lie in their small forest, hiding from the Uz. The Stone men have rebuilt their fortress but hide in it. The humans hold their poor lands to the west. But we are Uz we hold our ancient lands of Tork and Gork. We worship at our ancient places, and we keep what was given to us at the dawn and by our Lord Arkat.

This I know not because I was told, or because I read it, or because haggard fool of a witch saw it in the runes. I know because I saw it. I was there from the start to the end. I witnessed it from the first moment to the last breath.

This our land, it was given to us twice, we have taken it back twice. We shall never leave.

– The Words Great Old Mother, as spoken by her Oracle.


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