New Balazaring Rumors List

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Griffin Mountain isn’t  Griffin Mountain without a rumours list, so here as list for the new campaign, the 2nd line in italics shows the likely source of the rumour.

1. The Lunars will be bringing a group of Broo Soldiers to Elkoi – False
Balzaaring Hunters, Trilus, Dykene, Orlanthi
2. There are more great artefacts hidden in the Elder Wilds – True
Religious Leaders, Orlanthi, Traders
3. The Vampire of Gorks Hills has been sighted after 80 years- Partial
Trolls, Troll fiends, Orlanthi, Votanki Hunter, Traders
4. Dragonewts are scouting Balazar under false pretences – True
Balazaring hunters, Dykene, Shamans
5. Troll numbers are growing the Elder wilds – Meaningless
Balazaring Hunters, All Citadels
6. Increased numbers of refuges from Satar and the Empire suggest troubled times are ahead – Meaningless
Balazaring Hunters, All Citadels
7. The Lunar command is split about pushing deeper into Balazar – Partial
Elkoi, Trilus, Associated clans
8. There is a massive troll temple complex at the heart of the Troll Hills – True
Trolls, Troll friend, Traders ,Votanki Hunters, Dykene, Orlanthi
9. The forest are on the move – Partial
Orlanthi, Votanki Hunters, Dykene, Trilus, Balazaring Hunters
10. Elves have been seen crossing the Elf Sea– False
11. You can stop broos from breeding by killing all the local goats – False
Balazaring Hunters, Citadels
12. The Griffins are demanding the heads of those who raided their mountain –True
Dykene, Balazaring Hunters, Traders, Orlanthi
13. The baboons of the Elder Wilds are tainted with chaos – False
Balazaring Hunters, Citadels
14. A bounty has been put on the head of all baboons – True
Balazaring Hunters, Citadels
15. The Lunar Empire have put a bounty on the head of all baboons – False
Balazaring Hunters, Citadels
16. Foreign Orlanthi are planning raids against Elkio – Partial
Elkoi, Trilus, Dykene, Balazaring Hunter, Lunars, Lunar High Command, Traders
17. Both the Orlanthi and the Lunars are desperate to know where the Windsword is – Partial
Citadels, Hunters
18. A large party of tusk riders is heading up from dragon pass into Elkoi lands – True
Elkoi, Elkoi Clans, Balazaring Clans, Orlanthi, Traders
19. Orlanthi are planning on taking over the Citadel of Dykene – False
Trilus, Dykene, Elkoi, Balazaring Clans
20. The Lunars poisoned their own Priestess Electora Kindtounge – Rumour
Elkoi, Traders, Trilus, Orlanthi, Lunars
21. Relics of the Empire of Wyrms friends can be found within the Elder Wilds – True
Orlanthi, Traders, Sages, Religious Leaders, Shamans
22. The Lunars in Trilus are all Lunar spies and plotting invasion – False
Trilus, Dykene, Elkoi, Orlanthi, Balazaring Hunters
23. The Yelmalio temple moved to Dykene because the Lunars threatened the priests – Partial
Dykene, Yelmalions, Religious Leaders, Trilus
24. Now the Windsword has been found the Orlanthi will leave Trilus – False
Dykene, Elkoi, Hunters, Traders
25. Some tribes from Elmwood have abandoned the citadel of Elkoi – True
Elkoi, Trilus, Hunters, Dykene
26. Broos are mating with dinosaurs at Festering Island – False
Hunters, Lunars, All Citadels, Drunkards, Idiots
27. Wind child scouts have been chased away from Griffin Mountain by the Griffins – True
Dykene, Yelmalions, Votanki,Orlanthi, Elves
28. The Elf sea is shrinking ever year– False
29. Pentian scouting parties have been seen in the Elder Wilds – False
Hunters, All Citadels
30. Something is stopping trolls moving into Balazar in numbers – False
Dykene, Trilus, Hunters
31. There are a number of Votanki Clans in and around the Elder Wilds – True
Hunters, Orlanthi, Traders
32. The presence of farming in Balazar is going turn the animals spirits against the hunters – False
Shamans, Hunters, Dykene
33. Undead have started to be seen in eastern Dykene Lands – True
Dykene, Hunters
34. Ruins dating from the Empire of Wryms friends can be found deep in the Eloring wilds – True
Orlanthi, Traders, Sages, Religious Leaders, Shamans
35. Fugitives from the south are travelling through GonOrtas pass in greater numbers than ever before- True
Traders, Orlanthi, Dykene, Trilus
36. Festering Isle is a pit that keeps spitting out chaos and will never be controlled – Partial
Trilus, Hunters, Orlanthi, Yelmalions
37. All merchants passing into the Elder Wilds are ogres on their way to chaos grounds – False
Hunters, All Citadels
38. Metal armour is offensive to nature and animal spirits – False
Shamans, Votanki Hunters
39. Local shamans are forming an alliance to push all foreign gods out of Balazar – Partial
Shamans, Hunters, Dykene
40. Three giant corpses have been found in the Dangerground – True
Orlanthi, Hunters, Dykene, Trilus, Traders
41. The wielder of Windsword is coming back to conqueror Balazar – Partial
Trilus, Dykene, Elkoi, Hunters, Lunars
42. Troll caravans travel to GonaOrtas castle and then to Dragori Inkarth and back again – True
Trolls Friends, Trolls, Dykene, Traders
43. Some of the trolls of the Elder Wilds can work metal – True
Trolls Friends, Trolls, Dykene, Traders
44. The Crimson Bat will visit Elkoi soon – Rumor
Lunars, Elkoi, Trilus, Hunters, Traders
45. Lunar Slavers operating out Elkoi are trying to capture anyone they can – Partial
Trilus, Orlanthi, Hunters
46. Rhegus Whitehair was killed by some Orlanthi for consorting with chaotic demons – Partial
Orlanthi, Traders, Trilus, Hunters
47. Orlanthi have been banished from Dykene – True
Dykene, Trilus, Orlanthi, Hunters
48. Starnia Stormreander Yelmalian daughter of King skilful heart piercer took an Orlanthi Lover – Rumour
Dykene, Yelmalions, Orlanthi, Trilus, Hunters
49. Praxena concubine of King Skilful heart piercer was murdered for being a Lunar spy – Partial
Dykene, Yelmalions, Lunars, Elkoi, Orlanthi
50. The Redrock clan were banished for Dykene about 20 years ago, and was much larger then – Partial
Dykene, Orlanthi
51. Gondol Holst was a friendly merchant ambushed by foreign outlaws – False
Lunars, Elkoi, Hunters, Dykene
52. The Lunars have promised tusk riders some of Elkoi’s tribal lands – Rumor
Elkoi, Hunters, Lunars, Orlanthi, Trilus, Traders
53. Lunar hunters don’t use the peaceful cut because they are tainted with chaos – Partial
Shamans, Hunters, Orlanthi
54. The Ancient & Great Brown Bear has been spotted in North woods, the great animals spirits are coming back – Rumor
Hunters, Shaman, Trilus
55. Foreigners have attacked Blueface the shaman – Partial
Shamans, Hunters, Dykene
56. Orlanthi warriors have attacked Blueface the shaman – False,
Lunars, Elkoi, Hunters, Shamans
57. Blueface has been killed – False
58. Dwarves have stopped visiting Balazar and dealing with hunters- False
Trilus, Hunters, Elkoi
59. Dwarves will now only deal with the Dykene citadel and closely associated clans – True,
Dykene, Hunters, Traders
60. Dwarves built the new Yelmalion temple at Dykene in 2 Seasons – True
Dykene, Yelmalio, Traders
61. The Red Emperor is considering a hunting party to Balazar – Rumor
Lunar Nobles, traders, Elkoi
62. Dwarves will take a dim view on people exploring disused tunnels and mines that exist in the hills near Greatway – True
Prospectors, Elkoi, Dykene, Traders, Southern Hunters
63. There is still gold is disused dwarf mines near Greatway – False
Prospectors, Elkoi, Dykene, Traders, Southern Hunters
64. The dwarves will never give up Greatway as its sat on large iron deposit- Meaningless
Dykene, Traders, Prospectors
65. Elves are moving more than they ever have in living memory across Balazar and the eoring wilds – True
Votanki Hunters, Orlanthi, Trilus, Dykene
66. A troll warlord is building a significant powerbase within the troll hills – Rumor
Votanki, Hunters, Orlanthi, Dykene, Traders
67. The troll clans of the Elder Wilds fight amongst themselves more than the Balazaring clans – True
Hunters, Dykene, Trilus, Trader
68. Trolls are massing for an attack on Dykene – False
Dykene, Yelmalions, Hunters, Traders
69. Griffin Mountain is a place of Mystical and magical importance to the air rune which goes back before the dawn of time– True
Shamans, Priests, Sages, Orlanthi, Wind Children
70. Small numbers of Beastmen have been tracked and seen travelling across Balazar from south to north avoiding humans – True
Hunters, Shamans
71. Orlanthi are actively recruiting Balazaring warriors for raiding parties – Partial
Elkoi, Hunters, Trilus, Lunars
72. The healing house which is part of the lightbringers hall in Trilus is prospering and growing significantly under DushiSone. – True
Trilus, Hunters, Traders, Orlanthi
73. Orlanthi Heralds from the south have come to Trilus seeking military alliance – False
Hunters, Trilus, Dykene, Elkoi, Lunars
74. There is a blood feud between Orlanthi and certain baboon packs in the elder wilds – True
Hunters, Orlnathi, Trilus
75. The Lunar Empire has actively supported chaos within Balazar and the Elder wilds – Partial
Orlanthi, Trilus, Traders, Hunters
76. There is a chaos shrine in the Elder Wilds – True
Orlanthi, Hunters
77. Trolls worship at the chaos shrine within the Elder wilds – False
Yelmalians, Drunkards, Idiots ,Hunters
78. The king of Trilus is sponsoring raids on the Lunar and Elkoi – False
Elkoi, Hunters, Lunar Soldiers
79. Chaos worship happens within the Temple the Seven Mothers – Rumor
Orlanthi, Elkoi, Hunters, Traders
80. The hero wars will mean a army comes out of the troll strongholds to invade Balazar and then the Lunar Empire – False
Yelmalians, Dykene Hunters, Hunters, Shamans
81. Dykene has entered into an alliance with the surviving Griffins – True
Dykene, Yelmalions, Griffins, Hunters
82. The King of Dykene has become even more paranoid – Partial
Trilus, Elkoi, Hunters, Orlanthi
83. The presence of farming near Elkoi offends the ancestors – Partial
Hunters, Trilus, Elkoi
84. The Lunars want to steal the giant Eagles off the king of Dykene – Partial
Dykene , Yelmalians, Traders
85. Dushi Soan does not think she will survive another cold winter – Rumor
Trilius, Hunters, Traders
86. Bluebird has kidnapped by the Lunars – False
Hunters, Traders
87. A rediscovered troll holy site is bringing trolls from distant lands to the elder wilds – True
Trolls, Orlanthi, Hunters, Dykene, Trilus
88. The Lunars are hiring Mercenaries to form an invasion force – Partial
Orlanthi, Hunters, Trilus, Elkoi
89. Dykene Hawks have become famous, and are now wanted across the Lunar Empire -Partial
Dykene, Elkoi, Yelmalians, Hunters
90. The Orlanthi plan to bring Shadowcats to Balazar to fight all dogs – False
Yelmalaians, Lunars, Elkoi, Hunters, Dykene
91. There is a giant who is friendly with Trolls, Elves and Humans – True
Hunters, Trilus, Orlanthi
92. The elves of Eloring wilds hate humans as much as trolls – Partial
Dykene, Hunters
93. Lunars are considering setting up a mine with slaves in the hills west of Tarshford – Rumour
Hunters, Elkio, Lunars, Dykene, Trilus
94. The burned man knows most things happening in Balazar – Meaningless
95. The Giants keep the Dragons out of Balazar and the Elder Wilds – Rumour
Shamans, Sages, Traders
96. The new lunar temple in Elkoi was a failure because it did not extend the Glowline – False
Trilus, Dykene, Hunters, Orlanthi
97. King Yalaring Monster Slayer of Trilius is partial to blue goats cheese from Imther – True
Traders, Trilus, Hunter, Imther
98. Trees in the Elf woods both talk and move – Partial
Hunters, Shamans, Trilus
99. The spirit of Elkoi left the Citadel with the Yelmalio Temple – False
Yelmalians, Ex Elkoi Clans, Hunters, Trilus, Orlanthi
100. Blueface is able to change his appearance and take a younger body when he wants. – Partial
Hunters, Shamans

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