Obscure Spirit Magics of Balazar

Hi I have a few new spirit magic spells which I believe would be part of the Balazaring hunter tradition. They are not Foundchild spells as such but are taught by many of the shamans that are part of the Foundchild tradition.

The spirits which teach these spells are not common in areas which are urban or have significant agriculture, and though not uncommon in Balazar would be considered exotic in many locations of Central Genertela.

Runequest Write Ups


Variable, Temporal, Passive, Touch

For each point of the spell the character will receive a +5% increase in hide roles and sneak roles in a external natural habitat such as woods, long grass, bushes, water, reeds , canyons but not urban areas or underground.

Call Dog (other animal)

1 point, Instant, Ranged

This allows the caster emit a call which is undetectable by normal means but will summon his dog (or other beast)which he already  has a master/partner relationship with. The dog will know that his master wants him and where he is. But will make its own decision as regards danger, enemies, how fast to come etc. The dogs reaction when it arrives is its own decision, unless the player users a another spell or skill.   

Hide Scent

1pt, Temporal, Passive, Touch

For the duration of the spell the character does not emit a clear scent, and if hunting will not scare prey animals due to the presence of the scent. Also if being tracked by scent this spell will allow the character to throw the trackers off the scent if they keep moving and change direction. This spell also gives the caster a 25% bonus in stealth roles against a opponent using dark sense


Variable, Temporal, Passive, Touch

For each point of the spell the target receives +5% skills bonus on climb, jump and other roles that require a stability or a sure foot. It does not increase the range of jumps or speed of climbs. This spell is not compatible with mobility.

Scent Prey

2pt, Temporal, Passive, Touch

This spell will allow its target to pick up the scent of a known prey and use their sense of smell to aid in the tracking of the creature. It allows a tracking by smell only at the users usual track percentage, or add  +25% to the track role of user .

WOD:Glorantha ‘Write ups’

Spell Type Native Rune Other Runes Effects
Camouflage Buff Illusion Darkness
Boost to outdoor stealth rolls.
Call Dog (other animal) Eff Communication Beast Summons dog or other animal
Hide Scent Buff Beast Air
Extra dicepool for hunting and stealth roles vs scent based creatures
Surefoot Buff Movement Stasis
Extra dice pool for climbing and other steadiness based roles.
Scent Prey Eff Beast Allows tracking by scent


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