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Trollkin Encounters of the Elder Wilds

When I played through Griffin Mountain all those years ago, I got fed up of continually being kicked about by the same Zorak Zoran war party.

We must of encountered them at least 5 or 6 times and things never went well. However we did not  encounter another single living troll in over 50 sessions. I hated them with a passion.

So to give some variation here are another bunch of Troll encounters specially created for the Elder wilds, There will be a few post but I will start off with the Trollkin, I will also try to link to RQ6 Encounter Generator for stats for these groups also.

Trollkin Gatherers

This is a large group of 12 -20 trollkin gathers these will be unarmed and petrified of the characters, at least one will run to the nearest large groups of dark trolls or warrior trollkin for aid. It is possible that the clan is over the next rise or up to 2 hours walk away.

Trollkin gathers usually belong to Wild or Hunter clans if any and are armed with stone, bone and wooden weapons if any.

There are usually 2 or 3 warrior trollkin with the group, who are there to keep the other trollkin from running off, and would not be expected to challenge a group of warriors.

It is possible that some trollkin may use the players appearance as an excuse to jump the warrior trollkin and run off, or worse still ask the players for aid or to seek to join the players party

Culture:  Primitive

Cults:  Zong, None

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting Lands

RQ Encounter Generator:

  Small Medium Large
Dark Troll Hunters 0 0 -1 1 -2
Raider Trollkin 1 2 4
Hunter Trollkin 1 2 -4 4 – 8
Worthless Trollkin 4 – 12 8 -20 16 – 30


Wild Trollkin Mob

A mob of between 8 and 50 Feral Trollkin who have escaped there troll overlords and a swarming over whatever part of the Elder Wilds they are in.  These mobs are common on the edges of troll home lands, and can range far before meeting a predictable end.

They have little understanding of where they are and where they are going, they just know they don’t want to back to where they came from. They are nomadic not staying in any place very long, always on the move fearing being recaptured by their troll overlords. They may or may not be led by an escaped superior trollkin.

When encountering a party they will usually scatter and then regroup and if hungry track the party for some time, eventually gaining the courage to raid the campsite, running through and stealing anything they can whilst most players are sleeping.

They will not go back for the wounded, or the captured and it is every trollkin for them self.

If the opportunity arises they will try to isolate and mob attack a weaker member of the party. Only extreme hunger or fear will force them to try a direct swarm attack on a group of trained warriors.

They will be equipped with little more than sticks and rocks, and most will have no magic.

Culture:  Primitive

Cults:  None, Xiola Umbar

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting lands, anywhere else.

RQ Encounter Generator:

  Small Medium Large
Raider Trollkin 0 0 -2 0 -4
Hunter Trollkin 0 -2 0 – 4  0 -8
Worthless Trollkin 4 – 12 8 -20 16 – 38

Superior Trollkin Runners

Found: Troll Lands, Troll hunting lands, Open Hunting lands, anywhere else

A lone or small group of escaped trollkin on the run from the former troll masters.  These are superior trollkin and therefore have made a more intelligent and well planned out escape.  They will be armed with spears and slings and maybe even light leather armour and carrying light provisions.

They will obviously be scared of the party and quite convinced that the party will want to eat them. One of the trollkin is able to speak the players language or tradetalk, and will very quickly start to try to talk their way out of the imagined pot they think they are destined for.

The trollkin will defend themselves if attacked, but really want no part in any violence if it can be helped.

This encounter can be made more chaotic by a troll recapture party of trolls and loyal trollkin appearing half way through the conversation and all hell breaking loose, and the pcs get to choose sides, or step back out of the carnage and just be confused about who is killing who and why.

If the players help the trollkin in any way or show kindness, the trollkin could very well latch themselves onto the party for good or ill.

Another twist could that the trollkin have stolen several items that they think would be valuable, and try to persuade the players to deal with their pursuers for the item(s). Possible items and services offered could be;

  • A purse of Bolgs, clacks and a couple if silvers
  • A magic lead necklace – Darkwall matrix
  • “We won’t mind if you eat Burt.”
  • A bundle of flint headed short spears
  • A large smelly blue cloak
  • Six pickled elf ears in a jar
  • Blade venom
  • A seasons work
  • A dwarven beard, with a glue spirit bound in it.
  • An ornate ring of some value
  • Information on the trade route of a troll merchant
  • A ‘treasure map’ – really a scroll either useless, priceless or containing sensitive  information
  • ¾ of a ham beetle

This encounter has the ability to either be a either a light hearted encounter, or vicious fight with consequences, depends on the mood your game needs at that point.

Culture:  Wild

Cults:  Xiola Umbar, None

RQ Encounter Generator:

Raider Trollkin 1 – 3
Hunter Trollkin 3 – 6

Uz Story – How We Came Here

The Uz  first came to the Elder Wilds when we followed Gash and Gore, travelling through the hurtpalce, when they created the castle of lead our lands spread out far beyond the great mountains and into our hills.

These were our places the Aldryami, Humans and Mostali could not stand with us. We called them Gorks place and Torks place and they were ours. We made became friends to the giants in the mountains and hunted the thunder lizards that lived in the land. Zong came to us and taught us his ways, we understood the wild and the hunt.

When chaos came its armies poured through our home in the darkness causing great devastation, many UZ were killed and we retreated against the great evil. Surviving in our caves, burrowing deep or fighting so hard that the chaos passed us by.

We fought alone and together, we pushed the chaos back and we survived. Our wise mother  thought hard and long, and after she had learned deep secrets no other knew. She agreed to the compromise and the dawn came.

In the dawn our Elder Wilds were good hunting lands for trolls, the elves did not bother us, the humans were few and hunting was good. Some came here, some lived here, and we were as much as part of this land as any other.

We then fought for the first council pushing the sun men out of their lands, we travelled through the Elder Wilds, did whilst the man and the elves did little to help in their fight. Then as well as being  cowards they became insane and decided they should make a new old God.

It was only the Uz and the Dragons who could see this folly. So then first council attacked us and drove us out of homes of Tork and Gork with the help of the deceiver. They stuck the Uz with the most evil of curses, that grieves the great mother Kygor Litor.

It was not until the Lord Arkat came from the south and burned all the plant men  at travelling stone, that we started to reclaim out lands. We fought the rest of the plant men as he destroyed the deceiver.

After that he came and lead us against the plant men and gifted all of the lands now known as Balazar and the Elder Wilds. However the plant men continued to fight us and the humans helped them, lying to us and  saying they were out friends but helping the Elf when our back was turned.

Then came the Dragon Empire which aided the plant men and the humans to push out off our rightful lands given to us at the Dawn and again by the Lord Arkat. We were pushed back even from our sacred places, to the other side of the mountains.

We gained our revenge in the Greart Uz Raid. We broke the Stone Mens Mountain fortress and poured over the mountain and burned the forests, destroying one of the great trees of the Aldyrami. We had returned to take our rightful lands back.

Many clans an tribes came over the mountains. The tribe of Trang lead the way. We pushed the plant men from the lands of Tork and regained our sacred places. We ate tree, bush and plant. They could not stand before us as we claimed back what was rightfully ours.

The dragon empire had built upon our Land of Tork, and when the treacherous plant men fell upon them, hurting them. Then we came out of the ground, from our caves and caverns, through tunnels and the out of the night and we fell upon them. We slew man, Dragonewt and plant man, we pulled down towers and we burned trees. We took back our ancient home of Gork.

Tribes have come and tribes have gone. Clans that used to belong are no more, clans that never were are now. However the Trang have remained strong. We protect and guard the sacred places. We ensure our Gods get the worship they deserve and our people remain strong in spirit and magic.

Trolls from the Blue Moon Plataeu have come and spoke with us, asking to us to serve the red moon that cast its foul light in the night sky. We say no they would rob us of our lands as did the second council and the dragon men who came after them. We need them not.

The Plant men lie in their small forest, hiding from the Uz. The Stone men have rebuilt their fortress but hide in it. The humans hold their poor lands to the west. But we are Uz we hold our ancient lands of Tork and Gork. We worship at our ancient places, and we keep what was given to us at the dawn and by our Lord Arkat.

This I know not because I was told, or because I read it, or because haggard fool of a witch saw it in the runes. I know because I saw it. I was there from the start to the end. I witnessed it from the first moment to the last breath.

This our land, it was given to us twice, we have taken it back twice. We shall never leave.

– The Words Great Old Mother, as spoken by her Oracle.


  • Guide to Glorantha
  • Trollpack
  • Griffin Mountain
  • Johns First Epistle

Troll Leaders of the Elder Wilds

Here are notable political troll figures and leaders of tribes, it is unlikely that pc’s will interact directly with these  figures, but they should in the background adding colour and moving events that may  affect the characters.

Great Old Mother

Leader of the Trang Clan and Mistress Race troll high priestess of Kygor Litor, who never leaves the temple of Kyger Litor at Black Spire Gorge

Her agenda  is to control the religious life of the trolls of the Elder Wilds  but she uses political and religious power very directly, not in a subtle manner. She has been known to deny’s clans and tribes who are out of favour access to major temples. She also has an elite war gang called the Sons of Trang.

She has had an ongoing feud with Cragspider for centuries and the two ancient trolls despise each other with a passion. She claims to have met Arkat and has detailed knowledge of some of the events surrounding the Gbaji wars.

‘The Spider’

The Head of the Gar Tola Tribe and High Priestess of Gorakki, Priestess of Areana. She does everything she can to make her form a mystery, but she is actually a very old uzko who has morphed into part troll part spider form via hero questing

A subtle politician and great gather of information she sits at the centre of a great web of relationships and intrigue she is by far the best informed troll leader in the Elder Wilds.

She always ensures the great Old Mother believes her to be an ally, but she also communicates on a semi regular basis with Cragspider.


The Uzuz leader of the Bone Gnashers and the Guardian of the Wailing Place. He presents himself as a simple Zorac Zoran beserker warlord, but has a much deeper aspect and is a knowledgeable magician and sorcerer, is a devotee of Arkat.

He is an elf killer and the troll leader the Aldryami want slain more than any other. He was present at the burning of the great tree of what is now the  Dangergound. He sees it as his responsibility to stop the elves expanding their forests ever again.

Gorks Daughter

Gorks daughter is a powerful uzko shaman and mystic, also priestess of Kygor Litor. She is often used a channel for Gork himself a powerful darkness spirit.

Is over 300 years old so many believe her to be a uzuz, but is actually an uzko. Her prime motivation is to protect Gork from the Great Old Mother, who Gork believes wants to bind the spirit, and control the worship of Gork.

She rules the tribe of Gork well, but is an isolationist who only really has contact with a number of independent clans the tribe of Danar Tol. She has studied the ruins in Gorks hills extensively and has some knowledge of the magic so the EWF.

Mama Di

The Leader of the Bara Du is an Uzko priestess of Kyger Litor and one of the most fertile troll in living memory. Mama Di is beautiful in troll standards as well as being mother to over 20 healthy uzko

She swears by the effects of the Black Plinth and ensures her tribe controls the lands round it. She also  keeps a harem of male lovers and is jealous of her breeding rights

She is scared of the Grand Old Mother and would never do anything to offend her. A very good practical politician, and the tribe is doing well under her.

Kieger Ba

Zorac Zoran warlord from Dragori Inkarth who  usurped of the  previous leaders Guttuz Tribe, after being hired to lead their raids.

Currently is perusing a damaging conflict with the elves and humans of the bear woods and gets his tribe to raise large numbers of un-dead, especially from the corpses of their own fallen.

He terrorises his tribe and often inflicts atrocities upon his own people. Worshippers of Zong and Kygor Litor are waiting for a leader who could challenge him and the tribe will explode into civil war.

Troll Personalities of the Elder Wilds

Here are a  few of the troll personalities of the Elder Wilds which may be met by characters in a non violent encounter and who hopefully could provide some fun plot twists and turns along the way.

I will do another post for politically and culturally important troll figures later on but thought it best to split them.

Breath of Zong, The Huntsman, The Day Shadow

A mythic figure even amongst the trolls of the Elder Wilds, a solitary Uzuz hunter who has hunted the region alone since before the dawn. He lives for the hunt always looking for harder and more exotic prey to catch, and ways to further test his skills as a Hunter.

Few have seen him, none can remember talking with him, but when we wants to be seen the steam of his breath will be noticed for a second maybe two, before he silently fades away.

He is the guardian of the hunters and watches over all the hunters of the Elder Wilds, troll, man even baboon. He is never seen to intervene but he has saved many hunters from meeting a sticky end without revealing himself.

He is also the self appointed guardian of the hunt and those who kill without following the sacred ways of the peaceful cut, can find themselves in deep trouble in his presence.

The hunt can take him away from the Elder Wilds for seasons as he hears of a beast he must catch or challenge he must face. As the hero wars start he may feel the need to start to communicate with hunters of all kinds.

Worshipper of both Zong and Foundchild will find themselves in spiritual awe him without fully understanding why.

 Ta Cassa , The shadow mother

A noted and powerful ukzo shaman of the western troll wild hunters clans, and a friend of the Blue Dog Eaters. She travels between the clans and is well respected.

Many spirits have talked to her of Blueface the Shaman , and it is her desire to meet and emulate him.  However even she is unsure whether she wants to treat him as a friend, rival or enemy.

She is very aware of the presence of Chaos in the Elder Wilds and knows the locations of both festering isle and the chaos holy ground

Toola Barg

A uzko Argan Argar Worshipper and trader from the Trang tribe, who has run a number of caravans south of the mountains but who believes that trade with the citadels would be quicker than travelling  south.

In the past he has traded with Joh Mith once on his trips into the Elder Wilds, and has gained a map of Balazar and has some basic understanding of the human situation.

He is trying to identify troll goods from the Elder Wilds humans would be interested in. He is interested in clothes, spices, and pungent and tactile luxuries. He is  currently interested in developing a rapport with humans who can introduce him to one of the citadels.

Kol Serap – ‘The Mapmaker’

An uzko Argan Argar priest  Mapping the Elder Wilds with a map of scents, he has moved to the Elder wilds after he complete mapping Dragori Inkarth, where his map of scents gained him some wealth and fame.

He finds life in the Elder Wilds tough and wants to get the region mapped as quickly as possible and move onto the Shadow Plateau or Blue Moon Plataeu, he is not aggressive in nature and is often willing  to parley and negotiate with humans. he is keen do what he can to collects distinct smells and will often pay for ones which would be dangerous for him to collect, such Aldryami sap. He travels with small group of guards

Bassa Rak

A uzko warrior of  the blue moon plateau, holding the rank of Boztakang’s a Son( subcult of Kygor Litor) has travelled to the Elder Wilds to find potential allies and prepare the way for his mistress to come and recruit support for Boztakang’s Empire.

However Bassa  is paying only lip service to his mistresses wishes and is making the most of his time without supervision. He controls a small war party of powerful , well trained well armoured trolls and is currently happy to roam the Elder Wilds doing what he wishes. He knows he needs to get on with the task at hand soon, but keeps putting it off till next season.

Xara Kiri, Watching Mother

An uzko priestess, who runs a small temple to Xiola Umbar a few miles away from Offas Pile. She used to run the temple within the community but felt that trollkin were getting too wild in their behaviour  and was gaining deep concerns about the spirit known as the Eater.

She has moved the temple a few miles away and still cares for the needs of the trollkin of the community as best she can. She is attended by a  group of 30 permanent trollkin attendants and guards who are fanatically loyal to her.

She is currently pondering how to investigate and combat ‘the eater’  without involving troll war parties which will slaughter and eat most of the trollkin.

Troll Tribes of the Elder Wilds

There are 11 troll tribes currently dwelling within the Elder Wilds, they comprise about 18 percent of all trolls in Elder wilds but provide what limited structure there is to troll society.

Elder Wild Tribes Wild Clans Hunter Clans Barbarian Clans Total Trolls Hunting Grounds
Trag 14 10 5221 Troll Hills
Gar Tola 16 8 5026 Troll Hills
Bone Gnashers 27 5 6150 North Troll Hills
Gork 41 3 8081 Gork Hills
Danar Tol 38 38 2 10998 North Gork Hills
Thunder Pit 40 32 9584 East North Plain
Blue Dog Eaters 30 33 8781 West North Plain
Unta Mor 46 46 12650 East Troll Hills
Bara Du 56 54 15046 Troll Hills
Naxar 32 24 7384 Rockwood Mountains
Guttuz 32 43 10,747 Bear Woods/Hills
Indepedent Clans 1200 650 255540 All
Trollkin Mobs 2000 74000 All
Cave Troll Mobs 150 1800 Mountains/Hills
Total 430000(ish)


An Influential  Troll Tribe of the Black Spire Gorge Temple complex in Tork Hills, the tribe maintains wealth from tributes paid by other clans to access to great temples. It is not a large tribe but holds most influence and power of all the tribes.

The tribe is led by the “Great Old Mother” High Priestess of Kygor Lytor, a mistress race troll who claims to have met Arkat in her younger days. She despises and is despised by Cragspider for reasons no one but they can remember.

Gar Tola

A Tork Hills tribe that controls all the Creeping Place insect farms and all trade from Dragori Inkarth and to a lesser extent  the blue moon plateau. Once a year in sea season a great market is held outside the pits with Merchants from outside the elder wilds in attendance as well as many friendly clans from across the Elder Wilds.

The tribe has good relations with the Giants, and has be known to send  trollball team to Gon Ortas castle on occasion.

Leadership of the tribe comes from an unseen leader called ‘the spider’, who may be a spirit, a demon or an old mistress race troll. Her orders are communicated through her own priesthood, the priesthood of Gorakiki or the priesthood of Argan Argar who are powerful in the tribe.

Bone Gnashers

The most warlike of the tribes with a high proportion of Zorak Zoran and Arkat worshippers, they hold lands at the north end of Tork Hills, and consider themselves the guardians of the Wailing Place. They are also the tribe most likely to attempt to raid the elves of the El’oring wilds in force.

Though a compact tribe They run both a major Zorak Zoran temple and one the few troll forges operating within the Elder Wilds.  A Zorak Zoran Deathlord ‘Gnasher’ leads the clan from the front and is the only male mistress race troll some outside the priesthoods ever sees in the Elder wilds.


A large tribe based round am series of caves and old ruins at the south end of Gorks hills. They have a strong magical spirit in their protector ‘Gork’.   They trade with  both the Bone Gnashers and Gar Tola Tribes, despite the danger posed by the elves of the er’oring wilds.

They have poor relations with the Trang Tribe due to Gork tribe having their own temples. The Gork tribe is led by Gorks Daughter, a mystic figure presumably a mistress race troll who lives in the Temple of Gork.

Danar Tol

The Danar Tol tribe is large loose affiliation of hunting clans which hunts to north of Gork hills and  the Er’oing wilds. They are large in numbers, but often end up skirmishing with riders from the north, over hunting grounds.

Zong is the major Diety worshipped by the tribe, and worship is distributed between the clans. Leadership of the tribe is fluid, a clan leader will pull the tribe together for a common goal and then when the goal is complete fade to the background.

Thunder Pit

These hunters roam the North Plain just to the west of Tork Hills, and claim to be the best thunder lizard hunters known anywhere in Glorantha. They often use pit hunting  for all kinds of larger prey.  They usually hunt in large groups and are not usually that stealthy.

Tribe leadership always rest with mother of the winner of the Greathunt each year, so the tribe rarely has stable leadership.

Blue Dog Eaters

A hunting tribe to the west of the North Plain and the troll tribe most often encountered by votanki hunters who take to hunting in the Elder Wilds.  They are stealthy vicious hunters, who are equally cautious of human hunters and will not pick a fight for no reason.

The tribe is a loose confederation of Clans with no strong leader, they skirmish with the Thunder Pit over hunting rights. Worship of Zong, Kygor Lytor and Ancestors is common.

Unta Mor

This large tribe of hunting clans has its range on the east of the troll hills and the foothills of the rockwood mountains. A good third of its clans live and hunt in cave systems under the rockwood mountains and never see the open sky.

They are on good terms with the Trang Tribe, and many of its clans worship at Black Spire Gorge.

A surprising conflict the tribe has is with some of the wind children of the rockwood mountains and the Unta Mor tribe believe the flesh of wind children to a particular delicacy.  This has led to some of the tribe becoming expert climbers.

Bara Du

The largest tribe of trolls can be found all over the troll hill. They are hunters with large expansive hunting ranges and they protect their hunting rights strongley.  This often brings them into conflict with the Thunder Pit Tribe.

The tribe is wise not to engage in conflict with the more structured tribes whoes services it benefits from, but is happy to ensure it keeps its advantages by intimidating the other hunting tribes and independent clans.

For the last 5 years the tribe has been led well by a Darktroll know simply as  ‘Mama Di


The Naxar tribe hunt high in the rockwoods, and well into giant land. Which leads them into conflict with some of the younger giants. They are a smaller hunting tribe but one that those travelling through Gon Ortas pass are wise to pay.


A large tribe from the bear hill and woods who are in constant conflict with the Green elves and humans who also dwell in the woods, making it currently the most volatile spot in Elder Wilds.

They are a traditional hunting tribe who is trying to expand due to weight of numbers.

Their former Tribal Mother recently recruited  a Zorak Zoran warlord called Kieger Ba from Dragori Inkarth to fight for them. However things did not go as planned when his trolls slaughtered his employer and her whole clan before claiming leadership of the tribe for himself.

Currently Kieger Ba is waging war on the elves of Bear woods with little success, but is raising and sending notable number of undead trolls into the bear woods to cause havoc.

Trolls of the Elder Wilds

Though one of the largest bodies of trolls in Glorantha The trolls of the Elder wilds are a wild and disorganised mob even by Troll standards.  By and large they are primitive hunters with strong family & clans loyalty, but weak and limited Tribal structures.

The  main clusters of trolls society  based round two hilly regions known as Gork Hills and Tork Hills known simply as  Troll hills by the local Humans.

Troll Clans

The base troll community is the Clan and they are broadly categorised as follows

Wild Clans

Wild hunters clans which roam freely with no set  hunting grounds or permanent base of operations, wild clans can be independent or can be which are part of a tribe, but most wild clans are independent and have no tribal affiliation. Those associated with a tribe will usually roam around a tribes range, but may roam further if they wish too.

Wild clans of trolls can be found all over the Elder Wilds with the exception of the woods of the Aldryami.

The clans are smaller in size than hunting clans with regular hunting lands, as food is harder to come by and useless trollkin tend to be eaten or cast out more readily than with static clans, an average clan size is around 100 trolls and trollkin. There are approximately 1700 of these clans in the elder wilds.

A wild clan will usually comprise of ;

  • 20 – 40 dark trolls
  • 0 – 8 great trolls
  • 0 – 12 superior trollkin
  • 40 – 80 trollkin
  • 0 -6 cave trolls

Wild clans sometimes are lead by the highest ranking hunter rather than the ranking mother as usual with trolls much to the disgust of more conservative clans.

Usually worshipping ancestors, Zong  or Kyger Litor, they most will have a priestess or shaman within the clan, and they will visit shrines and other troll holy places on their travels.

Hunter Clans

Hunter clans are clans of troll hunters who have a fixed hunting lands and a permanent lair, they are clustered around the key trolls strongholds of Tork and Gork Hills, but are common right across the Elder Wilds.

A higher proportion of hunter clans are associated with tribes but still most are still free from tribal ties, however most clans close to major trolls sites are associated with the respective tribe.

Troll hunter clans are larger than the  wild clans with an average size or around 200 trolls. There are approximately 1700 of these clans in the Elder Wilds.

A wild clan will usually comprise of ;

  • 30 – 70 dark trolls
  • 4 – 12 great trolls
  • 4 – 16 superior trollkin
  • 80 – 160 trollkin
  • 0 -6 cave trolls

Leadership is always with the ranking mother and priestess, usually worshipping ancestors, Zong or Kyger Litor. They will have a priestess or shaman without fail, and most clans will support their own shrines or minor temples.  Hunter clans will usually allow friendly and neutral wild clans to use there shrines and temples for the right price.

Barbarian Clans

These are more structured clans similar to ‘civilized’ trolls all over Glorantha, they make up a very small part of the population of the Elder Wilds, but they fulfil key roles in this troll heartland.

Barbarian clans are always central to tribal structures and located in and around key troll sites, they are considerably bigger than other clans, but do contain higher proportions of trollkin.

The barbarian clans are responsible for major innovations within troll society in the Elder Wilds such as trade caravans, insect breeding , metal working and the running of larger temples and holy sites.

The barbarian clans are led by powerful priestesses and their tribes may be led by mistress race trolls, they are traditional and conservative by nature.

The clans are much larger on average with approximately 300 trolls and trollkin each, but they are very few in number, with only 28 such clans existing in the heart of the Troll Strongholds.

A barbarian clan will usually comprise of ;

  • 0 – 1 Mistress Race trolls
  • 60 – 120 dark trolls
  • 8 – 14 great trolls
  • 8 – 24 superior trollkin
  • 150 – 300 trollkin
  • 0 – 6 cave trolls

The barbarian clans worship a range of gods and diverse spiritual variation can be found in these clans.

Trollkin Mobs

Many trollkin are flee or are forced from their families and clans, these congregate into small gangs or large mobs which roam around and away from major troll strongholds. Most are short lived either being eaten by ‘Proper UZ’ or heading away from troll lands and failing to survive. However mobs have been known to  reach human controlled Balazar or into the Redlands.

Trollkin mobs vary in size and can comprise of

  • 10 – 80 Trollkin
  • 0 – 8 Superior Trollkin

A large mob will usually cause devastation and chaos where it goes, eating most things in its path, and a such becomes a target for all hunters human, troll or otherwise in the area.

Occasionally a number if trollkin mobs will form into a trollkin horde, at this point the troll tribes will actively send war parties to destroy the horde before it does to much damage, or drive them towards elf woods.

Smaller gangs lead by superior trollkin to tend to have a longer lifespan and can be found hiding away in corners of the Elder Wilds trying to avoid everyone else.

Cave Troll Families

A number of small independent cave trolls families live deep within the eastern Rockwoods, they don’t interact much with most of the trolls of the Elder Wilds, and are as prone to eat fellow trolls as communicate.

Troll Tribes

Most trolls clans within the elder wilds are not part of a Tribe, however there are a small number of tribes operating within the Elder wilds and they account for about 100,000 trolls and trollkin in total, which is about 18% of the Elder Wilds population, but about 30% of proper trolls. I will do a more detailed breakdown of the troll tribes in a different post.

Troll Sites in the Elder Wilds

The Guide to Glorantha states we have 430,000 trolls in the Elder Wilds, The old Griffin Mountain gave us nowhere near that Kind of depth for the UZ in the Elder wilds, here are a few of my ideas for interesting troll sites and communities.

These are virtually unknown by humans and travellers will have to penetrate deep into the troll heartlands to find them.

Black Spire Gorge– Great Temple & Cave Complex deep within a river George the troll hills, A basalt spike rising from the centre of the gorge provides a mystical feature at the centre of what is the Elder wilds largest troll community. This site is in the domain of the Trang Tribe, but independent clans and  clans of many tribes visit the community to worship at the region’s largest temples.

The population is very transient but there could be up to 2500 trolls and trollkin within a miles radius of the major temples at any one point in time

The Creeping Place – The Gara Tol tribe controls these large insect breeding pits in a chasm in the Troll hills. It is also the site of great markets whenever troll caravans come from  the Blue Moon Plateau or Shadows Dance.

7 Sons of Zong – These 7 stone monoliths of troll faces are spread a couple miles apart across the  North plain leading away to the west from Troll Hills, they are sacred site to the cult of Zong and often prey is left on them as a sacrifice for further hunting success.

The Tar Pits – A Stretch of plains frequented by deep rich tar pits. It is a Zong Hunting site where trolls have traditionally hunted by chasing dinosaurs into the pits of tar.

Black Plinth – A troll fertility site holy to Kyger Lytor, it is said any mating made at the plinth in Dark Season will not be affected by the Trollkin curse.

Dragon Ruins of Gork -Ruins for EWF era magical settlement of some size built in Gorks Hills, there are signs it was destroyed by trolls or the Aldryami or maybe both. These are the supposed resting place of the mythical Vampire of Gorks hills.

The Wailing Place – A desolate place and former battlefield about 4 miles in diameter at the northern end of the troll hills. The ground here is blasted and nothing has grown here in close to a millennium.  This place is holy to Zorak Zoran and some obscure cults of Arkat. Ghosts and undead frequent, but never leave the area.

This place is still feared by the elves, who if given choice will not come within 15 miles of it.

The Shifting Pit – A deep hunting pit created by Zong that moves through troll hunting grounds changing its position by a few miles each night. it is  followed by  a troll Hunter Clan who worship both Zong and the spirit of the pit, who are able to predict  its movements.

The Dragons Spike -A small hill shaped like a single horn of bone growing out of the earth, it is magical place feared by the trolls but they don’t know why. However dragonnewt plinths are situated close to the site.

Shadow Creek – Stream of black water from springs at the bottom of the Black Spire Gorge where shamans often bind shades and undines. The stream flows to the Basalt spike outside the temple complex, where its seems to feed the pillars slow steady growth to the sky.

Offas Pile – Pile of refuse, rocks, junk, bodies and  bones which is home to some 200 – 600 trollkin at any one point. Most proper trolls avoid this place as it is ‘beneath them’. The Trollkin worship a  local spirit known simply as the  ‘The Eater’.