Cyriel’s Endelkars Business Interests

Cyriel Endelkar is a Lunar merchant based in Elkoi and the most prosperous private citizen in Balazar;

Business Interests

Cyriels business in Elkoi are interests are both diverse and substantial;

Supplier of the Imperial Garrison – Cyriel is responsible for the supply caravans  which come from his depots in Soldier Fort, Holay Fort and Tashford.  He is also responsible for paying for the guarding of these caravans which is sometimes done by local contacts, mercenary irregulars or regular lunar troops.

This is both his most lucrative business interest and his greatest expense, he has at least three full time staff at each of his depots responsible for buying, logistics and the hiring or mercenaries for the caravans.

Payments come from the provincial army logistics office in Filichet to Elkoi every season and payments then move out to suppliers through the depots. Promissory notes are often used from Cyriel to suppliers around the depots and are seen as good currency, and he is well trusted because his regular imperial funding.

Military provisions are always delivered directly the Fort at Elkoi and are managed by Eryptus quartermasters. However many similar items do end up in Cyriel’s warehouse but this he assures Eryptus is because they buys his own trade stock from the same sources.

Collector of the Kings Commercial Taxes

Cyriels is also responsible for the collection of the kings business taxes for all business operating in Elkoi lands. He charges what he can from tradesmen, independent merchants, and the inns that operate in Elkoi and the Lunar compound.   He does not even attempt to pursue the clans for any form of taxation or payment, and he thinks he picks up the taxes from the two villages when they trade in the citadel.

From the taxes collected the king is due a fixed sum each seasons, he chooses to pay the lunar civilian administration a contribution, and the rest he can keep for his own personal profit.

Aman and Baddock are the two hirelings responsible for the collection of these taxes.

Importer and Merchant of General Goods

Cyriels trading house at the front of his compound is the only place which imported goods can be bought in Elkoi. He imports farming goods, seeds, metal tools, textiles, clothing,  glazed pottery, dyes, luxuries, large quantities of lunar gin and all manner of general civilised goods. In addition to weapons, mounts and armour which are available but not kept at the front of house.

These are sold at vastly inflated prices, local goods are bought cheap and sold at standard prices. This monopoly and profiteering is making Cyriel unpopular with the lunar farmers struggling  in the villages.

Slave Master

Due to the death of Rhegus Whitehair in Trilus and the arrival of the slavers from Oraya province Cyriels slave business has taken a significant hit. However Cyriel still purchases what slaves he can from Glyptus  and directly from the Elkoi Clans when possible.

Cyriel sends what slaves he can purchase to Holay for sale in either Mrins cross or Filichet

Brothel Owner

Cyriel has been running  a brothel to service the needs of the Lunar garrison for a number of years now. Previously he had worked with numerous local girls from balazaring citadel dwellers and Lunar backgrounds. However upon the advice of warda  more recently he has put 6 or 7 purchased slaves to work in his brothel.

This practice though highly profitable has brought condemnation from some local tribes and his former employees who are now plying their trade at the White Eubeck.

Cyriels Compound

Cyriels compound is by the far the biggest structure in Elkoi outside the walls, and is the size of some fortified settlements. It compromises of the following components;

Stockade – a 10 foot tall wooden palisade which runes in a loop from the side of the warehouse forms the back of the slave pens and coral and connects to the whorehouse on the other side of the compound. A large swing gate between the whorehouse and the trading house completes the perimeter. This gate is usually shut and access is commonly made through the trading house.

Warehouse – A large three story mud brick building which can only be entered from either through the trading house or doors inside the compound.  The ground floor contains bulks stores and perishable goods, the middle floor rarer goods of some value, and more trusted staff accommodation. and  Cyriels apartments on the top floor, with safe room of his most of his cash reserves and most valued  goods.

Trading House – Small one story building at the front of the main Warehouse. Textiles, seeds, food, tools, simple weapons and everyday wears are on display here.  More valuable goods such as weapons, magic, slaves and horses will be brought out from the warehouse & compound if there is a requirement.

Whorehouse – The brothel is a single story building on the other side of his compound, with a porch, entrance hall with counters and four small dirty bedrooms. The back of the brothels connects to the slave pens.

Stables – A small corals where Cyriels keeps his domesticated animals for sale, they are not well looked after, and when the lunar military purchase off him they buy mounts soon after it has arrived in Balazar.

Slave Pens -a reinforced wooden cage is capable of comfortably containing 20 – 30 slaves, with room to move, eat and sleep. It is split into 4 equal compartments.

Yard – all these surround  an oval yard which from time to time may contain animals for slaughter,  bulk loads or caravans arriving or preparing to leave.

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