Cyriel Endelkar – Summary

Cyrile Endalkar is a lunar Merchant operating out of Elkoi, and probably the richest man in Balazar. He has extensive operations both in a out of the region. Below  are links to all the material produced about him so far.

Cyriels People


The following are Cyriels staff who are usually working out of Elkoi;

Traders & Apprentices

Guards & Enforcers

Cyriel will have 3 to 6 other armed men guarding slaves and stock as required, this will be hired on and ad hoc basis from the guards arriving from the caravans.


Warda runs the whorehouse for Cyriel, looking after the girls usually with Dastal as his enforcer.

  • Warda the Pimp, Sairdite Male, 32, Initiate of Seven Mothers
  • Gelari Pineneedle, Balazaring Female 17, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Naskia Tentricks, Balazaring Female 19, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Ruhka Redberry, Balazaring Female 23, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Runi Nohair, Lunar Female 19, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Yelka Snowbrow, Balazaring Female 15, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Starel Redface , Imtherian Female 16, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Bera the Fat, Holayan Female 18, Lay Member of Seven Mothers

Labourers & House Slaves

Cyriel keeps between 3 and 6 Labourers on his books and 2 to 4 house slaves. Noteable characters are;

  • Morori, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 48, Initiate Etyries
  • Gaszar, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 22, Lay Member Sow Mother, Foundchild, Etyries, Seven Mothers
  • Olia Elfbolt, House Slave, Balazaring 28, Female, Lay Member Etyries
  • Seruya, House Slave, Sairdite 24, Female, Lay Member Etyries

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