Plot Hooks from Cyriels Operation

The following are plot scenarios, hooks and events that are based round Cyriel Endelkar and his entourage based out of Elkoi, which could provide a few a sessions interesting play for the characters.

They are primarily set up for Elkoi based players but could easily be altered.

Locate & Inform

Players are employed or asked by someone to find information out consequences maybe more than the players bargained for.

  • A Balazaring clan from Dykene want to find former clan member Gankus Twelvetrees wanted for murder, can the players help. The clan dont know there former clan member now goes by the name of Baddock the Weasel, but do know he has been seen around Elkoi. If players successfully identify and locate him this will then become a kidnap mission and Baddock may not be seen again.
  • Close Associates of Marusa the Shrew believe that there are people with Cyriels organisation willing to accuse her of foul crimes to destabilise the Lunar Empire, and besmirch the name of the Red Goddess, find who these people are and bring the information back before acting. This is Marusa digging to see if Parisa Kinddaughter suspects anything and is talking.
  • For a small fee/item/favour, rural Balazarings ask the players are asked to confirm that girl meeting Naskia’s description can be found in Cyriels establishment and details on Guards on the compound. When complete the following evening Orlanthi raid Cyriels compound, leaving a number dead and the girl missing. Are the players implicated in being Orlanthi spy’s? Eryptus wants to know!
  • Cyriel will pay a fortune for a good copy one of Joh Miths good maps to Gon Ortas Castle. Can the players acquire one?


Small hooks where players are asked to partake in or are on the receiving end of a con job

  • Players are given a fake power storage crystal by Gasgus, which detects as magic but is otherwise useless. They are told to sell it to Dariush Spearsun for as much as possible, there reward is what they can negotiate off him. Dealing with Darisuh’s vengeance is the characters problem.
  • Aman wishes to sell a his magic scimitar to the players at a good rate, the sword is magical but he will not say it scared to the Yanafal Tarnis cult. If bought a number of Yanafal Tarnis worshippers will appear and demand the sword be returned to the cult without compensation. Eryptus will legally back his cult up!


Can the players get some people out of town alive, but maybe against their will

  • Visiting Mercenaries from Filichet, approach the party to Kidnap Aman and meet them 3 miles east of the town for 400 Lunars. If the party do Amans tortured and mutilated body is then found outside the main gate next morning. The players are now implicated in a grisly murder by a criminal family from the Lunar Empire.
  • Balazaring players are asked by balazaring tribesman if they will set up a meeting for Wulanthi to meet with Blueface, as the great Shaman wishes to speak with him. This is an ambush from Namaras followers wanting to capture Wulanthi. Players using Bluefaces name in vain may be in for interesting times ahead.


Somebody needs to go away and the money is good.

  • A Elkoi citadel warrior will approach disreputable players offering 1500 lunars if they kill Gasgus, They also promise that the powers that be will overlook this and any other outstanding incidents if they do it. If they carry out the murder when they come for payment the Citadel Guards will publically accuse them of the murder and try to kill them without trial.
  • Associates of Marusa want Parisa Kinddaughter dead, and any of her paperwork returned or destroyed. Must be kept quiet and they will pay very good money. Notes are journals where Parisa has noted her beliefs of Marusa’s Involvement in Elector Kindhearts


Someone is in danger ensure nothing happens to them

  • Kavanna learns that some of Namaras followers are planning to ambush Wulanthi Brighteyes, players are sent to intercept them , warn Wulanthi or attempt a rescue.
  • Cyriel believes Queen Hectis plans to send Assassins to kill Gasgus, the players must foil the assassination in a manner that neither implicates the Queen in the attempted murder or Cyriel in foiling her assassins.


  • Trilus based players are asked to mount a rescue of Naskia Tentricks from Cyriels Compound. King Yalaring is supporting this raid but cannot be seen to, or use his citadel warriors for it. Trilus Orlanthi may be useful allies in this raid
  • Naskia Tentricks asks the Elkoi based players to send a message to her father a citadel warrior in Trilus about where she is and that she is to come get her. Players could end up negotiating for a prisoner release with an angry Yalaring Monster slayer or provoking a Orlanthi rescue raid of Elkoi.
  • Similarly Gelari Pineneedle pleads the players to send a message back to her husband in her clan, if they do after their trip they find her husband and child as described but he has a new wife, and the clan for the most part refuses to recognise Ruhka ever existed, players are left to return with the knowledge and message that Gelari has been deserted by her family clan. This could end up in a suicide and ghostly haunting of the husband/clan/players.

Dark and Yucky

These plots that can deal with some very dark issues which will hopefully played out as dark morality tales. If you haven’t already read the Cyriels Prostitues and Datsals write up

  • Players know and like Shahin Brightspear he is a pleasant and amiable guy round town. They note him becoming withdrawn and in ill tempered and find out his former lover and former best friend are in town. Players are positioned to spot and stop his behaviour as he seeks to follow, stalk and rape his former lover. Noting the change of character may start to lead the players to the source of the issue. Also it may given more difficult decision when involving justice.
  • Eryptus is getting exasperated as he has had to  punish 4 different soldiers for rape in the last 3 weeks, there have also been 3 other known rapes in the citadel in the same period. Players may just spot patterns and get nosey, alternatively Eryptus or Marusa may ask them to look into this matter and find if there is any cause. In this players may encounter Marusa as a powerful and well motivated allie.

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