WOD:Glorantha – Awarding and Spending Experience

Experienced gained is completely at the discretion of the storyteller but we suggest the following

  • Standard of 3-4 experience for each session
  • and then end of each story add an extra 3-4 experience

Extra Experience for:

You can award extra experience for;

  • Great Roleplaying
  • Making everyone laugh especially in character
  • Creative and interesting solutions to problems
  • Anything that makes an evening’s gaming extra fun (including bringing food)

Generally we don’t suggest reducing xp for problem players or poor roleplaying it is unkind and it also usually exacerbates issues.

Standard Costs:

Experience can then be spent raising characteristics as follows, usually this needs to be justified by experience, training opportunities or downtime research. All attributes and abilities can be raised to the normal racial maximum (5 for humans) or the characters essence whichever is higher. Only one point can be bought in any characteristic at one time.

  • Attribute: Current rating x 4
  • New Ability x 3
  • Ability: Current rating x 4
  • Willpower: Current rating
  • Quintessence: Current rating x 4
  • Virtue: Current rating x2
  • Battle Magic: Current rating x 4

Runes & Essence

Experience can be spent to increase essence but only when a character has some kind of spiritual epiphany. This could be cult initiation, an experience on hero plane, deep loss, tragedy or failure, time with a spiritual mentor. Always talk this through with the storyteller before spending the experience.

  • Essence: Current rating x 5
  • Cult Rune: Current rating x 5
  • Non Cult Rune: Current rating x 7
  • New Rune 8

Runes can be only increased to a level as high as a characters level of essence.

When purchasing a rune with xp a character may gain or spend additional xp from taking appropriate flaws and merits but only those closely  associated with that rune.

These should be checked with the storyteller before purchase. Xp cost or boost is the same as with freebie points as noted on the flaw. Players are encouraged to come up with ideas with new flaws and merits that would reflect the nature of the characters cult or association with the rune.


Occasionally in game an opportunity comes to turn a gaming opportunity into a background. At that point the storyteller may ask the relevant player if they want to spend the experience to make that a permanent change to the character. In some game situations the player automatically gains the background without spending the experience at the storytellers discretion.

  • Background: Current rating x 2

Gifting Abilities

A storyteller may want to gift all the players in a party experience in a low level of a certain ability based on a communal experience. This is done to ensure characters have basic skills which would reflect their experiences in game play.

This would bring all members of the group who shared up to the experience up a minimum skills level of one or two dots based upon the experience. It has no benefit for characters who already have a high level ion that skill.

So for a party who have been in the wilderness for a season, all characters without it may be given up to one dot in survival, or characters who have been riding for 4 weeks will get a dot in riding etc.

We would suggest this infrequent and communal when this is done.

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