Aspects, Gifts, Geases, Merits and Flaws for WOD:Glorantha

An article on character creation and how to use these is coming up, but here is the first draft of the list for flaws and merits, including gifts, geases and some other abilities.

Its a full WOD list edited down and with Gloranthan flavour and new options added. With thanks to

Psychological :

Black and White (1pt Flaw) You see all situations in black and white, good and evil, etc. In situations where this limited, judgemental way of thinking may hinder your reaction to something or cause you to act socially inappropriate, add a +1 difficulty to social or whatever rolls.

Code of Honor (1pt Merit) You follow a strict personal code, and you either gain 3 extra dice to resist supernatural persuasions that would make you break your code, or the would-be persuader has to roll at a +2 difficulty

Compulsion (1pt Flaw)  You have a specific compulsion which may cause you problems. You have to spend a temporary Willpower point to fight the compulsion for a short time.

Compulsive Speech (1-2pt Flaw) For whatever reason, you have difficulty sticking to the rule, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.” 1 point makes you talkative and a bit blunt; 2 points makes you a complete prick.

Curiosity (2pt Flaw) Your incredible curiosity often overrides your common sense. Resisting temptation requires a successful Wits roll, difficulty depending on the situation.

Cynical Nature ( 2pt Merit) You can detect a lie, falsehood and misdirection better than most. All difficulties on test to do so are at one lower difficulty

Dark Secret (1pt Flaw) There’s something about you which you don’t want people to know, and it would be very bad if they did.

Deranged (3pt Flaw) You have a permanent, severe mental disorder. You may spend Willpower to fight it at points, but you will never get rid of it.

Driving Goal (3pt Flaw) You have some goal which is at the basis of all your motivations, though it is of such depth or impossibility, it could probably never be achieved. Your obsession with your vision can temporarily be soothed by spending Willpower.

Dual-Nature(2pt Merit) You have two purposes in life; you can choose two Natures and regain Willpower when satisfying the requirements for either one (or both of them). These Natures should be complimentary to one another-this is apt Merit, not a Derangement.

Flashbacks (3pt Flaw) When under pressure and/or in the presence of something which reminds you of something unpleasant in your past, you flashback to that past event. Whilst in a flashback, everything to you is as it was then.

Fleet of Foot (2pt Merit)  One extra dice in all rolls regarding running jumping and movement

Gall (2pt Merit)  You’ve got balls, kid. Add an extra die to any Social roll requiring backbone.

Hatred (2pt Flaw) There is something out there which you absolutely loathe, and will do anything to destroy it. You have to succeed a Willpower roll not to go after the object of your hatred.

Hero Worship (1pt Flaw)  You absolutely idolize someone, and disobeying them requires an effort of will (spending Willpower or succeeding a Willpower roll at 5+ difficulty). You also are at +2 difficulty to any roll that may force you to admit/realize that your hero may be in the wrong.

Inferiority Complex (1pt Flaw) No matter what you do, by your standards, it’s just not good enough. In situations requiring you to take charge and strut your stuff, add +1 to all difficulties.

Intolerance (1pt Flaw)  You have difficulty tolerating a specific thing or type of person. +2 difficulty on rolls involving that thing.

Lifesaver (3pt Flaw)  You revere all life and will not risking killing someone at all costs. Unfortunately, in Glorantha this can sometimes be a problem.

Low Self-Image (2pt Flaw) (most): Suffering from a low self-esteem, you have -2 dice in situations where you don’t expect to succeed, or you may have to make Willpower rolls to do something that requires self-confidence.

Loyalty (1pt Merit) You are devoted to a person, group, or cause, and easily resist attempts to persuade you away from the object of your loyalty. You also gain a Willpower bonus (in the form of bonus dice, or increased difficulty for your opponent) to try and resist supernatural forms of persuasion that challenge your loyalty.

Masochist/Sadist (1pt Flaw) : You either enjoy pain or enjoy inflicting it on others. In addition to the inconveniences this fascination may cause you, you may also be seen as sick (and, well you are), or even more sick people may use you for your obsession.

Nightmares (1pt Flaw)  You’re constantly plagued by nightmares, which at the worst may indicate there’s something nasty in your fate, and at the least will make you cranky and irritable most of the time. A particularly bad night may cause you to lose -1 dice on all rolls for some time afterward.

Pacifist (5pt Flaw) A more extreme version of Lifesaver, you refuse to do any physical harm to anyone for any reason.

Phobia (1 or 3pt Flaw)  You have a specific, incredibly powerful fear. The 1 point version, you have to succeed a Willpower roll. You will refuse to approach the object of your fear if you get less than three successes, and will flee if you fail the roll. The 3 point version, you must succeed a willpower roll or be incapacitated by your fear.

Shy (1pt Flaw) You’re not a social butterfly, to say the least. Many social rolls are at +1 difficulty, and if you’re the center of attention, all rolls are at +2 difficulty.

Soft-hearted (1pt Flaw) You can’t stand to witness suffering, and if you do, difficulties are at +2 for the next hour.

Ulterior Motive (2pt Flaw)  You have more reason to be with your comrades than your like for them or for their common goals. Whether this motive is sinister or not, it’s a secret for whatever reason, and if you are suspected of this motive, things won’t look too good for you.

Vengeance (1pt Flaw )  You are consumed with avenging something very important to you. Your obsession can only be temporarily swayed by spending Willpower.

Winner (5pt Merit) You can’t abide loosing and go the extra mile to win at all costs, gain a difficulty bonus of one on all opposed checks

Mental Abilities

Absent-Minded (3pt Flaw) (most): You have a lousy short-term memory, and need to make a Wits roll to remember more than standard knowledge (like your name, address, etc.). You can spend Willpower as a last resort to try and remember.

Amnesia (2pt Flaw)  You have no memory of your past, or at least are missing a significant portion of it. You have the option of taking up to 5 points of extrapt Flaws to be determined by the Storyteller (you don’t get to find out about them till you’re playing…).

Clear Sighted (3pt Merit) You are not fooled by illusions, and you get a Perception +Alertness roll, difficulty = opposing power’s level +3, to see through supernatural illusions.

Common Sense (1pt Merit)  You are full of practical wisdom. A great Merit for starting characters, as you may receive advice from the Storyteller regarding how to handle certain situations.

Confused (2pt Flaw)  You have a lot of trouble focusing and/or making sense of the world around you. You can spend Willpower to temporarily overcome your confusion.

Concentration (1pt Merit) (most): You are very good at focusing, and modifiers regarding distracting situations can cause you to lose no more than two dice, or have no more than a +2 difficulty.

Eidetic Memory (2pt Merit)  Having a “photographic” memory, you can accurately recall any sight or sound with a successful Intelligence + Alertness roll. Amount of successes indicate exactly how much you remember.

Lightning Calculator (1pt Merit)  You have a natural affinity for numbers, and all relevant rolls are at -2 difficulty.

Overconfident (1pt Flaw)  You think you can do everything even though you probably can’t, and you try to prove your belief as often as possible.

Self-Confident (5pt Merit) When you declare that you are spending Willpower for an automatic success on a roll, you do not lose the Willpower unless you fail the roll, due to the strength of your self-confidence. This only comes into effect regarding rolls at difficulty 6 or higher.

Time Sense (1pt Merit) You have an inate sense of time, and can with a good deal of accuracy tell what time it is. In performing feats where timing may be essential (such as certain combat or athletic maneuvers), difficulties may be lowered or dropped.

Weak-Willed (2pt Flaw)  You can only spend Willpower when survival is at stake or it is appropriate to your Nature.


Acute Senses (1pt Merit) One of your five senses is incredibly sharp, and detection rolls involving this sense have a -1-2 difficulty. You must buy thispt Merit separately for each sense.

Bad Sight (2pt Flaw)  Difficulties for sight-related rolls are at +2, and you suffer from night blindness.

Blind (6pt Flaw) You can’t see. This obviously hinders certain perception attempts.

Color Blind (1pt Flaw)  You can see only in varying shades of grey, which may make some perception rolls more difficult .

Deaf (4pt Flaw)  You can’t hear. This obviously hinders certain perception attempts.

Hard of Hearing (1pt Flaw) Difficulties for hearing-related rolls are at +2.

Nightsight (3pt Merit)  You can see in near-total darkness, and so your difficulties for being in a dark area are reduced (or nonexistent). You may, however, be sensitive to bright light, and sudden bright light may dazzle you for a turn or two.

One Eye (2pt Flaw)  You lack peripheral vision on one side, and you are at a -2 dice difficulty for rolls related to depth-perception.


Ability Deficit (5pt Flaw)  You’re not in tune with your innate abilities, or maybe you just don’t have any. You have 5 less points to spend on either Talents, Skills, or Knowledges, though you can still spend freebies on them. You cannot, however, have an ability in this category higher than 2 at the start of the game.

Ability Aptitude (1pt Merit ) Pick a single non combat skill, talent, or knowledge: you’re a whiz at whatever this is. -2 to difficulties relating to this ability.

Ambidextrous (2pt Merit )  You are equally dextrous, or nearly so, with both hands, and use your “off” hand at no penalty. Difficulties to do two different tasks at once (one with each hand) are at +1 for both rolls, rather than +1 for the “right” hand and +3 for the other

Culture Knack (3pt Merit)  You have a knack for fitting in wherever you are, and though you may not know them beforehand, you pick up on customs quickly. In appropriate situations, your social difficulties may be lowered, or you may be able to recover from a botched roll with another roll at normal difficulty.

Daredevil (3pt Merit)  You love to take risks, and are damn good at living through them. -2 difficulty on dangerous feats, and you can ignore a single 1 on your roll.

Graceful (2pt Merit)  You are extremely agile and delicate in your movements. -1 difficulty on all Dexterity rolls. Botches will still hurt, but it is possible to gracefully fall down, and you’ll die before you look clumsy.

Graceless (2pt Flaw) You always look awkward, no matter what you’re doing. +2 difficulty to all social rolls that involve making an impression.

Extremely Educated, Skilled, or Talented (5pt Merit)  You have a large general amount of knowledge, skill, or talent, and have an automatic 1 in the appropriate ability pools. This is an “illusory” level however–if you want to increase your aptitude in a particular ability, you must buy the first dot as if you didn’t have it, and then the second.

Honeyed Tongue (2pt Merit)  You could talk you way out of a broo encampment or sell rain to the cult of Heler. All subterfuge attempts gain one automatic success.

Killer Instinct (5pt Merit) You just know how to make every blow count, target number on damage rolls is dropped by 1.

Natural Linguist (2pt Merit)  You’re good with languages and language structures. 3 dice are added to any language-related roll, but you can’t know anymore languages than your Linguistic score allows.

Speech Impediment (1pt Flaw)  2 Point penalty to all verbal communication rolls.

Well-Travelled (3pt Merit) (You are knowledgeable of the ways of the world from your travels and studies. Once per game session, you can gain an automatic success on a non-magical roll to gain a piece of information.


Accelerated Healing (3pt Merit) All rolls to heal you are taken at a reduced difficult of 2, natural healing times are halved

Aura of Death (1pt Flaw) You emanate  a powerful sense of death which unsettles people. In social situations you suffer an increase in 2 in your difficulty rolls, however you gain a  bonus of 1 in your difficulty rolls for intimidate rolls.

Bard’s Tongue (1pt Flaw) What you say tends to come true; you can’t control this prophetic ability, and the compulsion to speak an uncomfortable truth is often very hard to resist, though you may attempt to do so by spending Willpower.

Beast Affinity (1-3pt Merit)  Animals are unusually drawn to you, and though you can’t speak with them, you can communicate with them on a limited level using tone of voice and body language. 1-point affinity is with one specific type of animal, 2-point is with one group, 3 is with all natural animals.

Charmed Existence (5pt Merit)Somebody up there likes you. Ignore a single one on every roll you make.

Cursed (1-5pt Flaw) (most): You have been cursed by someone or something. The curse is specific in nature and cannot be easily dispelled. Level of thept Flaw reflects how bad the curse is; a 1 point curse is annoying, a 5 point curse is likely life-threatening to you and/or to the people around you, and will at least make you and them incredibly miserable.

Danger Sense (3pt Merit)  A successful Perception + Alertness roll, difficulty depending on the situation, will give you a timely sense of foreboding before something bad happens…

Dark Fate (5pt Flaw) You are doomed to suffer a horrible demise, or otherwise have some sort of icky unpleasant fate. You are aware of this, and can kinda make you rather depressed…

Dead is Dead(2pt Flaw) No magic of any kind will bring the character back from beyond death, this effects both soul and body, so reincarnations, undead  creation and any spells which communicate with the dead won’t work.

Green Thumb (1pt Merit)  Not only do plants thrive in your care, they almost seem to burst into bloom from your touch.

Luck (3pt Merit) You manage to succeed in places when others fail. You can repeat three failed rolls per STORY, one repeat per roll, and the second roll always stands.

Offensive to Animals (1pt Flaw)  For some reason, animals fear you or just don’t like you. Add 2 to your difficulty or subtract 2 dice from rolls involving interacting with animals.

Otherworldly Taint (2pt Flaw)You have a physical peculiarity (odd hair/eye color, glowing eyes, etc.) and/or just an odd aura about you which may make you stick out. Someone who suspects you’re not “normal” may make a Perception + Awareness roll, difficulty 7, to determine what you are. Note this isn’t a Taint of Corruption, just an indication that you are not quite normal.

Precognition (4pt Merit) You have glimpses of the future. Though you can enter a trance and try to summon a vision, this foresight usually comes out of nowhere, and can be quite shocking in some circumstances.

Prophetic Ability (4pt Merit) You see and understand (or try to) signs and portents sent by the Powers That Be, either through dreams or just a peculiar insight into everyday events. Your insights and visions are usually obscure, and it may take time and interpretation to get a grasp on their full indications.

Resonance(3pt Merit) You are tied to the infinity rune and your magical effects will last for significantly longer than others, double duration effects of spells.

Soothing Voice (2pt Merit) (You have an entrancing voice. Add 2 dice to rolls that involve vocal charming (singing, hypnosis, preaching, etc.), or reduce social difficulties by 2.

True Love (1pt Merit)  You’ve found that One who makes your life complete. Automatic Willpower success when striving to protect, come closer, or remain close to your True Love. Other benefits as well, Storyteller’s discretion.

Unaging (2pt Merit) For some reason, you never age. While this has its benefits, if you know people long enough, they’ll start to notice you not getting any older, which may cause some suspicion. While it’s unlikely you’ll die of old age, thispt Merit does not keep you from getting ill or wounded.

Unnatural Focus (2pt Merit)  You have the ability to concentrate the mind and an inner focus that allows you to pull an additional two points dice for a test once per day.


Blood Feud(1 -3 pt Flaw) – Your are involved in a  blood feud via your family, tribe, cult or village. The size of the Flaw reflects its potential effect on gameplay.

Craven Image (1pt Flaw) (CL): There’s something about you that makes you appear sniveling and “low.” In appropriate situations, social difficulties are at +2.

Disturbing Mannerism (2pt Flaw) (CL): You have a habit or character trait which is peculiar, gross, or annoying. You may not even be aware of it-but boy, everyone else is. Difficulties of social rolls are increased at the ST’s discretion.

Enemy (1-5pt Flaw) (most): Somebody’s out to hurt you or your reputation, or even kill you (or people close to you). A 1-point enemy is less than or comparable to your own ability, a 5-point enemy could easily kick your ass into next Tuesday.

Faction Favorite (2pt Merit) Someone of a tribe/clan/cult favor you and will do a good deal to get on your good side, possibly to bring you over to them, especially if you’re currently disparate. Note this probably means they expect greatness of you, so don’t disappoint them. Alter social difficulties by 2 in your favor when dealing with this faction.

Favor (1-3pt Merit)  Someone of higher rank or ability than you in society owes you a favor. Level of thept Merit indicates how big the favor is.

Fugitive(4pt Flaw)- Not only have you been outlawed from your people but you will be actively hunted down by them.

Group Enmity (2pt Flaw)  Some group amongst your kind, i.e. another clan/tribe/cult/ whatever, doesn’t like you and may prevent you going places you might otherwise go or may otherwise give you hell in a variety of ways.

 Inconvenient Alliance(1-3pt Flaw) You have an ally with someone who is discomforting to you and/or your circle, but can’t easily get rid of him because of a favor owed, sense of guilt, or whatever. Level ofpt Flaw reflects how controversial or dangerous this ally is.

Innocent (2pt Merit)  You have an aura of childlike innocence (whether you really are or not). -2 difficulty on rolls involving Subterfuge or Manipulation.

Mistaken Identity (1pt Flaw) (VPG2): People think you’re someone you’re not; even if that person isn’t bad, it can still cause you trouble if they realize you’re not who they think you are.

Notoriety (3pt Flaw)  You did something, or at least others think you did, that is frowned upon by your peers and elders. -2 dice to all social rolls dealing with your clan/cult/tribe.

Outsider (2pt Flaw)  Though you’re not exactly infamous, you have a poor reputation amongst your kind. +2 difficulty on all social rolls when interacting with your group.

One of Us (2pt Merit)You’re just a nice person, and people recognize and appreciate that. +1 die on social rolls when interacting with your fellow folk.

Outlaw ( 2pt Flaw) – For whatever reason your character is cut off from his People and unprotected by the law

Separated( 1pt Flaw) – You have been separated from your people. You also cannot buy backgrounds relating to them.

Reputation (2pt Merit)  You’ve built yourself an excellent reputation amongst your people. Add 3 dice to Social pools when dealing with the people in your clan/town/cult.

Rival (1-5pt Flaw)  Someone within your own society viciously competes against you and tries to undermine your plans; really obsessive rivals may even want you dead.

Ward (3pt Flaw) You are devoted to protecting a vulnerable person. These mortals have a knack for unknowingly getting in the middle of whatever mess you’re involved with, or may even help create one.


Addiction (1-3pt Flaw)  You are addicted to some substance. You will start to crave the substance if you don’t get it often enough, and have to spend Willpower points to avoid giving in to the urge. The larger thept Flaw, the more dependent you are on the substance, and the worse things will happen if you don’t get what you need.

Allergic (1-3pt Flaw)  You suffer from an allergy to some substance; a 1 pt. version inconveniences you and may increase difficulties in certain situations, the 3 pt. version means you have an incapacitating or even a potentially fatal reaction to the substance.

Aging (3pt Flaw)  Your get up and go has got up and went. Lower any one Physical attribute by one point. Thispt Flaw maybe taken by a character every ten years past the age of 40.

Catlike Balance (2)  -2 difficulty to rolls relating to balance.

Double-Jointed (1)  -2 difficulty on any roll involving flexibility.

Deep Sleeper (1pt Flaw)  Waking up is hard; getting you moving is hard enough (+2 difficulty to attempts to wake you), getting you comprehending what’s going on after you’re up isn’t much easier (+1 difficulty to all rolls during the scene).

Deformity (3pt Flaw)  You have a withered limb, hunchback, or other physical defect which causes you difficulty in movement, as well as in some social interactions. Depending on the type and circumstance, difficulties can be raised on appearance and/or dexterity rolls.

Disfigured (2pt Flaw)  You have an injury or physical defect which makes you perfectly hideous; Appearance trait is automatically 0.

Huge Size (4)  You are not a girly-man (or woman), and may be as tall as seven feet and weigh as much as 400lbs. You have an extra Bruised Health Level.

Lame (3pt Flaw)  Your legs are somehow permanently injured, and you suffer a -2 dice penalty to movement-related rolls.

Light Sleeper (1) You can function on very little sleep, and so are less likely to suffer penalties for losing sleep. You are also more likely to awaken quickly, and so may gain bonuses to Wits rolls when something may wake you up.

Longevity (2) You live long and prosper, and do not suffer aging effects until you are 65-70 years old.

Mute (4pt Flaw)  You are physically unable to speak, and must communicate through writing or sign language.

One Arm (3)  Due to an unfortunate injury or birth-defect, you suffer a -2 dice penalty to rolls where an action would usually require two hands.

Poison Resistance (2) You have an innate ability to resist the effects of many toxins. Roll Stamina to resist the effects of poison, level of difficulty 5 and up, depending on potency of the poison.

Short (1pt Flaw)  You are well below average height, and have difficulty reaching high objects, seeing over things, etc. -2 dice penalty to pursuit rolls. On the up side, you may get bonuses to hiding attempts.

Sterile (1pt Flaw) You are incapable of reproducing. If you are in a society which expects you to have this is apt Flaw. You may, however, take this as apt Merit if you practice lots of sex magic or something in which being fertile may actually cause more problems for you than not.

Slow Healing (3pt Flaw) For some reason, your healing processes are slow, and you heal twice as slowly as others. Supernatural healing only repairs half the damage it normally would.

Sunlover ( 2pt Merit) You love the feel of the touch of the sun, you suffer no penalties for hot climates and are immune to the negative effects of the sun.


Chaotic Feature ( 5pt Merit) – Your character posses a positive chaotic feature roll on table (and convert to system)

Chaotic Feature ( 5pt Flaw) – Your character posses a negative chaotic feature roll on table (and convert to system)

Taint of Chaos (7pt Flaw)  You are tainted by Chaos


The following Flaws and Merits are related to certain runes and can be purchased for different runes. The Flaws developed in game from cults tend to respond to opposing runes to those the cult has.

Runetouched Rune(1pt Merit) One visible or palpable manifestation of the rune, present on the character.  +1 to social interactions with members of friendly cults

Runeblind Rune(4pt Flaw)  You have inability to ever develop connection a  certain rune.

Rune Resistant Rune (4,6pt Merit) – The power of your runes flow you that strong that all magic directly powered by an opposing rune is at difficulty increased by 1 or 2

Rune Susceptible ( 3pt Flaw) – You are susceptible and have low resistance to opposing runes, and are vulnrable to its magic. The game effect is a 2 difficulty penalty on resisting spells and effects of that rune.

Cult Gifts

Cult gifts are examples of possible gifts which God could bestow on their followers as they becoem closer to their God. The range of possible gifts is much higher and limited only by you and your storytellers imagination.

Gifts also include many attribute, ability and  magic improvements which can be handled by standard experience mechanics. The following are only available from your cult.

Allied Spirit (7pt Merit) – Your are gifted an allied spirit from your God

Animal Familiar(3pt Merit) – Gain permanent Mindlink with one animal mount or familiar

Blessed Armour (2pt Merit) – You have a armour blessed by Your God, add one attack or damage dice your choice

Blessed Tool (2pt Merit) – Your have a tool or other item blessed by your God add one to dice to all skill tests with that tool.

Blessed Weapon(2pt Merit) – You have a weapon blessed by Your God, add one attack or damage dice your choice

Cult Skill(3pt Merit)- Start a new cult specific a skill


The following geases are limitations of actions placed upon the followers which hopefully bring the followers closers by helping them understand the Gods through living out  aspects of the Gods lives.

Geases are never compelled by the gods and characters have the choice to break there geases. If geases are broken cults spirits of reprisal come into play, but the gifts cannot be revoked

Certain cults make more use of geases than others, these are often cults related to the truth rune.

Geas – Never Lie (3pt Flaw) – Always speak the truth

Geas – Never Lie to a friendly cultist( 2pt Flaw)- Never lie to a member of a friendly cult

Geas – Never Lie to your own cult or clan(1pt Flaw)- Never lie to a member of a friendly cult

Geas – Mistrusts Group/Cult/Race (1-3pt Flaw) -Mistrust a  certain group of cult enemies

Geas – Always challenge Group/Cult/Race ( 2-4pt Flaw) – Always challenge a  group of specific cult enemies

Geas – Never help Group/Cult/Race ( 1-3pt Flaw) – Never help a group of a  group of specific cult enemies

Geas – Never Flee Group/Cult/Race ( 3 -5pt Flaw) Never flee from a  group of specific cult enemies

Geas – Food Requirement/Restriction (1pt Flaw) A food restriction that reflects the myths of your cult

Geas -Weapon Ban (1pt Flaw) A ban on using one type of non cult weapon

Geas – Weapon Requirement(2pt Flaw)  Requirement to use cult weapons only

Geas – Armour Restriction(1pt Flaw)  Unable to use to use one type of armour

Geas – Shield Restriction(2pt Flaw) – Unable to use shields

Geas – Celibacy Restrictions(1-3pt Flaw) – Celibacy Restrictions that reflects the myths and values of your cult

Geas -Marriage Restrictions(1 -2pt Flaw) – Marriage Restrictions that reflects the myths and values of your cult

Geas – Never Procreate(2pt Flaw) – Never have children

Geas- Never allow a specific group to suffer(2pt Flaw) – Never allow a group to suffer

Geas – Riding Restrictions (1-3pt Flaw) – Riding restrictions which reflect your cults myth and values