Troll Priest

Culture:  Civilized

Cults:  Kigor Litor, Xiola Umbar, Argan Argar, Gorakiki

Found: Troll Lands

In the Elder wilds a troll priest is almost always a  member of one of the civilized clans, wild and hunter clans tend to have their spiritual needs met by shamans.

A troll priest found outside of the major troll centres will usually be on cult business. This could be a simple as visiting a clan to resolve an issue, declare a judgement on a inter clan matter or be on a spiritual, pastoral or practical quest for their cult.

A priest will be interested in outsiders, she will want to know who they are, why they are here, what they want and what that means for her God. Responses will depend very much on the nature of the priests God, the nature of the players and the responses of the players.  Troll priest tend to be subtle for trolls so combat then dinner is not always the first option to a chance encounter.

If the priest decides that dialogue is the best course of action, one her acolytes or attendants will be sent to be her mouthpiece and as she will not  want to communicate directly with outsiders. Anyone who approaches to speak with her directly will be warned and then moved away by her guards. The exception to this is when she thinks the players are very dangerous, and then she will communicate herself.

If non troll players bore her she will send them away or tell her troll guards to kill them, however if she find them interesting or intriguing she will want to learn what she can from them, or just be entertained by their strange ways.

If the players manage to convince her that their business is both in her interest and interesting, she will invite them to join her if she is visiting a local clan, and she will use them both to confuse the clan and as a status symbol.

If her businesses is elsewhere she will involve the players in a way that suits her if she can, acting as guides, messengers, go betweens or foot soldiers.  She will be careful not risk a cult quest, but if her God has provided the players as her resource she will be very happy to use it.

There are limited numbers of Troll priests in Balazar, and these are Gods they worship;

  • Kyger Litor – Common
  • Xiola Umbar – Uncommon
  • Argan Agar – Very Rare
  • Gorakiki – Very Rare


  Small Party Large Party
Troll Priest 1 1
Dark Troll Acolytes 1d4 -2 1d2 + 1
Dark Troll Attendants 1d3 1d4+ 1
Dark Troll Guards 1d3 2d3
Trollkin Servants 2d4 2d4 + 2
Trollkin Guards 2d4 2d4 + 2

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