Baboons of the Elder Wilds

The Baboons we speak of here are not the primates that we know but larger creatures with the same levels of intelligence as humans. They have full language, magic, the abilities use tools and to worship their own Gods.

Usually native to Prax Baboons are not native to the Elder Wilds, but are imports which have prospered within the environment.

There are currently about 4,000 baboons within the Elder Wilds. These exist in about 70 family troops, but also a  good 30% mostly younger males are either alone or working in much smaller groups.

There has historically been no social structure other than the troop, but two or three leaders of larger troops are now trying to exert their influence over a number of troops.

Though they have no particular enemies with the Elder Wilds. They also have no particular friends either and will often skirmish with other races over territory and hunting rights. Recently the balazaring Orlanthi have put a price on the head of all baboons.

Baboons are not native to the Elder wilds but migrated here at some point early in the third age. they were not brought her by a  third party, or driven here by famine or catastrophe.

One praxian troop alpha by the name of Kageerki Ka , received a vision from the Great Monkey about a land of plenty and bounty where he should lead his people to. He was mocked and ridiculed by the other baboons of Prax, but he lead his troop north through the wastes on the path he had been shown.

Eventually passing through Gon Ortas pass and into the Elder Wilds, where he found his vision to be true.

All the baboon troops in the Elder Wilds descend from the Kageerki Ka and his troop, they initially hunted on the plain just to west of Troll Hills originally without problem, but as their numbers grew so did the friction with the trolls and after a short brief and bloody fight, the surviving baboons moved west.

Choosing to live in the woods next to the major rivers whenever possible the baboons have been happy to live on the edges of the northern plain and the Dangerground since.

Legends & Myth
The great myth of the baboon race is the Great Monkey Kingdom. However it is seen very differently by the Baboons of the Elder Wilds compared to those of Prax. In Prax the Kingdom is perceived as something which has past and was destroyed and the baboon waits for it to return.

In the Elder Wilds they see the Great Monkey Kingdom as something to come, a future promise where Baboons will have a place and a role that no one can deny. Where the injustices of Elf, Troll and Human will be no more and baboon justice will make all things right.  They also believe that every baboon should be working to make this dream a reality though many differ in how.

There are three traditions working within the Elder Wilds baboons which players many encounter;

  • Enforcers – They believe that great baboon kingdom should be introduced by force and see it as a place where baboons will rule over the other races, by force. They tend to believe that the Great Monkey kingdom is for the benefit of baboons and the other races should be servitors to them.
  • The faithful – These wait for the Monkey Messiah who will come and establish the great Monkey kingdom, it is a baboons responsibility to prepare for this by worship.
  • Mystics – They believe that the great monkey kingdom is a mystical state of being , and the monkey kingdom is within you, and that if baboons are able to grasp hold of this truth, they will be free and able to enjoy being rulers of their own destiny.

Disagreements between these groups can be bitters and the enforcers have been known to be violent with the other groups

baboons troop distribution
Most of baboon troops can be found in the woods along the rivers Seronde and  Malara, in the Dangerground or across the North Plain. A smaller number can be found in Balazar proper or closer to the troll hills in the Elder Wilds. They tend to avoid elvish and troll strongholds.

Smaller parties of young males can be found much further afield and can be found causing trouble anywhere  in Balazar or the Elder Wilds.

Key Groups
There are a number of notable troops within the Elder Wilds which are worth noting;

Badhead Troop  – A very vicious and violent troop who hunt towards the north of the Dangerground.  They consider themselves to be alpha troops within the area, and are trying to bring other troops under their control. They also have a great dislike of humans and will drive them away from their hunting grounds with violence.

Silverface  Troop – The largest troop of baboons  hunting in the woods near Malaras river, they are not as violent as the Badhead troop, but are still trying to create a network of troops, and more dominate structure.

Blacktooth Troop – A troops that still hunts near the troll hills, They have reached accommodation with some of the local trolls and are worshippers of Argan Argar and Zong the Hunter.

Monkeyface troop– this troops hunts in the same lands as the Balazarings on the east of plains, they have developed the ability co-exists with the local humans and have friendly relations with a number of clans

Key Leaders
The four most noted baboon leaders are;

Gareeki Chaz – Alpha of the Badhead troop and strong believer in the cause of the great Monkey kingdom. He is vicious and deceitful individual who malevolent to anyone who is not in his troop and not of immediate use. Most baboons in the elder wilds are in fear or awe of him.

Iaecha Khan – Alpha of the Silverface troop and strong rival or Gareeki Chaz, he is nowhere near as treacherous as Gareeki, but is larger and more physical. His troops tends to control monkey springs through darks season.

Kemka Argan – Alpha of the Blacktooth Troop, Kemka comes across as weaker alpha, but he uses his position near the grave of  Kageerki Ka to spend a lot of time in communion with the Great Ancestor, he is much for mystical and magically orientated than his rivals.

Farikki – Most notable shaman of the baboons in the Elder Wilds and personal enemy of Gareeki Chaz, he makes his home at the footstool .

Notable Locations
There are three sites of interest to baboons with the elder wilds;

Grave of the Kageerki Ka – A mound to the west of troll hills houses the body of Kageerki Ka, which is protected from harm by the Blacktooth Troop. Most troops will try to visit the site once every 7 years to pay respect to the revered ancestor.

The footstool – This ruined Ziggurat whose origins are unknown, but it predates the EWF, has developed a significance in the mythos of the Baboons of the Elder wilds, They believe it is the reason they were led here and will be the foundation upon which the great Monkey Kingdom will be built in years to come.  It is placed in the woods to the north of Seronde river

Monkey Springs – In the middle of the north plain, there are warm spring that bubble up to form a tributary of the Malaring river, these hot springs attract baboons all year round, but especially in dark and storm seasons many will troops congregate  here to keep warm in the cold weather.

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