NPC’s – Lightson Of Yelmalio and Wife

Kalason Flameheart, 34 Year Old Male, Lightson of Yelmalio
Threat Level *****
Traits: Optimistic, Patient, Energetic, Pious, Leader
Runes:  Fire, Truth, Movement

Kalason is a Balazaring warrior come good. Initially from the  Sun Lizard clan of Elkoi Tribe, he left Balazar when he was 18 to Join the warriors of the Sun Dome temple.

He has spent the last 16’s years as a templar at Sun Dome Temple at  Ever New Glory and done so with distinction rising to rank of lightson.

He is currently on assignment from the temple and has been sent to find out what he can about King Skilfils Giant Vrock Hawks.

King Skilfil is in a difficult position he does not want to share the information with his hawks with anyone, but neither does he want to deny his cult. He also likes Kalason and wants to recruit him into his citadel Guard.

For  the moment he has told Kalason he needs to earn his trust and has left him to work at the temple of Yelmalio in Dykene.

Kalason enjoys being back in Balazar, loves to hunt and owns a pack of hunting dogs. He has geases of only love an earth worshipper and never eat meat so he does find the diet very limiting.

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Oraine  Starlight, Sun Dome Wife and  Ernalda Initiate
Threat Level **
Traits: Aggressive, Clever, Humorous, Dry Cutting Wit
Runes: Earth, Life, Truth

Oraine is not the usual ‘Sun Dome Wife’, is very well read and has a keen mind. Raised the daughter of a priestess of Ernalda, she has been educated  from an early age, and loves philosophical debate.

She loves her husband dearly, was drawn to his unconventional nature and energy wildness. However originally coming from the New Glory Sun Dome temple complex she finds the Yelmalio temple in Dykene terminally boring and she doesn’t want to be in Balazar any longer than she has to be.

The only balazaring she really likes is  Starnia of the rest she says ‘they are all a bit dull and backwater’.

She is of the opinion that he husband has been sent on a fool’s errand, and thinks chances of success are low to none. She also wants to return to civilisation so she can start family in what she would think is a safe environment.

She has seen the need of an earth priestess in Balazar, but isn’t admitting anything to herself or anyone else. That is a calling she would not want and would do anything to avoid, but sometimes the gods are fickle.

Plot Uses;

These guys are not loaded with extra plot, they are colour characters, who may become good friends with your PC’s.  There are possible long story arks for these as NPC’s, but initially they are for colour and light interaction.

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