Old Times Sake – Part IV NPC Information


The following are the write-ups of the cast members found in parts 1-3;

Entale Golden-Cup –A pretty sweet yet slight sassy young lady of the tender age of 19. Very good looking with a sweet personality which makes her excellent at selling charms and wares to unsuspecting populace, she is streetwise and strong, but despite her dubious dealings she sees herself as kindhearted and wishes no real ill to anyone.

She is incredibly loyal to Taralor, who raised her as a father would, and will go considerably out of her way to protect or avenge him.  Her name comes from a Gold cup that she owns with a heal 4 matrix, which is activated by pouring water into it, spending the power and then drinking the water from the cup.

Taralor the Unready – Older peddler and conman, who makes her living selling charms and healing herbs of dubious quality. White hair and a scruffy scrawny figure, contain a sharp, funny and highly plausible individual. Taralor is very happy to sell fake items ‘for a silver or two’,  but would in no way knowingly spread disease or help chaos.

Taralors instant reaction is to avoid trouble is flight, only a significant threat to Entale would provoke him into fighting, and then he wouldn’t be very good at it.

Broamast  Gottirson – The eldest of the three brothers at 30 years of age Broamast is a loud mouthed braggart and bully, who Joined Stormbull as he worked out the perception of him as a ‘Bullsman’ would give him certain exemptions from both work and laws that he could work to his favour.

He still works as a farmer on his father’s Gottirs holdings, but try’s to position himself as one of clans experts on chaos and as such as a person of note. This is not a view the clan ring share and Bromast is somewhat frustrated by his low standing in the clan, which he claims is because the clan does not take the threat chaos seriously enough.

Broian Gottirson – A cruel and devious toad of a man. Where Bromast has some redeeming features Broian has none.  In his early 20’s he self-serving, vicious and enjoys inflicting pain on those he deems weaker than himself. Which includes in younger brother.

He is however smart enough to know when he is facing people stronger than himself and will not start fights in those circumstances. Broian has no interest in fighting Chaos despite his claims and cult and would run a mile if a real chaotic creature turned up at the village.

He did however, have a dream of the Chaos Witch which was a genuine sign from Stormbull two nights ago, which has scared him and made him meaner than usual.

Derestan Gottirson – A young man of 18 years, but still really a boy. Derestan looks up to his brothers and believes everything they say and tell him. He is desperate for their attention and approval and will do anything they say.

Derestan has very little knowledge on how poor his brothers are as warriors and is likely to start fights and scuffles, with the absolute confidence his brothers will be able to deal with it.

He is seriously enamoured with Entale, but is upset by her turn down and embarrassed by his elder brothers teasing.

Kendrella Copper-Tounge – Is a strong-willed and sharp woman, she was beautiful in her youth, but despite the onset of middle age still maintains much of her natural beauty. A god talker of Ernalda she is the wife of the village headman and as such the second most prominent person in the village.

She is competent and together, but very stressed by this outbreak of disease which is beyond the capabilities of the village to deal with.  She is a good woman who seeks to be just, fair and generous, she hopes there is another way to solves matters than violence but is very aware of her responsibilities to her community before all else.

Garal Stone-Mover – He is an average sized but well-muscled man in this early 30’s, well dressed and showing some of the trappings of a Rich Carl, he is quiet and invites no into his business, but people don’t want to talk at the moment anyway. He has been spending his time here engraving decoration on a number of small statues he has brought with him.

Komasal  the Hunter – A local hunter and a quiet taciturn man.  He is knowledgeable in the local area but knows nothing of Chaos and disease spirits. He would much prefer to be elsewhere, but his brother is sick with the soul wastes and is willing to help guide for those reasons.  He will guide and track for the party but will shy away from direct conflict and action. He has a large dog which is an excellent scent tracker.

Aresta Landottir- Still maintaining some echoes of her former beauty, Aresta is starting to look drained and frail. Her physical self corrupted by her magical persona. Her blond hair falls limp over a pulled and drained face.  Her thin frame wizened and starting to look like an older person’s.

In her younger life she was an initiate of Ernalda but undertook proprietary worship of Malia to ward off disease, but found a talent that the God listen to her and she got drawn in deeper. As bitterness developed in her heart she started to see the power of revenge within the Cult of Malia, she also found her talent and gave herself to it.

She is cool-headed pragmatic, not prone to fluster, committed and mentally a very tough cookie, if completely amoral and twisted.  She does not fear death and will not be overly cowered by physical aggression.

 Disease Mistress of Malia  Age: 48

STR 8 CON 15 SIZ 8 INT 16 DEX 7 POW 16 CHA 13

Hit Points: 14 Move: 8 DEX SR: 4 SIZ SR: 2

Magic Points: 16 +  fetch(16) +  Crystal(12) + Bound Spirits (16)

Spirit Combat Damage: 1d6 +6

Runes: Death 85%, Darkness 60%, Chaos 75%, Spirit 80%

Rune Points: 12 (Malia),

Rune Spells:  Carry Disease (Soul Waste), Cause Disease(Soul Waste, Chills, ), Summon Disease Spirits, Command Disease Spirits, Summon Chaos Spirit, Control Chaos Spirit, Spirit Block, Warding

Spirit Magic: Sneeze, Befuddle, Heal 4, Disruption, Demoralise, Counter Magic 4, Known by Fetch (Detect Enemies, Farsee, Dispel Magic 4, Spirit Binding, Spirit Screen 4, Slow)

Fetch: Wabayne – Manifests as a wolf

POW: 16 CHA: 14

Bound Spirits:
Spirit of Barrenness: Pow:8

Spirit Pow 8:  Cha: 3 Spell: Spirit Screen 3

Shamanic Abilities: Self Resurrection, Possession,

Shamanic Taboos: Never wear armour, sleep outdoors once per week, never eat the meat of horses

Magic Items: 12 Magic Power Storage Crystal,

Passions: Hate (Clan) 75%, Vengeance (Garanth) 80%

Chaotic Feature: Reflects spells back at caster (to 4 pt spirit magic, up to 2pt) rune magic.

Armor: None

Skills:  Animal Lore 45%,First Aid 60%, Survival 60%, Fast Talk 60%, Treat Disease 70%, Meditate 70%, Spirit Combat 95%, Spirit Dance 85%, Spirit Lore 80%, Spirit Travel 85%, Worship Malia 95%, Hide 60%, Scan 60%, Listen 65%

Weapons: Dagger SR8  45% Damage: 1d4

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