Namara, High Shaman of the Old Ways

namara_picRunes: Spirit, Stasis, Disorder
Threat Level *****
Traits: Brilliant, Driven, Fearless, Pious, Stubborn

This female shaman is a former apprentice and lover of Blueface. Slight and wiry, she would be beautiful but is dirty and very unkempt. She has lost one eye, it is rumoured she plucked it out to gain further spiritual understanding.

Raised in the Dusk Owl  Clan a Votanki Clan living on the shore of the Elf Sea at the north end of the Dangerground.  She was always seen as touched by the ancestors and started her apprentice training at the age of 9, at the age of 13 Blueface came for her and assume the role of her mentor, by the age of 16 she was also his lover.

She was his muse for the next ten years, constant companions in there exploration of the spirit world. Then one day he was gone, no explanation, no goodbye, nothing. A hole in her life which had previously been  filled by the great shaman.

She was tormented by what she had done to drive him away, and decided she had not been a good enough shaman, she was impure, compromised, unclean.  The spirits need purity, conviction, single mindedness. Maybe if she achieved that Blueface would come back to her.

She has since started to violently oppose new Gods polluting Balazar and is antagonistic to all foreign cults (including Yelmalio). She has been outlawed from all three citadels for different attacks on foreign cultists, including an assault on Dushi Sone. It is perceived by many that she is still under Blueface’s protection; he has done nothing to confirm or deny this. If she hadn’t been she would have probably been executed for the assault on Dushi Sone.

Namara is so engulfed by her beliefs that she lies on the edge of madness but still she has a considerable following amongst many of the more conservative and independent tribes of Balazar and could raise a fair sized raiding party if needed.

She wields the heart of the forest, an ancient staff made from a bough one of the Aldyrami  Great Trees of the Elder Wilds. This makes her a mortal enemy of Trolls, elves and dwarves.

She has a great passion for the religions and legends of Balazar, and she is currently searching the Elders wilds for Frishnas Pillars in a quest to free the native fire spirit.

Plot Uses:

  • Namara is an adversary to all but Votanki and conservative hunters, she will stir up clans, rouse troubled ancestors and accuse the most innocent of foreigners of vile deeds.
  • Marusa will seek to aid Namara, hopefully without her knowledge, the players could be sent to secretly protect her from a threat the Lunars anticipate.
  • The players learn that Namara is planning to sacrifice one of King Yalarings children to bring back Frishna, they must thwart her plans by negotiation or force in necessary
  • Someone wants the Heart of the forest, retrieve it for them.

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