Garnst the Chaos Tracker

garnst_picInitiate of Foundchild
Runes: Movement, Air, Death
Threat Level ****
Traits : Quiet, formal, kind, introvert, stubborn, occasional outbursts of pathological rage and violence

Garnst is a Balazaring Hunter Tribesman, formerly of the Blood Viper Clan of Trilus. He stalks Balazar bringing warning of chaos threats, leads hearths away from it and guides parties to raid against it. He has been doing so for 6 years, though he is only in his mid 20’s.

He is of medium build, graceful, and fair features, though often has a distant look in his eyes.

He is well regarded hunter, brilliant tracker and competent fighter, who fights with hatchet and long knife. He is thought to be one of the most knowledgeable men in Balazar regarding chaos and its incarnations in the Elder Wilds.

People like and appreciate but don’t trust him. As he has be known to slay people out of hand it he believes they are tainted by chaos.

He is an orphan and has no close family, he doesn’t stay with his home clan, who say little about him, but seem sorrowful when his name is mentioned. Rumours are that he and his mother were captured by broos as a child, but few can or will tell the whole story.

His only close friend is Cela a childhood companion who being mentored by Dushi Sone at the Lightbringers Hall, it’s a deeply affectionate but troubled and difficult friendship. Which seems to verge on awkward and unfulfilled relationship.  Neither has been known to have romantic involvements elsewhere. Garnst will be very violent towards anyone who endangers or gets to close to Cela.

A number of the Orlanthi have tried to befriend Garnst,  but he always is polite but distant and heads back out into the wilds on his own to keep his solitude.

Deeper Background:

At the age of six Garnsts mother managed to hide him seconds before she was captured by a number of Broo Raiders. The child Garnst watched his mother raped by the foul beasts from his hiding place. Traumatised he lay silent as he watched as his mother lay in her blood, left to suffer the consequences. He also watched as his father found his mother, wept profusely and then slit her throat out of mercy. He then watched his father slit his own throat in remorse. It was three days before his clan found him.

He was raised by relatives but was very disturbed and violent child and was asked to leave his clan at the age of 14.

Unknown to Garnst he has always been blessed by Blueface the Shaman. Blueface used incantations  to hide him on the day of the broo raid. Blueface has sent spirits to watch over him, Blueface has guarded his soul from inner demons.  Blueface has palmed of numerous spirit charms onto his person over the years. Garnst is never aware of meeting Blueface the shaman

Plot uses:

  • Garnst can be used to introduce any number of Chaos beasty over the hill plots
  • He can be used as resource to get players to any chaos creature or site they want to track down
  • Dushi Sone may ask players to track him down if he has been gone too long
  • Blueface may manipulate the players to help Garnst
  • He also can be used to examine the personal cost and the horror of fighting chaos
  • Also Garnst maybe the subject of a get the uptight nice guy chilled, relaxed and happy subplot

2 thoughts on “Garnst the Chaos Tracker

  1. I converted the concept into another campaign and played him as a PC. He was toned down a bit but played quite nicely. just a little intense.

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