Holay Mercenary Companies

Just some background I did to give me an understanding of what company sized mercenary units the Lunars could rotate through Elkoi.

Name Troops Type Location Arms Cults
The Grey Lancers 100 Heavy Cavalry Filichet Lance, Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Redalya
Brother Hounds 80 Peltast Dog Plains Javelin, shield, short sword Jajagappa
Gowans Square 144 Heavy infantry Mrins Cross Pike, Shield, Sword, & Bronze Armour Lunar
Moon Swords 80 Infantry Thernan Spear, Shield,  leather amour Lunar
The Crimson Horse 180 Heavy Cavalry Mirins Cross Lance, Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Redalya
The Spears of the Dawn 300 Peltast Mirins Cross Javelin, shield, short sword Yelmalio
The Company of the Road 400 Heavy Infantry Mirins Cross Long Spear, Kopis, Shield, & Bronze Armour YanafalTarnis
Silver Stars 30 Light Cavalry Mirins Cross Lance, Bow, Shield, Leather Armour Yelorna
Grey Guards 3 * 100 Caravan Guards Filichet,
Fyliich Kwan
Sword, Shield, Javelin leather armour Orlanthi
The Watchmen 80 Militia Holay Fort Spear, Shield, Leather  with some bowmen Lunar
The Ploughmen 80 Infantry Dolosin Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Banatar
Dragonbreakers 200 Heavy Infantry Barnborn Axe, Shield, Bronze Armour AlakoringDragonbreaker
Bostok Bows 50 Archers Bostok Bow, Kopis, Leather Armour Lunar
Jabers Spears 200 Infantry Saird Spear, Shield,  Leather Amour Lunar
Red Sisters 80 Mixed Filchet Mixed Redalya
The Rivermen 120 Peltasts Banborn Javelin, shield, short sword Mixed
Sundome 800 * 2 Heavy Infantry Sundome Longspear Yelamaio


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