For Old Times’ Sake – Part II 

The 2nd part of a mini scenario set in Glorantha.

The Village of Swaton

Swanton is a small hamlet of around 35 steads and houses centred around a small open green, next to an Inn called the Swan.  A low & irregular palisade surrounds the village, but it has not been well kept of late.

Statues that function as shrines to Ernalda, Hiord(Ancestor Worship), Safeela, Orlanth and Banatar all lie on the north side of the Green.

Usually, the hamlet holds a small market in the green every clayday and a redsmith, potter, weaver and carpenter have their dwellings within the settlement.  An oxen-powered millstone sits unused at the south side of the green, harness empty with no oxen in sight.

The village is surprising quiet there is little sign of life,  no one is moving around and the Inn is open but there is only one visitor in the inn described below.

The three brothers will direct the players to the largest stead directly next to the green to meet the headman Garanth Oakfriend. As they approach the buildings perimeter wall they will be given a warning shout from a strong sharp commanding female voice and asked to stay away from the building and to keep themselves visible and in the open.

Once she sees the Gottir brothers Kendrella Copper-Tounge will step out and address the party. She identifies herself as the village headwoman. The brothers will ask after her husband, but all she says is he isn’t available( he has gone to Runegate with his carls to get a healer and/or a priest. )

She will corroborate the brother’s story that people in the village have been falling seriously ill with the  Soul waste, over the last 2 days, and that the community suspects that Entale and Taralor are responsible for it. Currently, 3 different steads and houses have people suffering from the disease.

At this point, the Broian will suggest that the best way to deal with the chaos infestation is to kill the source and execute the two Chaos Cultists now. These leads to loud protestations from both Entale and  Taralor. Kendrella calls silence to both and then turn to the party to ask them to speak, hopefully with something more enlightening.

Hopefully, Kendrella will bring all parties to a place where they agree it is a serious matter that needs looking into, the brothers will stand down and not hurt anyone yet, but they will be sulking.  Taralor & Entale will allow the matter to be looked into, be helpful and not leave the village and the players are asked to look into the matter as neutral parties and honest brokers.

If the players try to bargain for financial recompense at this point, Kendella will give them withering looks and tell them that disease is rife, chaos is on the loose and now is not the time to haggling over money.  The village will do what it can to compensate them for their time and effort, but understand they are not a rich community.

Any healing or aid that the players can give would be gratefully received in the meantime.  The following information is mostly available by simply talking and asking the right questions to the interested parties, some will require magic or specialist skills to find out.

  • All 3 people in the who are sick bought corn charms off Taralor & Entale
  • 12 different people brought corn charms 9 of which are not sick
  • The charms are in the form of traditional corn fertility charms usually worn in this area at this time of year
  • Entale will say that she and Taralor bought the charms from a herbalists called Dorasa , she has a home 4 miles towards Runegate a small way off the roadside.
  • Taralor and Entale also wear corn charms of a slightly different design, which were gifts from Dorasa , unknown to them these are effective wardings against disease spirits
  • Taralor and Entale believe all of the charms to be useless but harmless
  • Taralor has 8 more charms 3 of which are possessed by disease spirits
  • The Gottirssons have a poor reputation in the clan as being big bullies and poor chaos fighters
  • Dorasa is a well known and respected member of the Hiojding clan, and a competent herbalist. She is in 60’s and has been alone for the last 15 years after her husband died in Starbrows Rebellion.
  • The person Taralor bought the charms off was younger than 60 and doesn’t match her description given by Kendella and the locals.
  • There is another stranger in the village at the moment who is staying in the inn and has been here for three or four days, he is quiet and keeps to himself

The Stranger

At some point, the PC’s will approach the stranger in town to check out his involvement in the happenings

Garal Stone-Mover has been staying at the Swan for 4 nights, he is desperate to move out and go home to Runegate due to disease, but he has agreed to meet his brother in law from Redcow here on matters of business and the brother in law is 3 days late.

Garal is also agitated and nervous because as well as his stated business he is here to discuss a family matter of planned divorce, which may upset his in-laws and extended family in Red Cow who he sells some of his statues to. This is making him quiet and terse with anyone who asks about his business.

Why his brother in law is late is not related to any matters in this scenario and GM can feel free elaborate at whim.

Garal is in no means related to what is going on, he is a distraction to add a little doubt and confusion into proceedings, if as GM you wish to substitute another NPC in here it won’t affect the scenario in any significant manner.

If you are running this as part of an on-going campaign dropping a character to develop the next story may be good, but I would advise not creating too much complication and confusion as players are very good at that without adding complex plots.

Part 3 to come soon

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