The Griffins Claws – A Dykene Clan

The first in series of 4 posts looking at sample Balazaring Clans and character, plot and campaign ideas coming out of them.

Clan Name:  The Griffins Claw

Clan Hearth:  Small Caves protected by Earthworks

Hearth Location:  Bear Hills, 8 miles south of Firepoint

Hunting Grounds: Bear Hills

bear hills_pic

Clan Spirit:  Light in Darkness, a light and fire spirit, capable of subtlety lighting large areas in the night, and using minor augments on warriors especially against darkness foes. She currently embodies as Bright Light by possessing a clan member.

Population:  54 hearths, 108 Men, 132 women, 120 Children,  54 hearths              

Tribe: Dykene


A smaller clan which has historically been part of the tribe of Dykene tribe with a history of worshipping Yelmalio, as well as Foundchild and the tribal ancestors.  No one can remember why the clans was ever named the Griffins Claws.

Recently many of the younger hunters have been raiding with the Balazaring Orlanthi and are now equipped with metal weapons and armour which once belonged to Lunar troops.

This is creating tensions between older traditional hunters, and the younger braves who are keen to see themselves as warriors.  The causes of this are twofold. The first is cult ties, with the Yelmalian elders not keen on younger hunters mixing with Orlanthi. The second is that a group of 14 -16 young hunters being away raiding for 3 or 4 weeks at a time leaves the clan weak and under defended.

Times are also dangerous with trolls and undead being trolls being found in Bear Woods, and Light in Darkness warning the clan that chaos lurks out of her circle of light at the edge of the darkness.


Yotank the Spear, Initiate of Foundchild and Yelmalio -Clan chief who is well past his prime, he was a formidable warrior 20 years ago, loyal to King Skilfil of Dykene, but now a tired old man who last lost the respect of his young hunters. His son is a citadel warrior at Dykene.

Natka  the Beak, Clan Mother, One of the clan council named for her somewhat shrill manner and ability to stick her nose into everyone’s business. However she does have the clans best interest at heart and she is right more often than she is wrong, she is however a difficult person.

Gangor Leatherskin, Initiate of Foundchild and Yelmalio – The most able and gifted active warrior and hunter in the clan, he is 10 years younger than Yontak, but a close friend and his right hand man. Gangor is gruff to the point of rudeness, conservative and not a deep thinker. However he does get things done and is safe pair of hands.

Koza Bloodface, Initiate of FoundchildBold young hunter and leader of the group of hunters raiding with the Orlanthi. He is hungry to be more than just a hunter.

Bright Light, is voluntarily posses by Light in Darkness and her physical manifestation within the clan.

She used to be called Pelta and was Koras sweetheart, before becoming bright light 6 years ago, the possession will last for another 4 years before Light in Darkness chooses a new host.  She is currently a highly magical being and cast pail light from herself.

Kolsar Calmbreath Initiate of Foundchild, one of the younger hunters who hasn’t gone raiding with the Orlanthi and a confidant of Bright Light. Kolsar has scouted deeper into the Bear Woods than most of the clan and is very aware of unusual troll activity. He is a quite stealthy individual who is much more prone to find and observe than fight.

Clans Relationships

The Griffin claws have the following relationships with clans

Allies; Tree Ghost (Dykene Citadel)

Friends; Grass Vipers(Dykene), White Goat(Dykene), Thunder Rabbit(Independent)

Conflict; Grey Fox (Trilus), The Wildfire ( Votanki)

Campaign ,Plot Hooks & Ideas

Here are few plot ideas that could work as part of a Griffin Claw campaign, or to drop in as a one off plots if players encounter the clan, its aimed for a group of characters just past initiation and 5 years younger than Koza’s group.

Scramble Defense – Koza’s hunters are away raiding and the clan is raided by trolls, the players have to pull together a scramble defence and then lure the trolls away from the non combatants.

Then deal with repercussions when the absent young hunters return.

Find Kolsar – Kolsar has gone missing whilst scouting beyond the hunting grounds for Bright light, go track him down, rescue him and come back with information on why?

We have been here before – The Aldyrami of bear woods  contact the clan asking for help in driving back the trolls raiding bear woods for mutual benefit, the clans debates a response, and if anyone gets sent its going to be the pcs.

Deliverance – Koza wants to kidnap Bright Light and end the possession by Light in Darkness, the players must help him, stop him or hide Bright Light from him.

Should I stay or should I go –  An argument between Yontank and Koza means that Kozas plans to leave clan with 10 other young hunters. To permanently join the Orlanthi community a swim here. The PC’s have to persuade Kozat stay and Yontak to allow him to.

Something is Not Quite Right – A member of the tree viper tribe clan arrives at the clan babbling about chaos in his clan. The PC’s are sent to investigate.

Paying the Piper – After a  chaos raid on the tribe, Villic the Snake of the green viper clans sends a message saying he knows how to stop future raids. he invites a delegation from the clan, the pc’s are chosen to escort a clan leader over.  Villic suggests propitiatory worship of Chaos to ward off the attacks.

Go get Help  -The clan believes that the Grass Viper Clan has allied with chaos. The elders want to send for help from Dykene, Koza’s group want to go to the Orlanthi, the players  get the casting vote and are sent to get the help required.

The Lay of the land –  PC’s sent out to visit other nearby clans to check if they have also been corrupted, and to see if any will help against the Grass Viper clan.

The Show Down – After scouting and alliances made, the characters are part of a final confrontation with the Grass Viper clan, Grass Vipers call for surprise aid from festering isle.

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  2. I have started running a Griffin Mountain campaign using RQG and I wanted to echo that this is such a fantastic resource. Thanks so much for sharing this. You mentioned that this is part of a series of 4. could you possibly mention which are the other three articles in this series?

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