Golden Armadillo Clan


Clan Name:  Golden Armadillo Clan

Clan Hearth:  4 large stoned Roofed round houses surrounded by earth works and 4 large square standing stones

Hearth Location:  West Plains 12 miles west of Lookhill

Hunting Grounds: West Plain

Clan Spirit:  Golden Armadillo

Population:  508 people, 168 men, 176 women,  164 children     

Tribe: Elkoi


The Golden Armadillo Clan loyal to King Glyptus and in good standing with the Lunar empire. A good few young men have joined the Elkoi light skirmishes which are being trained at the moment.

The clan chief Morigar has asked for help to teach the clan lunar ways, and is an occasional worshipper at the Seven Mothers temple in Elkoi. Some of his clan are not happy about this, but most are at least open to the idea.

The clan has been hunting the west plain region for the past 300 years and has a very good knowledge of the surrounding lands. They predominantly live off herd bison which are common in the area,  but they are also top notch foragers, who cook and eat various insects which the women gather.

Morigar is a young man and has recently succeeded his father as Chief of the clan, he is not yet settled in the role and is keen to make his mark. The reappearance  of his uncle in the clan however makes him secure in his position.

The clan was connected to previous  Vizkinni dynasty  in Elkoi by marriage and descendants of the historic kings brother have been hidden in the clan for the last 50 years.

Traits & Quirks:

This clan is somewhat Nocturnal and due to influence of the clan totem some members have developed incredibly good night sense, as such they will hunt into the evening.

The clan also experiences high number of multiple birth, with anything up to quadruplets not being uncommon.

The clan is famous for their spiced and peppered dried meat, which traded Keenly throughout the Elkoi clans and is sometimes even imported back into the Lunar empire


Morigar Grey Eyes, Is a young keen clan chief eager to make a name for himself, he attained the position by being the son of the previous chief and his grandmother being  the clans old and powerful shaman. He is keen on discovering the Lunar way

Assusi Redwoman – Recent wife of Morigar and currently his favourite. However she is an escaped lunar slave posing as something more. Morigar thinks he has married a well connected lunar citizen, but is also clearly smitten with her.

Nesha Brightsmile  The first wife of Morigar, and the mother of his two young sons. She belongs to a important clan bloodlines and both she and they are offended by the marriage to Assusi. She is a pretty woman who has been hurt by her husband, and is looking for solace and possibly revenge elsewhere.

Vooril the Returning Sun – Is the Morigars uncle and his  strong arm . He is a former Sun Dome Templar who on reaching retirement has returned to the clan that his brother used to lead after his death. He is not forthright in the clan but is a continual reassuring  presence in times of stress. His behavoir  confuses his clan often due to his geas never shelter from a storm.

Banash Tanglefoot  – A master hunter, who hunts with bolas and dogs, he is a master at bringing beasts in alive. He is well liked amongst the clan and is happy to support Morigars plans as long as he is left alone to hunt.

Terka ‘Old Goose’ The grandmother of the chief and a powerful shaman. Who sees a lot more than she says. She  will wage spiritual warfare against those she thinks may do harm the clan, including her grandson. She is hard cold old very lady,  and the real leader of the clan. She was a lover of Blueface 60 years ago.

Yalvanni Clenched fist, Great nephew of King Partobas,  his mother was taken back into his grandmothers mothers people. Subsequently he  doesn’t like Lunars, and dreams of the day he can challenge them,. However he is a young man of limited abilities and  is no real threat to anyone. His heritage is known by a very few clan members.

The Dogear brothers, Bolandi,Taknai and Morari are three young hunters and  troublesome brothers who love to brawl and fight, and are also followers of Namara and dislike all foreigners in Balazar.

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Clan Relationships

The Golden Armadillo have the following relationships with clans

Allies;  Ragged Crow(Elkoi)

Friends;  Barking Dog Clan(Elkoi), Red Necked Goose(Elkoi), Ghost racoon(Elkoi)

Conflict; Mained wolf (independent), magpie (independent)

Conflict; Plot Hooks & Ideas

This is set of stories for a party of young lunar missionaries sent to the tribe to help instruct them in the Lunar way and promote lunar way and religion

Rough Welcome – The Dogear brothers try to pick a fight with the players as they approach the tribe.

Prove your Gods – A magical duel with one of the clans lesser shamans to show the strength of the lunar magic, this should not be fatal just a match of strength.

Something doesn’t add up – The players quite quickly work out that Asussi is not who she claims to be. They will have to travel to Elkoi to learn the truth.  Do they tell her husband or not? Blackmail her or turn a blind eye?

Join the Great Hunt – Join the great hut to show that Lunars respect the traditional ways, whoever takes part will be jumped by the Dogear brothers. The clan will outlaw any surviving dogear brothers for the act.

Enemy of the State- The PCs find out who Yalvanni is, they have choices on how whether to give him over the Lunar authorities or not, if they do they will lose a lot of friends in the clan.

Slavers Raid – A group  of Lunar slavers from Elkoi raid the tribe and take captives, the Pc’s are asked track them down and reach a violent or  negotiated settlement. The raid is in breach of terms of contract the slavers have with King Glyptus.

The Witch Queen – Namara and any Surviving Dogear Brothers lead a raid on the clan striking at all lunar converts. Players should organise an defence and then a response.

Warrant – The slavers turn up with an imperial warrant for the arrest of the escaped slave Assusi signed by Halycn Von Enkorth. They seem to want to provoke a fight and the clan is willing,.

Inside Information – A runner invites the players to meet someone with information which will interest them, below the ‘parlay tree’.  They are met by a man with a burnt face and mask who will not give his name.

He has information that the Seven Mother priestess Electora Kindtounge was murdered by Marusa the current Lunar Priestess at Elkoi.

Research onto the figure will find that his name is Thrax a companion of the Balazaring Orlanthi and an enemy of the empire.

Research onto his claim suggest they very well could be true, however substantive proof would have to be found ( or divined )  for any authorities to act. Euryptus would act if the Pc’s found proof.

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