Troll Wild Clan

Culture: Wild

Cults: Zong the Hunter, Kygor Lytor

Found: Troll Lands, Troll Hunting Grounds

Most troll wild clans are nomadic the same as the Balazarings Hunters. It is not rare to find primitive troll clans travelling outside traditional troll hunting grounds but in times of scarcity it can happen all too often.  They will not choose to enter into elf, dwarf or humans strongholds, but may often be found in neutral areas such as the North Plain, or the Dangerground.


They will usually have set up temporary camp in caves, gullies or in thick forest with little direct sunlight. Lookouts are usually posted, but in daylight hours it would be possible for the careful party to discover the trolls before the troll are alerted to them.

A clan will include dark troll hunters, some warriors, trollkin, mothers and troll children, and will always be led by rune level leaders usually of Zong or Kyger Lytor. The clan may be stationary and settled somewhere or on the move to new hunting grounds.

This will not  be entirety of the clan, but the core of the clan when there are numbers of hunting and gathering groups separate from the main group.

The priority for the clan will be to keep the characters away from the mothers and children, and they will become desperate and immediately violent if they think either is under threat. However if the party is not posing a threat, a weak clan will not seek a pointless fight, a weak and hungry clan may.

This can create some interesting opportunities for dialogue and trade, troll hunting clans are interested to news regarding prey and dangers( elves, dwarves, chaos and rival trolls tribes ), they will be interested in metal tools and weapons. They may also be interested in threatening the party into providing them a service such as dealing with a chaos threat, raiding local rivals or seeking directions to safe hunting grounds.

In combat there first response will be to form a perimeter between the party and mothers and children and fight a retreat. Once the mothers and children are a safe distance away they will then send a war party after the characters, either to chase them away or to finish them off.

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Small Clan Medium Clan Large Clan
Dark Troll War Leader 0 1 1
Dark Troll Spiritual Leader 0 – 1  1 1 -3
Dark Troll Hunter Leader 1 1 -2 2 -4
Dark Troll Mothers 5 -10 10 – 14 12 – 22
Dark Troll Raiders 0-2 0 -4 1 -4
Great Troll Raiders 0 0 – 2 0 -4
Dark Troll Hunters 4 – 8 6 – 14 10 -22
Great Troll Hunters 0 -1 0 – 2 1 – 5
Raider Trollkin 2 -4 2 – 6 4 – 12
Hunter Trollkin 11 -24 16 – 32 12 – 36
Worthless Trollkin 6 -16 8 – 18 10 -22

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