Balazaring Clan Leaders of Note

Outside of leaders of the three main Tribes of Balazar there are a number of other notable clan chieftains, heros and leaders. Some owe allegiance to the tribal kings others  lead their clans independently of the politics of the citadels.

Duvan Drawf-Friend – Elder of the White Goat Clan

The most important and influential tribal Chieftain of the Vale of Hammers, a conservative man of later years. He no longer hunts, but is a formidable warrior and owns a shirt of Dwarven mail.  He has good relations with the Dwarves of Greatway and is strong ally and friend of the King of Dykene.

Yontak the Red, Master Hunter – White Fox Clan

A young ambitious master hunter who leads the White Fox Clan in the Elmswood, he is currently leading young braves from 4 clans against the Lunar empire and the forces of Glyptus the Good, mainly raiding the supply route from Soldiers Ferry, and occasional hit and run attacks on a smaller groups. He has been receiving aid and support from the Balazaring Orlanthi and is considering converting to the cult.

Vilic the Snake – Warlord –  Grass Viper Clan

A leader who has recently emerged in the green viper clan as they have engaged the propitiatory worship toward of the Chaos from festering isle, he is now a devotee of Cacodeman and the clan has embraced deeper forms of Chaos worship unbeknown to other local clans.

The green viper clan leads 3 a loose alliance of other clans in the bear woods area in propitiatory worship of chaos to ward off raids, and for support  against raiding trolls.  The pay lip service to the King of Dykene, but no tribute or formal allegiance.

Wurtarg the Pure –  Master Hunter – Red Otter Clan

An seasoned hunter and he is a hyper conservative leader and a follower of the Shaman Namara, he leads a coalition of 3 clans which have broke away from Elkoi tribe in the higher reaches of the South Woods. They reject all foreign Gods and presence of outsiders in Balazar, but are placed far from where most will be found.

Personable, wise and considered with Balazarings, he refuses to deal with outsiders in any manner apart from the spear and the bow.

Kolsar Strongarm – Master Hunter -Winter Bison Clan

A hunter from Oakwood famous for killing a bear with an axe on his own about 10 years ago,  he is but one of the council members on his clan, but his reputation makes him influential beyond his role with surrounding clans.

Of considerable bulk,  gruff in nature, of few words, and his mood has not improved as his three golden haired daughters  have approached marrying age. He is staunchly loyal to the tribe of Trilius and a friend of Yalaring monster slayer

Vulric Longrunner – Master Hunter, The Running Men

One of the most notable Hunters and clan chiefs of the east plains, if well known for his ability to chase down prey over long distances and is most famous for chasing a wounded Giant Elk for 3 days on a hunt, long after all the dogs and other hunters had given in.

He is a charismatic man and well liked and popular amongst the clans of the east plain, and has changed the name of his clan to reflect his prowess. He is well respected by the tribal leaders of Dykene and Trilius, but currently his allegiance is with Trilius though he rarely visits either citadel.

Banathi Moonsong – Seven Mother Initiate, Barking Dog Clan

Clan chief notable for fully embracing the Lunar ways, he has travelled to Mrins Cross and met with Lunar priests and leaders there.  His clan hunts in the region in the south of the Dog Hills and they are enjoying a period of prosperity, trading with Lunars in Elkoi, the villages and at Holay fort

Banathi is peaceable man of middling years who is well liked and respected by all me meets, he is not the most proficient hunter or warrior but leads his clan with skill and diplomacy.

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