Character Generation in WOD:Glorantha

Character Generation

The process  for character generation is found below, I attach second draft of character sheet as well, I will run through a test character creation as well in one of my next posts. I will link off to individuals lists from the relevant pages.

Currently a WOD player would know what this means off by heart, but I may have to expand explanations for others.

Choose Nature and Demeanour

  • Create Character Concept
  • Choose Culture and Cult
  • Select from the list provided, nature is who your are, demeanour who you seem.
  • Choose three to five significant family events which helped form your character
  • Select connections with the rest of the playing group

storyteller sheet v2

Assign main Attributes and Abilities

  • Attributes – 7/5/3
    • Add on dot to each attribute
    • Select primacy, secondary and tertiary attributes groups of physical, mental, social
    • Assign 7 dots in your primary, 5 to your secondary and 3 to your Tertiary groups
  • Abilities – 13/9/7 dots
    • Select primacy, secondary and tertiary attributes groups of talents, skills and knowledges.
    • Assign 13 dots in your primary, 9 to your secondary and 7 to your Tertiary groups

For none WOD Players, here is the key to what the stats will mean

  • one dot – poor/novice
  • two dots – average/ competent
  • three dots – good/professional
  • four dots – exceptional/master
  • five dots – world class
  • six+ dots – beyond normal human capacity

Assign Magical Traits

  • Essence – 2 dots
  • Runes – Assign 5 dots (one must be elemental), none more than your essence score.
  • Battle Magic 7 dots in spells
  • Assign Appropriate Status

SS v2 sheet 2Characterisation

  • Assign virtues appropriate to culture
  • Place 7 dots in Virtues
  • Backgrounds 7 dots
  • Calculate willpower based on relevant key virtue
  • Flaws and Merits – up to 7pts on each adjust freebie points accordingly

Assign Virtues

  • Freebie points – 15 points spent as follows + any for conenctions (maximum 5)
    • Attribute – 5 points per trait
    • Abilities – 2 points per trait
    • Background – 1 point per trait
    • Arete – 6 points per trait
    • Runes – 5 points per trait
    • Spirit Magic – 2 points
    • Willpower – 1 point per trait
  • Storyteller awards up 7 extra freebie points for reflecting significant events
  • Quintessence – total runes + arete