Sun Dome Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

Below are my version of the rules RQG for character creation for Sun Dome characters.

With cults and professions the common ones can be chosen at any time. For the rarer ones I would suggest consulting the GM before hand as they are rare and may have a bearing on the game.


The culture surrounding most of the Sun  Dome temples is a Heortling sub culture, which aspires to emulate Dara Happa Culture but also reflects many of the aspects of its surrounding culture as well.

The Sundome culture is a conservative, patriarchal, difficult, isolationist theocracy based round worship of Yelmalio. It is more patriarchal, hierarchical & sexually conservative than the surrounding Orlanthi Culture.

Sundome temples are famed for the mercenary phalanx that they can put in the field, and each great  temple will usually field a phalanx of around 800 professional heavy infantry, but will usually be able to support that regiment with double that number of well trained militia if needs be.

Trade and interaction with the surrounding culture is limited, and intermarriage outside the community is not usually permitted.

However farming, technology and crafts are performed on a Orlanthi Model. The system is much more of a meritocracy, and rank is earned to a far greater extent than in the rigid  Dara Happen societies.


+10% on Fire

Cultural Passions

  • Love Family 60%
  • Loyalty Sum Dome Temple 60%
  • Honor 60%

Character Creation

  • Use Full tables, use lunar modifiers for event resolutions

Cultural Skills

  • Sing +5%
  • Intrigue +5%
  • Speak Own Language (Heortling) (50)
  • Speak Other Language (Firespeech) +20%
  • Speak Other Language (Tradetalk) +10%
  • Celestial Lore +5%
  • Customs (Sundome) (25)
  • Farm +25%
  • Spirit Combat +15%

Cultural Weapons

  • Dagger +5%
  • 2H Spear + 15%
  • 1H Spear + 15%
  • Shortsword or Kopis + 10%
  • Composite Bow +10% or Self Bow +10% or Javelin +10%
  • Medium Shield +10%
  • Large Shield +15%

Common;  Yelmalio, Ernalda, Chalana Arroy, Yelm

Rare;  Humakt, Dayzatar*, Pole Star*, Nysalor*, Lodril*, Lokarnos*, Voria*, Yelorna*, Uleria*, Dendara*, Asrelia*

*denotes cults not yet described in RQG

Common; Crafter, Farmer, Fisher, Healer, Herder, Merchant, Noble, Priest, Scribe, Warrior ( Heavy Infantry)

Rare: Chariot Driver, Entertainer, Hunter, Philosopher, Thief

3 thoughts on “Sun Dome Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

  1. Very well done! If I might make an observation, aren’t the Sun Dome Templars named after the Sun Dome Temples, rather than the opposite?

    1. Im not sure which came first the chicken or the egg?

      I’m not sure if I said the temples are named after the templars, I thought I said they were famed for the Templars which is slightly different and I stand bye.

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