WOD:Glorantha Character Connections

Connections are the relationship your character has with the other players characters in the game, they are designed to make the in game cohesion of the gaming group believable, and party dynamics less destructive.

They are considered generally positive relationships which bind the group together, that doesn’t mean they should not be disagreement and conflict within the group. But that there are relationships that contain the conflict and allow them to normalise afterwards after issues have been resolved.


When creating the character concepts, choose to create relationships with the other characters in the group where it would be sensible,

For each connection you choose you gain the following freebie points, up to a limit of 5, these are added to your freebie points total to be spent later in the process.   You can choose as many relationships as you want but there is a limit of 5 freebie points to be gained.

All relationships need to agreed by both parties;

  • 3pts – Close Family – siblings, father, mother, child, wife
  • 2pts – Extended Family – Uncles, Cousins, aunts, in-laws
  • 2pts – Lovers
  • 2pts – Friends since Childhood
  • 2pts – Brothers in arms
  • 1pts – Business Partners
  • 1pts – Friends
  • 1pts – Former Lovers
  • 1pts – Coworkers
  • 1pts – Rivals

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