Mercenary Companies of Holay

When in worked potential mercenary companies that could be stationed in Elkoi I worked through a wider range of possibilities, and looked at a range of mercenary companies(smaller than regiment sized) working in the Holay region which the lunar government could send on garrison duty in Elkoi, or would just be in the operating in an around the province.

The Grey Lancers

A mercenary unit which traces its history back to the independent kingdom of Holay, and its place as an elite unit of the queens household. It is still is associated with nobility of Filichet and many younger sons of noble houses will serve a 7 year stint in its ranks.

Mounted exclusively on Grey horses, based out of Filchet. The five companies of 20 heavy cavalrymen are exclusively in the employ of the provincial army, it is rare but the provincial army may rotate two companies at a time through Elkoi.

Brothers Hounds

A recent formed company of peltasts from the Dog Plains, are competent skirmishes and light infantry. Often deployed in the recent land grabs between Imther, Vanch and Holay the hounds are more used posturing and garrison duty than fighting.

They have been rotated through Elkoi both as single companies and full complement. However as worshippers of  Jajagappa, they seem to cause trouble with locals more than most units.

Gowans Square

An elite heavy infantry unit based out of Mrins Cross. Gowan’s Square sees itself as a battlefield unit and is permanently employed the provincial government.

It deploys as a single company as is often used to provide additional  tactical defence for any elements of the lunar college of field magic deployed with the provincial army.

The Moon Swords

Four small companies of passable infantry based out of Thernan, who usually make their living protecting local merchants, either on the river on the roads. The city elders have been known to use this band to bolster the city watch and Milita, but it is rare that they are used by the provincial government. Their leader sits of the city council of Thernan.

Crimson Horse

An Cavalry unit comprised of 3 companies of 60 riders,  permanently employed by the provincial government as part of the garrison at Mrins Cross. They assist patrolling the lower reaches of the  daughters road, but are mainly used in a ceremonial function.

The Spears of the Dawn

Yelamalian peltasts based out of the temple in mrins cross. These  5 units of 60 skirmishers operate as independent companies who provide support for and compliment the Sun Dome regiments based out of Holays larger Sun Dome Temples. The provincial army will sometimes rotate one of these units through Elkoi.

The Company of the Road
Four large heavy infantry companies based in Mrins Cross  that provide protection for large convoys travelling the daughters road. They have a strong reputation for being both loyal, well disciplines for mercenaries and competent.

Two companies are permanently employed by the lunar provincial government to guard their supply trains. The other two tend to be employed by merchant caravans using the road or in the pay of a Lunar house.

Silver Stars

A small company of 30 Yelornan riders, with a couple of unicorn riders in the group. Based out of a temple just outside Mrins  Cross. The quality of the warriors in this company is very variable.

They will usually be guarding merchants or in the employ of a noble house, but the provincial government will hire them if they are pushed and need extra cavalry.

The Ploughmen

Four small companies from Orlanth background, who are ostentatious Banatar worshippers, Based out of Dolosin they serve the Ortlanthi  Hillfolk of the southwest and will usually be employed by local merchants or clan chiefs.

They have had tensions with Lunar authorities who are looking for opportunities to outlaw the companies.

The Watchmen

2 companies of clan warriors based in Holay fort. These hill barbarians employed by the lunar government to patrol the Balazar Border and to protect the trade conveys into Elkoi. The local can chief does very well out of this arrangement and the troops are poorly equipped and trained being little better than militia standard.

Jabers Spears

Named after their founder Jaber who was a popular Lunar soldier who formed the first company  60 years ago.  Recruiting from the farming communities  of plains of Saird, They now number three sizable companies of competent spear infantry.
They will  usually work for the provincial government or other lunar families and organisations. A single company will be rotated through Elkoi on a regular basis.

Red Sisters

An small all female unit associated with Redayla temple in Filichet. It comprises mainly of light cavalry and skirmishes but will always field a mix of different troop types. Usually under the employ of the one the noble houses of Holay, rarely are they employed by the provincial government.

The Rivermen

Based out of Banborn these three companies of peltasts are hired to guard river craft and barge convoys that move up and down the River Oslir.  They are vary rarely employed the Lunar government

The Dragonbreakers

A heavy infantry unit which is attached to the temple of Alakoring Dragonbreaker in Barnborn and sponsored by Queen of Holay.

They are heavy infantry in an Orlanthi style containing numbers of minor hero’s and interesting characters including Androrlakar Wind-Walker, Rakelal Blacktooth , Keorldrinor the Hammer and Parizad the Unruly.

The Grey Guards

Now working as caravan guards split into 7 smaller companies the Grey Guards trace their history back to Royal Guard in the days before the Lunar Empire and maintain remnants of the units artefacts and magic.

They appear to be mockery of their former selves, a shadow which is no threat to anyone. They even will work for the Lunar authorities in small garrison jobs including Elkoi, but they wait for the day that an independent Holay is a possibility.

Sons of the Moon

A mercenary company based out of Vanch but often operates through Holay. The Sons of the Moon go out of their way to justify and confirm every poor opinion about those hailing from Vanch.

They competent soldiers but are indisciplined and have a tendency to take advantage of their position with the local population. However they tend to economical and the Lunar provincial government often uses them for garrison duty in unimportant backwaters(Elkoi).


  Name Troops Type Location Arms Cults
The Grey Lancers 5 * 20 Heavy Cavalry Filichet Lance, Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Redalya
Brother Hounds 2 *  40 Peltast Dog Plains Javelin, shield, short sword Jajagappa
Gowans Square 1 * 144 Heavy infantry Mrins Cross Pike, Shield, Sword, & Bronze Armour Lunar
Moon Swords 4* 20 Infantry Thernan Spear, Shield,  leather amour Lunar
The Crimson Horse 3*60 Heavy Cavalry Mirins Cross Lance, Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Redalya
The Spears of the Dawn 5 * 60 Peltast Mirins Cross Javelin, shield, short sword Yelmalio
The Company of the Road 4 * 100 Heavy Infantry Mirins Cross Long Spear, Kopis, Shield, & Bronze Armour YanafalTarnis
Silver Stars 1 * 30 Light Cavalry Mirins Cross Lance, Bow, Shield, Leather Armour Yelorna
The Grey  Guards 7 * 20 Caravan Guards Filichet,
Fyliich Kwan
Sword, Shield, Javelin leather armour Orlanthi
The Watchmen 2 * 40 Militia Holay Fort Spear, Shield, Leather  with some bowmen Lunar
The Ploughmen 4 * 20 Infantry Dolosin Sword, Shield, Leather Armour Banatar
Dragonbreakers 1 * 60 Heavy Infantry Barnborn Axe, Shield, Bronze Armour AlakoringDragonbreaker
Bostok Bows 50 Archers Bostok Bow, Kopis, Leather Armour Lunar
Jabers Spears 3*60 Infantry Saird Spear, Shield,  Leather Amour Lunar
Red Sisters 1 * 40 Mixed Filchet Mixed Redalya
The Rivermen 4 * 30 Peltasts Banborn Javelin, shield, short sword Mixed
Sons of the Moon 3 * 60 Peltast New Lolon,
Javelin, shield, Kopis Mixed – Lunar and Yelmalio

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    1. No it was just background notes for my game that I thought id share. I have half a plan to dig onto the ‘Sons of the Moon’ in more depth, as they seem to be the default company on roster in my Balazar games.

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