Eleanor du Saren

Young Lunar noble on the run
Runes: Moon, Harmony, Illusion
Threat Level **
Traits: Optimistic, Emotional, Energetic, Humorous, Adaptive

Currently going by the moniker Ellie, Eleanor is a stunning young woman of 19 who has eloped from a prominent Lunar noble house with her former bodyguard and lover.She is fair haired, slight and small build and bright eyed, with a sharp wit and engaging laugh.

She is an illegitimate daughter of a powerful Lunar Lady of the House Saren in Glamour. She was born rune touched to the Moon rune, and subtle rumours recently circulated in certain circles in  Glamour that she may be a daughter of the Red Emperor.  She is unaware of this rumour.

Due to this rumour she became of significance and a target in dart competitions of the Lunar nobility. After an attempt on her life, she and Darin her bodyguard lover fled Glamour and the Lunar Heartlands and came to lie low in Balazar where he had previously served in the Lunar army.

After quickly passing through Elkoi, she is now lying low in Trilus with her lover. After staying at the Stuck Pig for a week or so, they have become house guests of Quintas Ven Olartas. She is attempting to be in the background and play the role of soldiers girl, but is unable to do that convincingly due to her character and nature.

She has transitioned to a less than noble life well and is enjoying the freedom she now has, she has a passion for both clothing and dogs the first is somewhat frustrated in Balazar.

She has no real combat skills, but has a few interesting magical spells that should enable her to escape many situations.   She is also touched by the moon Rune.

She has a deep affection for Darin who is her lover and a father figure in her life, but she is not as madly in love with him as he is with her. She has not realised this fact, what she has done to him or that this relationship will eventually cost him his life.

Though well behaved Eleanor has caught the attention of most men in Trilus and thus has earned the enmity of Pay Surney who has used a few choice words to describe her.

Halycon von Enkorth is aware she is not all she claimed to be, and has started to make low level enquiries back in the empire, they have yet come to nothing but may bring him very useful information to him in time.

Plot Uses: Can start to open up internal Lunar intrigue to the players, also an excuse to bring very powerful Lunar figures into the campaign if you desire.Also she becomes a possible kidnap victim for unscrupulous Orlanthi characters.

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