Gloranthan Trades and Community Guide

Ok the previous post has now become  a function excel tool, heres the introduction bit


This guide is intended to allow refs to quickly and effectively find insights into building balanced and believable gloranthan communities of various sizes, and cultures. This initial version is targeting rural Orlanthi only but other future versions I hope will be able to reflect a number of different gloranthan cultures.

This guide is not intended to give complete answers, but to provide a shortcut to a believable framework which a good ref or world builder will deviate from to create  richly textured and individual Gloranthan communities.

It also doesn’t give a complete breakdown of jobs and roles in a culture and just focuses on those which are likely to create establishments or affect game play.

*Just added v1.2 which adds multi culture and temples sizes


  • Calculate the entire population that will be served by the main urban center of the area.
  • Look at the a the suggested communities for the shape of the settlements in the area, check that this fits with background and modify.
  • Decide how you want to vary the urbanization stats based on the settlement you are deciding to define.
  • Look at the numbers suggested for guidance on the shape of community.
  • Change the numbers to reflect the following factors as you see fit;
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Economics
    • History
    • Leadership
    • Making a Fun Game
  • Assume most laymen will be placed out of urban areas in the clans
  • Keep a count of the remaining tradesmen and artisans and place them on the fly or as you want to specify the other urban areas, such as surrounding towns and villages.


Download the excel file here

Glorantha Trades and Community Guide v1.2

As far as I know the tools clean of viruses, but be sensible and check it.

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