Why use Miniatures in Glorantha?

In my last post I reviewed some Dark Age warrior figures by Gripping beast, amongst other things it created the feedback  of why? do people still use models at the table top?

Slightly odd questions, but I think fair ones. So if we are talking about using figures in Glorantha what is it that we will use them for;

  1. The main usage is to visualise the positioning and movement of characters and NPC’s in combat. It makes communication at the gaming table clearer and less prone to misunderstanding.
  2. To help create in players minds a defining visual look of characters and NPC’s
  3. Also it helps us visualise and define our world of Glorantha.
  4. Because it’s fun and some grown men (and women) still like playing with little plastic soldiers.
Orlanthi Fyrd Part Painted

What do I want from Glorantha miniatures?

What I want from my figures is best defined below;

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Using Ancient Miniatures In Glorantha – Review GBP Dark Age Warriors

This post is hopefully  the first in a series posts about using currently available 28mm ancient miniatures for Gloranthan Games( Runequest, Heroquest, 13th Age, etc ).

I’ve been wanting to look at using plastic historical figures from the ancient period in Glorantha, for a number of reasons;

  • Ancient era figures reflect Gloranthan humans to a much higher degree of accuracy than most fantasy ranges available
  • Costs are brilliant at about 50p a miniature, that’s much better value than anything available for fantasy figures at the moment in plastic or metal.
  • Plastics are much more ‘mod-able’ than metal figures, so conversion jobs should be relatively easy.
  • There are a fair selection of ancient figures in 28mm plastics available at the moment, and most have parts that can be swapped between sets without too many difficulties. this should allow for conversions and bespoke figures.

However here are a potential few drawbacks which I have to acknowledge;

  • Some ancient cultures are just too distinctive and don’t have Gloranthan equivalents ( eg Romans)
  • As we are not war gamers we don’t need units of 40 of 1 type of figure, so variation and flexibility within a box is essential.
  • The realistic nature of gender balance in sets of historical miniatures doesn’t reflect the more revisionist/modern gender balance found in most fantasy systems and Glorantha ( ie it is no good for female charterer models ).

But I believe careful product selection can mean we deal with the first two , but the third can only be worked round, but that doesn’t mean the historical route a bad option for male figures.

Gripping Beast - Dark Age Warriors Box
Gripping Beast – Dark Age Warriors Box, RRP £22.00

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Mercenary Companies of Holay

When in worked potential mercenary companies that could be stationed in Elkoi I worked through a wider range of possibilities, and looked at a range of mercenary companies(smaller than regiment sized) working in the Holay region which the lunar government could send on garrison duty in Elkoi, or would just be in the operating in an around the province.

The Grey Lancers

A mercenary unit which traces its history back to the independent kingdom of Holay, and its place as an elite unit of the queens household. It is still is associated with nobility of Filichet and many younger sons of noble houses will serve a 7 year stint in its ranks.

Mounted exclusively on Grey horses, based out of Filchet. The five companies of 20 heavy cavalrymen are exclusively in the employ of the provincial army, it is rare but the provincial army may rotate two companies at a time through Elkoi.

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Lunar Deserters – NPC’s for Balazar

The following three NPC’s can be found surviving out in the wilds of Balazar. They are deserters from the Sons of the Moon the mercenary company currently in garrison duty in Elkoi.

They will be somewhere between Elkoi and Trilus. They will be  avoiding obvious threats, official lunar parties, but looking for safety in numbers with other civilised or friendly travellers.

If players to not change the course of events it is likely these three will become retainers of Quintas at least in the medium term.

These NPC’s can easily moved and placed anywhere along the edges of the Lunar Empire.

Eshan the Wolf

Lunar Deserter, Initiate of Seven Mothers, Male 21

Eshan, is a lunar deserter the leader of this small group. Wandering the wilds of Balazar trying to work out what he should do next. He was a young talented half crescent leader in the Sons of the Moon, a mercenary company who were serving in garrison duty in Elkoi. He was tipped to be going places in the company before he deserted.

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Personal Horror in Glorantha

Glorantha is not  primarily a horror setting as such, but many of chaotic and some none chaotic elements of it would fit into a horror game with ease. However my intention  in this article is not  to address traditional horror but rather the slightly different theme of personal horror.

The difference between the two is in classic horror the pc’s are protagonists and the horror comes from an external threat to them and the world.

In personal horror the element of horror comers from what the players character could become and the wrestling of the monster within, or even more horrifically being blind to it and failing to see the evil which you become.

A number of facets of personal horror games are;

  1. Personal horror has a protagonist that stands on an edge between hero & monster
  2. The game is used not to escape from but to take a critical look at ourselves and those around us
  3. We use this as an opportunity to explore the darker side of our nature and that of those around us
  4. A characters struggle to retain humanity, morality or higher self despite internal and external pressures

There can be many facets to this. In white wolfs  World of darkness  games the themes of desire, violence, vengeance,  power and control are all examined. Differently in each game, but if played well the games can give us an often frightening insight into aspects of us that we may not wish to even acknowledge in the real world.  ( Played badly they too often often ended up being super heros with fangs )

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Creating Experienced Player Characters in WOD:Glorantha

Recent around discussions round the development and play testing of RQG led to talk of what was the correct starting level power level for characters. One of the few features of MRQ2 which i liked and thought was worthwhile was the different levels of character experience that could be created of the with the system. This is something that is very easy to port over WOD:Glorantha so I thought I would implement it.


For Players Characters

A core concept is that players character are in someway exceptional and touched by fate, destined to be movers and shakers, with greater potential than the average person. So the stats for PC’s will be those of exceptional people at whatever stage of life they are at. These sames stats storytellers can also use for significant NPC’s and other characters in the world that are similarly touched by fate.

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Obscure Spirit Magics of Balazar

Hi I have a few new spirit magic spells which I believe would be part of the Balazaring hunter tradition. They are not Foundchild spells as such but are taught by many of the shamans that are part of the Foundchild tradition.

The spirits which teach these spells are not common in areas which are urban or have significant agriculture, and though not uncommon in Balazar would be considered exotic in many locations of Central Genertela.

Runequest Write Ups


Variable, Temporal, Passive, Touch

For each point of the spell the character will receive a +5% increase in hide roles and sneak roles in a external natural habitat such as woods, long grass, bushes, water, reeds , canyons but not urban areas or underground.

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Trolls & Trollkin WOD: Glorantha Stats – Part 1

Hi looking back at numbers of the Troll encounters, when i first started to put the site together. Decided I needed some WOD:Glorantha stats for the Trolls. It also allows me look at how the system will work for none humans so looking at a range of trolls below.

As with the Balazaring archetypes post use these stats for quickfire ‘off the cuff’ stats or a starting point for more detailed and bespoke characters.

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

Dark Troll Raiders

The trolls as well as being competent hunters, see raiding and combat as part of there role for there family and clan.  They will be more aggressive than a normal hunters and will seek to use there size advantage and strength advantage in melee sooner.

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Trolls & Trollkin WOD: Glorantha Stats – Part 2

Dark Troll War Leader

These dark trolls function almost exclusively as warriors and as such tend to be from the either the most civilised or warlike clans and tribes. As elite warriors they will wait for the skirmish to attack for a while before attacking with ferocious strength, when they will lead the charge.

Cult: Devotees of Zorak Zoran and/or Kyger Litor
Nature: Varied
Demeanour: Predator/Traditionalist/Bravo
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social: Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 4,  Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Intimidation 5 , Subterfuge 2
Skills: Archery 2, Leadership 4, Melee 5, Stealth 4, Survival 4
Knowledge: Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 4, Divine Lore 5, Spirit Lore 2
Essence 5
Quintessence: 19
Willpower: 6
Runes: Darkness 5, Death 5, Disorder 3, Man 2
Spirit Magic: Bludgeon 4, Protection 4,  Fanaticism 3, Demoralise 2
Rune Magic:  Zorak Zoran 9, Crush, Berserker, Create Ghost,Create Zombie, Create Zombie,Seal Wound
Kyger Litor 6 Darksee, Blinding, Counter Chaos, Crush
Virtues: Courage 5, Self Control 4, Conscience 2
Backgrounds: Cult Status 3, Family 2, Destiny 2, Ransom 2, Resources 2, Status 3, Witta 1
Racial Abilities: Extra Health Level, Darksense, Light Sensitive
Equipment: two or three spirit charms (3 to 4pts), 5pt club/mace/maul, 2pt sling,  3pt composite leather & bone armour

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Using WOD:Glorantha Stats in Runequest

WOD:Glorantha is an in house system I have developed for Glorantha based off the white wolf storyteller system I used extensively in the 90’s.

Why I use WOD:Glorantha stats?

Ok why am bothering to publish Glorantha stats in a  bespoke in house system?

  • The stats are primarily for my own gaming so I write in the system I use.
  • The system used helps me define the character
  • I think the system used defines and explains characters very well
  • Its a decision based system so there is not a lot of sums or calculation involved so I can define quickly.
  • There currently is an not RQ system published i’m happy to use

Understanding the stats

For a quick understanding of all stats( bar quintessence and willpower) run on a 1 to 5 scale for normal human capacity. With 2 being an average stats for normal human.  However more detail below.

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