Runequest Glorantha – Cult Skills

Cult Skills

A slightly extended list of cult skills for Runequest Glorantha, they have been amended slightly to allow for more similar numbers and usefulness of skills for each cult

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Argan Argar
1H Spear, Bargain, Cult Lore (Argan Argar),Customs (other), Evaluate, Insight (Human or Troll), Meditate, Read/Write (Darktongue), Speak (Darktongue), Worship (Argan Argar),

Babeester Gor
1H Axe, 2H Axe, Battle, Cult Lore (Babeester Gor), Intimidate, Listen, Meditate, Search, Medium Shield Parry, Large Shield Parry, Track, Worship (Babeester Gor).

Chalana Arroy
Alchemy, Charm, Cult Lore (Chalana Arroy), First Aid, Insight (human), Meditation, Plant Lore, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Worship (Chalana Arroy).

Daka Fal
Customs (Home),Cult Lore (Daka Fal), Speak (Spiritspeech), Meditate, Orate, Sing, Prepare Corpse, Play Instrument, Spirit Combat, Spirit Lore, Spirit Dance, Spirit Travel, Worship (Ancestors).

1H Axe, Animal Lore, Cult Lore(Eiritha), Charm, Dance, Herd, Homeland Lore (local), Meditate, Plant Lore, Survival, Understand Herd Beasts, Worship (Eiritha)

Boat, Cult Lore (Engizi), Fast Talk, Fishing, Meditate, Net Attack, River Lore, 1H Spear Attack, Speak (Boatspeech), Swim, Homeland Lore, Worship(Engizi)

Animal Lore, Dance, Cult Lore (Ernalda), Farm, First Aid, Insight (human), Manage Household, Meditate, Orate, Plant Lore,Speak earthtounge,  Worship (Ernalda).

Charm, Conceal, Customs(own),Cult Lore (Eurmal), Disguise, Dodge, Fast Talk, Hide, Insight (human), Meditate, Sleight, Worship (Eurmal).

Animal Lore, Cult Lore(Foundchild), Devise, Dodge,  Hide, Listen, Meditate, Missile Weapon, Move Quietly, Peaceful Cut, Scan, 1H Spear , Survival, Track, Worship (Foundchild)

1H Sword, 2H Sword, Battle, Craft (Bronze or Iron), Cult Lore (Humakt), First Aid, Intimidate, Meditate, Scan, Sense Assassin, Worship (Humakt).

Bargain, Cult Lore (Issaries), Customs (any), Evaluate, Insight(humans), Meditate, Orate, Speak Own/Other Language (any), Speak (Tradetalk), Worship (Issaries).

Lhankor Mhy
Alchemy, Cult Lore (Lhankor Mhy), Evaluate, Library Use, Lore (any), Meditate, Read/Write (any), Worship (Lhankor Mhy).

Maran Gor
Climb, Cult Lore (Maran Gor), Dance, 1H Axe, 1H Mace, Meditate, Scan, Throw, Worship (Maran Gor).

Animal Lore, Cult Lore(Odayla) Climb, Hide, Listen, Missile Weapon, Meditate, Move Quietly, Peaceful Cut, Scan, Survival, Track, Worship (Odayla).

1H Sword, Battle, Cult Lore (Orlanth), Drive Chariot, Farm, Herd, Jump, Orate, Ride, Scan, Sing, Speak (Stormspeech), Worship (Orlanth).

The Seven Mothers
Battle, Climb, Conceal, Cult Lore (Seven Mothers), Insight (Human), Listen, Lunar Empire Lore, Move Quietly,  1H Sword (Kopis), Read/Write (New Pelorian), Scan, Speak (New Pelorian),  Speak (Tradetalk), Track,  Worship (Seven Mothers).

Battle, Cult Lore (Storm Bull), Any Weapons, Meditate, Ride, Scan, Sense Chaos, Track, Understand Herd Beast, Worship (Storm Bull).

Cult Lore (Waha), Orate, Meditate, Peaceful Cut, Ride, Scan, Spirit Combat, Survival, Track, Tribal Weapon, Worship (Waha).

Bow, Cult Lore (Yelm),First Aid, Insight(Human), Meditate,Orate, Play Instrument,  Ride (Horse), Speak (Firespeech), Worship (Yelm).

Battle, Bow, Celestial Lore, Cult Lore (Yelmalio), Listen, 1H Long Spear, Meditate,Pike, Scan, Search, Speak (Firespeech), Worship (Yelmalio).

Animal Lore, Cult Lore(Yinkin) Climb, Hide, Listen, Missile Weapon, Meditate, Move Quietly, Peaceful Cut, Scan, Survival, Track, Worship (Yinkin).


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