Runequest Cults for Starting Players

In response to a request on basic roleplaying forums  here is  a quick guide to choosing a cult for new to Glorantha players.

These will by split by Culture


The Orlanthi are a culture that worship Orlanth the Storm God and are usual clan or tribe based following chieftains and petty kings. They are an often violent , but loyal and freedom loving people.

They Can be found in the lands of Satar, Much of the Holy Country, Free Trash and Parts of Prax.

For an earth based equivalent think early european bronze age celts.

Cult Runes Worshipped By Notes Good for
Starting Character
Orlanth Air, Movement, Mastery Men, Warriors, Leaders Default male of God of culture Yes
Ernalda Earth, Fertility, Harmony Women Default womens God of culture No
Humakt Death, Truth Warriors, Mecenaries God of honourable warriors Yes
Issaries Communication, Trade Traders, Heralds, Travellers God of trade Yes
Lhankor Myh Truth, Law Sages, Scribes, Wise men God of knowldge Yes
Chalana Arroy Fertility, Harmony Healers Total pacifists Yes
Eurmal Illusion, Disorder Madmen, tricksters Many faceted and complex God difficult to play No
Vinga Air, Movement, Earth Warrior Women All have red hair Yes
Stormbull Death, Beast Chaos Fighters, Beserkers Consider uncooth and more than slightly deranged Yes
Elmal Light, Truth Warriors and horsemen Minor cult Yes
Banatar Earth, Fertility Farmers Minor cult No
Babeester Gor Earth Death Avengeing women Scary ass women, minor cult Yes
Heler Air, Water, Movement The obscure, sheperds God of rain, minor cult No
Odayla Movement Beast Hunters Minor cult Yes
Uleria Fertility, Infinty Temple prostitutes, Ladies of the night Temple prostitutes, ladies of the night, minor cult No
Yelmalio Sky, Truth Mercenary Soldiers Distinct subculture, Conservative Yes

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  1. Starting RQ player here. Love what I’ve seen of Glorantha so far. Feel free to contact me about any relevent gaming stuff!

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